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Truth or Dare by Seriously_Sirius
Chapter 1 : Truth or Dare
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The noise level was rising steadily as more and more of his friends arrived, if you could call them friends. It was getting unbearable. He looked around the room, wondering if they knew he was there. No, he decided, no one noticed him. He silently put down his drink and slipped out the door, leaving the merrily chatting crowd behind.

The front door closed with a quiet click that echoed down the silent street. He walked away from the house and walked down a dark side alley to avoid any latecomers. No, they wouldn’t miss him, he thought. After all, why would they be thinking about him when that they’ve got more interesting people around them? Wondering what to do with the rest of the night now that he had left, he Apparated away to Diagon Alley with a faint pop.

The Leaky Cauldron was full of magical folk as usual. Thinking he had made the right choice, he chose a seat at the far end of the bar table and made himself comfortable. After a drink or two, his worries began to slip away and he was feeling more like his old self now.

The sound of metal stool legs scraping against the stone floor woke him from his trance like state. He looked up to see someone sitting down next to him, someone who looked extremely familiar.

“Aren’t you meant to be at the party with your boyfriend?” he asked, the slight jealousy plain in his voice when he mentioned the word ‘boyfriend’.

She turned and smirked at him. Oh yes, she knew the effect she had on him. He couldn’t deny to himself that he had been attracted to her for quite a while now. Her constant teasing wasn’t making things easy for him either.

“You weren’t too keen to stay though, were you?”

Silence followed, as it had always done after one of their secret rendezvous. She calmly sipped her drink while he watched her, as he had always done. She enjoyed the attention.

“I would have thought you would want to stay and chat with them.” He was still confused as to why she would be sitting here with him.

She gave a short laugh that lacked the warmth he was used to hearing from her. “No. I have not considered them worth my while for quite some time. I have far better things to do than spend my time and energy on a bunch of dim-witted Mudblood lovers.”

Suddenly something clicked in his brain. He could barely whisper. “You’ve joined You-Know-Who? You’re a Death Eater?”

“You caught on faster than I would have expected you to,” she gave him a real smile this time, placing her hand on his knee. “Yes, I have found a cause, the right one. The Dark Lord has spoken the truth and he is right. You know what’s best for you. Join the winning side before it’s too late. The Dark Lord and we, the Death Eaters, will take care of you and be your friend if only you would allow us to. The choice is yours. We’re there for you and we’ll always be there.”

He could barely control his breathing when she fixed him with her dark blue eyes, her hands slowly moving up and down his thigh.

She has a point, you know. Why should he care about his so-called friends when they didn’t even think about him till the minute they need someone to do something for them? There are people who care. There are people who will like him. Besides, he could have her all to himself if he joined. He would never have to share again. Never have to put up with being her secret lover. There will be nothing to hide anymore.

“Have you decided yet?” she whispered, her face dangerously close.

He nodded. “I want to join.” It was the only sensible, possible answer. She had made up his mind for him.

Those blue eyes glittered in the dark, as a pair of soft lips briefly pressed themselves against his. Still dazed, he opened his eyes only to find she had stood up already.

“Are you coming or not?” Without a word, she turned and walked out of the Leaky Cauldron. Peter Pettigrew, who was following her lead, could not have seen the triumphant smirk that flashed across her face as she pushed open the door and strode onto the Muggle filled street.

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