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crush!~ by Lavender
Chapter 1 : ~!crush!~
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~~~~~~~~~~pre word~~~~~~
so, i want to tell everybody that i'm not exactly talented when it comes to writing, and you can tell that i'm not the best spller, and frankly, i don't care. so i just wanna thank everyone who reads and reviews my story. so thanks!!!
DISCLAMER: i own absolutely nothing exept for that plot, so please don't sue me!!!

~~!!~~!!~~!Dedicated to allyssia, and Karen, cuz they're true Harry potter fans!~~!!~~


~You know everything I’m afraid of, you do, everything I wish I did evrybody wants u, everybody loves u, I no I should tell u I fell, I wish, everyone would disapeare every time u call me, I’m too scared to be me, and I’m too shy to say~

Ginny walked down the school halls, her mind buzzing with thoughts. It was near impossible to think or to not talk in te gryffindor comun room, so she’d wander te corridors during her night patrol ( Ginny and ron had both earned prefect privileges te last year.) and would think about her day’s events. But when she really thought about it, she was sure that nothing could compare to a little dream-fest about Harry. Though she’d admitted it to Hermione, she was never really sure about telling harry himself, thogh she was positive. he deserved to know of all people. So for now, she’d drem about te day when they’d finaly “realies There destiny’s” together.

~I got a crush, on u, I hope u fell the way that I do I get a rush when I’m with u ouu I got a crush on u , a crush on u~

Hermione was busy continually stamping on ginny’s already red foot .Lavender sent angry glances at Ginny, Ron Looking like he prtty much knew what it was all about, and Harry looking quite culeless at te whole problem. Then, at that moment (lavender had known about te plan scince this morin, when ginny had told her ) Lavender finally cleared her throught and said, “Harry, Ginny wants to tell you something”. Te impact of this scentance at te vary sound of these words was increadible. Nosie Huffelpuffs turened to watch, as did a few curiouse Reventhclaws. At te Slytherin table, it sounded like scilence was golden, for te chatter in te great hall sciced immediately. “Umm, This is totally not payperview, so if you all don’t mind going back to your food!!” Hermione said rudly. Many Heads turened back to there affaires but te scilence did not let up. So lavender continued by lowering her voice a little. “well, …” she waited for what seemed like forever for ginny to finally speak. “Harry, I umm….. Well, I kindalike you.” Said ginny in a small voice that everyone in te hall heared.”well I like you too ginny.”said harry, as though this was te most abviouse thing in te world. “No, not that. I mean, like really, really, more like love you.” Ginny said this and bent her head low as te whole great hall erupted in laghter as harry’s face turened red with embarrassment. He told ginny to vcome with him into te hall.

“Listen, ginny. I’m sorry, but I umm… really don’t fell te same way, acutaly, I’m kinda going out with Cho, I thought you were alright with it.” Harry looked into ginny’s chocolate brown eyes wich were now welling with tears. “its all right Harry.” Ginny said. She turned away from harry, wich at this point looked like he was going to cry in sympathy. But sh edidn’t need his sympathy. He’d ripped her heart out, and she wasn’t going to forgive him for it.

~ you know, I’m someone that you can talk to. Sometimes, you tell me things that I don’t wanna know. I just wanna hold you. You say, exactly how you feel about her, I wonder could you ever think of me that way~

It was now chritmas. Ginny had told hermione what happened in te hall, in turn she told Lavender. Now, seeing as Lavender had te biggest mouth in te whole world, Te whole school Knew By 2nd period. All of te guys would look discustedly at harry, and then te girls would look vary sympathetic to ginny. Even Cho looked at harry as thought he’d stabbed ginny, but didn’t break up with him for it.well, to patch things up, ginny started going out with colin, who’d asked her out three weeks after te “great hall incedent”. Now at christamas, Colin had broken up with her to go out with pervati, and she sat at te gryffindor table, where ,many boys looked at her from te reventhclaw quidditch seems ginny was avoiding all guys in genral, and they seemed to be loving it. Hermione Had fallen in love with Ron, and they were now going out.

Hermione and Ron sat on either side opposite her and harry directly infrontHarry had been discussing quidditch with ron and hermione was arguing with colin about te house eleves. Served him right. when all of a sudden Ron said jokingly “so, you gonna buy me a firebolt 2200?”with a wide grin. “ Oh, Sure” Harry’d grinned back then looked at ginny, who was watching hermione fight with colinand said to her “ so, what do you want for Christmas, you don’t have to ask for something cheap just cuz’ Hermione did” he gave her a genuine grin. But ginny still remembered what he’d said in te hall and yelled, mabey a bit too loudly “ te only thing you could do is buy me a new heart. Because you already ripped te first one I gave you!!!” then stormed out off te hall, with all eyes on her. Immediately after Ron got up to follow her. Ginny ran through a long corridor and down te stairs to te dungenons. Then her brother finally caught up with her. “gin, what…?” “ I don’t wanna talk about it .” she said flaly. “ anybody but you” said ginny, her tears spilling out. “I don’t…” “ ron, te thing is, you’ve been ignoring me way too much. Why can’t you bee like Fred, I mean, sure he reaks havock all over te school. But at least he still finds time to talk with me!” ginny yeled out te last words as though she’d been practiseing this for a while now.Ron stood there, totally at a loss for words. Dumbie would probably end up as one of them. So this is what she thought of him and his brothering skills. Well, he wouldn’t stand it. He turned on his heals and left, fuming. A few minutes later, Malfoy, of all people walked into te corridor that ginny had just had te mother of all family rows in. “ are you alright?” draco said as he walked in, and imideatly put his arm around ginny. She began to sob uncontrollably into dracos arm, tears of pain and utmost sorrow.his tone had been soft, and understanding. As he led her to there potions class (te 6th years were with te seventh years, now) She began to think. Mabey if I go out with draco, he’ll be jelouse, plus, he is pretty nice compered to when he’s with harry and that lot.

So she did. She’d went our with a Malfoy, and at first it stunned many, most of all ron who’d gape at her when she came through the doors at the great hall each day hand in hand with him, of course, pansy had no intention of just letting Ginny have him, so the moment she gave Draco a little kiss in the hall, she’d grabbed her by the hair, at wich point Draco would look at her menacingly, and bark at her to get off of his girlfriend, at wich she’d erupt into tears and giving Ginny a slap before getting on with her already miserable life. She’d really thought she was in love with Draco, but the night she’d figured it out was when she decided to have a little chat with him. He’d said that he’d thought she was different from other girls when she’d asked him why he loved her. Then they’d kissed, of course, Ron grabbed Draco back by the collar and had a good fistfight with him before he turned to Ginny and asked her if she was alright. She’d pushed him back and helped a heavily bruised Draco down to the hospital wing, before she’d hexed Ron.

The next week at dinner, Harry had come down late and couldn’t find a seat far from Ginny. They’d been avoiding each other scince te Christmas thing. Now he was talking with ron vary excitedly while Hermione attempted once again to explain te polyjuice potion to Ginny who just didn’t understand.

“ron, she’s perfect. I think she’s buetifull, and she loves quiddich too. But, something just doesn’t feel right between us.”

“well, I don’t know, mate. Mabey she’s not the one for you?” stated ron.

Ginny got up. She couldn’t take it anymore. The plan would have to go now!!!
She grabbed harry’s arm, then led him and many bewildered gryffindors and a suspiciose Cho Chang to the seventh floor, and to the room of requerment, were it was set up as a stage. Ginny Got up on the stage and began to sing, her melodic voice ringing out:

~You know, everything that I’m afraid of, you do, every thing i wish I did, everybody wants you, everybody loves youi know, I should tell you how I feel, I wish everyone would disappear, every time you call me I’m too scared to be me and I’m too shy to say, ohhh

I’ve got a crush, on you I hope you feel te way that I do, I get a rush when I’m with you ouhhh, I got a crush on you, a crush on you…
You KnowI’m someone that you can talk to, some times you tell me things that I don’t wanna know, I just wanna hold you,
You say, exactly how you feel about her, I wonder could you ever think of me that way

I’ve got a crush on you, I hope yopu feel te way that I do, I get a rush when I’m eiyth you , ohhu I got a crush on you, a crush on you,~

At this point, many people were staring at her , many seemed to be sniggeing but most were surprised at the beautifull voice that rang out when Ginny sang. She’d moved and danced around the room as though this was just a concert, instead of a way to tell Cho Chang’s boyfriend that she was in love with him, no matter what.

~ouhh I wish I could tell somebody but theres no one to talk to, nobody knows I’ve got a crush on you, a crush on you I got a crush, yaaa, ya ya ya yaaaa, (I’ve got a crush)I’ve got a crush on you, a crush on you
you say everything that no one says, I feel everthing that your afraid to feel, I will always want you, I will always love-
I’ve got a crush on you, I hope you feel the way, that I do, I get a rush, when I’m with you, ouhhhhi got a crush on you, I got a crush on you, I hope you feel te way that I do,I get a rush when I’m with you, ohhhu I got a crush on you.

Harry suddenly understood the way Ginny felt. In fact, he’d always felt that way too. It was everlasting love. He loved her, that morning, when he’d talked to Cho, he’d told her that it was defiantly over between them. When she’d asked why, he’d awnsered “I don’t know”. Then she’d stormed out of the room. Draco, on the other hand knew at the vary moment that he and Ginny had shared they’re first kiss that they weren’t going to last. He knew she was loyal to Harry, and He had no intentions of that ever happening. So, he had promised himself that he would wait for her, when she broke up with him for Harry, wait for her to come to him when Harry didn’t love her back, or stopped loving her the way she wanted. Draco really worshipped the ground she walked on, and loved her with all his heart.

But now Ginny walked to him and kissed him with such love as was impossible to give. And they stayed that way in each other’s arms for a few minutes. Cho’s heart was broken, and Draco was smiling. For he had really loved her. And to see her happy was really and truly reward enogh.

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