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Sally's Step Brother by some one
Chapter 1 : Sally's Step Brother
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"Sally i told you not to leave your undiess on the laundry floor!" , yelled Sally's mum

"Sorry", said Sally

Im Sally.Im a normal girl. I live in London, go to the local, public school and have a crush on the local hottie.

"Sally you know how you never knew your father?" ,said Sally's mum cashesly.

"Yer.............." Said Sally couriously.

"Well i have tracked him down and his past, now this is all going o ba alot of informaitoin for you but please belive me", She said.

"After your father found out i was pregnet with you he left because he wasn't realdy. A few years later he found someone who was special to him,Lilly. They were soon married and had one child............."Harry Potter".

Sally looked shocked, but she listen still.

"This is going to be very hard to belive, but your father, step mother and step brother.........are all, umm how can i say this?Wizards." She said cashasly

"ha! yer good one mum!" She Joked

What, did they turn me into a frog when i was a baby?", so thats why i have a green toe" She joked.

Sallys mother looked away and started to cry.

"oh come on mum it wsn't that bad of a joke." Sally said sympetheticly

"no Sally!", "All that i just said it's all true!", Your father and step mother were killed buy the most evil wizard in the world". She cried.

"what?" She asked

Your step brother, Harry survived and live just on the other side of town with his aunt and uncle.

"mum are you serious?" Sally asked scared.

"you mean to say, that i have a step family that are...........are, wizards?" Sah asked.

"realy wand waving broom ridong wizards?" Sally asked.

"yes darling, but there is more your fathers geens were passed onto you.........." She exclaimed.

"what do you mean.....?" Sally asked softly.

"Sally you are infact, a wizard" Her mum said , not looking at her.

Sally gasped.

"You can atend the wizard school or you can go on normal life like non of this happened,it's your choice." She said. "If you choose to atten the magic school "Hogwarts" you must tell no-one,you shall tell them that you are going away, but will keep in touch."If they ask you where you are going, you will not reply.

Sally couldn't belive all this, it was too much, she ran to her room very confused.

was this all a joke? or was her mother telling the truth? Though it startd o make sence, thats why she made that's why she could do things that the other children couldn't.Could she wave a wand, rida a broom and cast spells? this was too much.She got to her room and began to think hard. She thought, should she find out more about her macic step brother? Should she go to the wizard school and live her real life? Or should she lie to her friends and carry on?

Sally was secrtely exsited she wondered what it would be like to cast a spell or even ride a broom!

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