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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 1 : Mrs. Malfoy
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Disclaimer: All characters that belong to JK...are JK's...the rest are all mine. mine mine mine. The plot is also mine. any relativity to any person dead or alive is purely coincidential. 

Married by Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter One: Mrs. Malfoy

Hermione was dreaming, she was in a forest and she was panicking. Blood was trickling down her leg, but she felt nothing. She looked around frantically, hoping someone would help her before she bled to death. She sat down on a rock, holding onto the gash on her hip. Hermione heard footsteps, and out of the shadows walked a lean and tall blonde-haired man. He looked worriedly at her and the puddle of blood beneath her foot. He picked her up off the rock. And just by touching it, the handsome man healed her wound.
Hermione awoke to the sound of an engine revving. She moaned slightly and turned around in the tangle of sheets. Her arm hit something solid, and very unlike the feathery bed she was on. She passed it by as a book or something. And then, something stirred next to her, her breath caught. An arm swung around her stomach, and pulled her in. She could feel another body, a hard and warm one, against her. At first, she thought she was still dreaming, but when something pleasurably rough nuzzled her neck, she turned around.

Right when her eyes snapped open, the man she had been sleeping with opened his eyes, revealing silvery eyes framed around long blonde eyelashes. His eyes rounded in sheer surprise.

Hermione Granger shrieked, jumping out of the bed instantly and leaped to the other side of the room. His eyes twinkled slightly, as his lips smoothly formed a lopsided grin. He looked up and down greedily at her stark naked body.

After a moment of shock, she felt light and cold. Realizing her nakedness, she crossed her arms around her chest, but failed to cover herself and grabbed the sheet that the too-hot-for-his-own-good man was handing to her and wrapped herself quickly. She backed away from the wall, realizing what she had done.

Recaps of last night came flooding into her brain, all she had to do was put the pieces together:

She was at wizards’ pub, drinking some vodka. The man next to her was also getting drunk. She had been trying to escape the world through alcohol, and she let her mind loose, letting her body take over. She had begun some conversing with the man next to her. She remembered him from when they were kids, about ten years ago. They drank more and more, margaritas, vodka, beer, tequilas and more hard liquor.

Then she remembered going to an inn with the man. Then she remembered him putting a plastic ring from a vending machine on her ring finger, and her doing the same thing. While they were drunk. She also remembered someone saying, ‘you may kiss the bride‘, and then the two drunks had kissed.

Her body was turning pale, and her fingers became numb. She looked at the plastic purple ring on her left hand ring finger, and then saw a similar one on the man’s finger.

She gasped as realization hit her: she had married Draco Malfoy.

Then the more horrible memories came in. Her kissing Malfoy over and over again. She remembered the two of them walk into Draco’s flat and into his bedroom. She had tore his clothes off fervently, as he did the same to her. Then she remembered him taking his boxers off, as she slid her panties off. Oh God!
She felt faint, and then fell to the floor, having Draco rush after her with a sheet wrapped loosely around his waist.

He bent over her, with a malicious look, “Hermione? Baby, get up.” He put his hand to her wrist, and she swatted it away.

“Don’t call me that,” she spat, giving him death glares. This gave her a chance to see the view, it was perfect. His hair was shorter than she remembered. His chin looked strong and sexy with some morning stubble. His eyes, though, were just as she remembered: steely and silver. Then her eyes moved down to his body. His chest was wrapped in tight skin; his abs were perfect- as if they were chiseled by an artist. And just below the navel was a thin strip of fine blonde hair going down his waist and under the sheet. Another new thing she noticed was a spike going through the top of his ear, piercing one side, and coming out the other; there was a tiny diamond stud on the edge. This only contributed to the sexiness of the man.

“Hermione,” he said again, poking her slightly. “You seem dazed, come back into bed.” He patted the spot next to him on the bed.

She got up, her eyes, Draco noticed, were on fire.

Her hair was straight, layered and was curled up at the edges, making her look like a cactus plant.

“Come into bed with you? Are you fucking insane? I just made the biggest mistake of my life!” she began grabbing her clothes off the floor. Her pink undies, her bra (which was conveniently under his leg), her skirt and her shirt.

“Turn around,” she ordered. “And don’t peak.”

He obediently turned around, as she let the sheet loose and put her clothes back on.

She opened the door, “Do you have our marriage papers?”

“Yeah, why?” he asked, looking confused.

“I’m filing a divorce,” she began walking out the door. “So hopefully, in awhile, everything will be back to normal.”

“What do you mean divorce?” he said, walking after her. “You need me to sign those papers too, and quite frankly, I’m not in any hurry to end this marriage."

She looked at him in shock. “You don’t want a divorce?”

He shook his head, “Why would I have married you if I wanted a divorce?”

“Oh. My. God. You have to sign them,” she said faintly. He came over to her and put his hands on her shoulders and said, “No, I don’t have to.”

She started crying a little. “Why was I so stupid? Getting drunk. What was I thinking? Shit! I’m married to some guy I barely know!” she said dramatically.

She opened the door to his flat, ripped the ring off her finger, threw it at him and walked out, slamming the door on his face.

Draco went in and sat down on sofa, “Damn, what the hell have I gotten myself into?”

What’s the worst that could happen, he thought.

This could work.

He went into the memory of last night, everything they had done to each other, and how she had made him feel. He couldn’t just forget that. Her body had marked him, and just for that, he would keep on pestering her by not signing those bloody papers.

He went back to his room, passing the hall filled with dozens of pictures. Before going into the bathroom to take a cold shower, he chuckled at the precious photographs, that when he was alone, his life ran on.

After he let the cold water envelope him, he got too cold. He went back out to watch the morning news.

The phone rang, and he walked over to it in the kitchen.

He put it to his ear to hear the sweet and precious voice of the love of his life. The voice said, “Daddy? Jessica asked if I could stay a couple of hours longer, can I stay a little longer?”

“Sure, Noel, I’ll pick you up at three, okay? Tell Uncle B.”

“Thanks Daddy,” she said in her sweet and cute voice.

“Okay, baby, give Uncle B the phone now,” Draco instructed slowly into the phone.

“’kay,” she said, and then there was the rattling of the phone switching hands and then a deep yet kiddish voice addressed Draco.

“Wussup,” he said.

“Oh, God, Blaise you will not believe what happened,” Draco said, suddenly the reality of what happened last night sunk in as he heard an outside voice.

“Draco, what did you do now, please tell me you didn’t get another woman pregnant and then proposed and then got dumped,” Blaise said.

“No,” Draco sort of chuckled. “Something worse.”

“Just tell me man, Lizzie wants me to fold clothes or something. Hurry up!”

“I got married,” he mumbled slightly.

“Yo, mate, I didn’t hear that,” he said, now sounding impatient.

“I got married, Blaise!” he roared into the phone.

“You got WHAT?!” Blaise screamed.

“Don’t tell Noel, man, I don’t know what to do,” he said in a panic. “Sure, at the time it was a great idea…”

“God, who’s the girl?” he said, not caring about Lizzie and folding clothes.

“Remember Hermione Granger, back from Hogwarts?” Draco asked.

“The bushy hair one? She was pretty cute. The Mudblood. She was with Weasley back then right?” Blaise said, interested.

“Yeah, that one, she’s still cute, I don’t know what to do. Forget the Mudblood thing,” Draco said somberly.

“Don’t worry just file the divorce, and pretty soon it will be behind us,” he suggested.

“That’s the thing, I don’t want to let her go, I need someone, I’m getting old mate,” he said.

“Buddy you’re only 26, my dad just got married again to some thirty year old blonde. But don't think I'll welcome you in with open arms,” Blaise said, saying the last bit with fake detest.


“’Cause I never got invited to the bachelor party,” he barked into the phone.

“Blaise, we got married at a sleazy inn." In the background Draco could hear Blaise’s wife, Lizzie, say, “What bachelor party? You’re not going.”

“Got to go, see you later,” Blaise said, before hanging up.

Maybe he should just sign the papers, yeah, that would be good.


Author's Note: thanks for reading my story!  This story starts off a bit unusual, but I promise some juicy things on its way. This is my first major story, and i hope y'all like it!

oh, and don't forget to

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Married By Mistake: Mrs. Malfoy


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