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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 2 : Plots and Weekends
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A/N: Following some advice some people gave me, I want to let you know, that I'm not really following the plot, and that Harry and Co. aren't here, because I decided not to put them here, because it would complicate the story line.

"You know that if we don't find dates for Lilly and Oliver, we are screwed..." Angelina whispered hushed. She, Alicia, Fred and George sat around the table in the common room talking.

"Well, she's made it quite hard... But Oliver has taken a liking to her. Why don't we try to hook the two of them together?" George suggested. Alicia and Angelina looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Right. She hates his gut, and she’s made it quite obvious." Alicia whispered.

"Well, we need to fix them up... Or else!" Fred replied sarcastically.

"We need to hatch a plan. Call it Operation Set Up." George schemed. Rubbing his hands together like some evil genius. The four high-five, and continued plotting.

Then, both Angelina and Alicia looked at each other and then at the boys. "Um... George..." Angelina started. "While we are talking about dating... do you think that maybe you would like to come with me to Hogsmeade?" George blushed.

"Sure! I was just about to ask you that!" George replied with a smile and laugh.

Now Fred turned to Alicia. "Uh... How about you Alicia?" She nodded eagerly, and clasped his hands signing she was ecstatic.

After Lilly’s uncomfortable bicker with Oliver last night, she had curled up on her bed, and met her dorm roommate. She was her best friend, Eliza Painter. Eliza had not sat with her on the train ride, simply because she was with her new boyfriend, Jacob Hashell. She never kept a boy for longer than about two months. Jacob though, as far as Lilly knew, was a sweet and considerate man, and lots of people liked him as a friend.

"Jacob is really sweet you know! I think he may be the one..." Lilly remembered Eliza saying. Eliza was a pretty girl, and Jacob was a handsome guy, they were perfect for each other. Maybe they would stay that way.

It was a plain Saturday. Yesterday, she remembered as she woke up, she had gotten to Hogwarts. She calmly got out of her bed and checked the clock hanging above their door... 9. She quickly changed into a white short-sleeved turtleneck, and black pants. She hurriedly put her hair into a high pony-tail, and slipped into the common room where she found already Alicia, Angelina, Fred and George in a hush-hush circle.

"What are you four talking about?" Lilly asked surprised death out of them.

"Nothing..." they all said in unison with a sly smile on their face. Lilly knew that obviously something was going on. She was just way too lazy to figure out... now.

While eating breakfast, she looked at her schedule to plan for Monday... "First, Ancient Runes... Then transfiguration. Ahuh... LUNCH YES!!! Wait... DOUBLE POTIONS? SHOOT! Lilly though while sitting in the Great Hall. She made it clear that she hated her Monday schedule by violently slamming her fists, scaring the hell out of the first years.

"Oh!!! Gosh, I'm sorry!!!" Lilly pleaded apologetically to the first years. They looked at her as if she was a monster. "Sheesh... I said sorry." she murmured annoyed, under her breath.

"Something to your dislike?" someone said, sliding into the seat next to her. It was Oliver. Lilly looked at him in utter disgust, and was about to shove him away. He snatched her schedule and then exclaimed, "Same as mine!"

"What??? No... No... No!!! It can't be possible!!!" she nearly screamed quietly in agony. Wood simply laughed. Lilly groaned, and then groaned once more when she noticed that the Oliver Wood fan club had surrounded the two. The leader of the groupies was named Barbie, evidently, for her Barbie-like looks and straight blonde hair. She slipped in next to Oliver, and nearly cuddled with him. One fan club girl slid right between Lilly and Oliver, pushing Lilly off the bench. With a loud bang, she fell to the floor.

She sighed. "Oh Oliver, good morning." Lilly rolled her eyes, and got up, and sat down a couple tables down so that the fan club could squeeze. About ten people could fit on one bench, and those girls somehow managed 15.

After constant swearing at her schedule, the two new couples came down and sat next to her. "Oh Lilly! We're going out with Fred and George!" Alicia and Angelina said in unison. Lilly was truly happy for them, but now, she would rather take her chances with Oliver. Eliza wasn't down yet, or maybe she was sitting with Jacob. But DAMN DID THIS SUCK!

Lilly spent the rest of her day alone, in the library, reading some cheesy love novels. She found some quite interesting, but the rest were just corny. After about her fifth book, Oliver Wood slipped in next to her.

"You hear that Fred George, Alicia and Angelina are dating?" Lilly said without looking off her book.

Oliver sighed, "Would guess they would sooner or later. They've been in love since like the 2nd year when the four got onto the quidditch team. Oh, did you hear that we need a new Seeker? Tryouts are next Saturday."

"Why are you telling me? Tell Barbie Enamel, whats her face. The one who's pink and blonde, and all over you?" Lilly replied, still reading more of her book. "PHILLIPA I NEED YOU! MY LOINS BURNED FOR YOU!" still sounded much better than whatever Oliver was trying to say.

Oliver coughed, trying to get her to look at him. "Well, I was thinking that maybe you could come and support the team you know, Go Gryffindor?"

Lilly looked off her book and nodded, "Sure, I'll go... What time?"

He looked ecstatic, he was beaming. "Uh, 10 am. Thanks."

"I'm not going for you. I'm going to support the team you know, Go Gryffindor?" Lilly replied hastily, mocking him. His beam then changed to a smirk, as he patted her on the back and left. "Go Rah-Rah Gryffindors!" she whispered to herself softly, chuckling at the end.
A/N: Oh my goodness, I accidently reposted a part of my story at the end! Whoops! I edited it out, so don't worry!

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