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Now Life-Sized by FrogsofChocolate
Chapter 1 : Now Life-Sized
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If Ginny Weasley had to choose between Quidditch and chocolate she would choose chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate- you name it and she’d buy it. Perhaps that was why she was standing in the middle of Honeydukes, contemplating on blowing her entire years allowance on one life-sized chocolate frog. Honestly, it was the size of both of her fists stacked on top of each other- pure, solid, dark chocolate. Her mouth was watering already.

“Keep moving Weasley, I doubt your family has enough money for you to gorge yourself on chocolate,” someone behind her remarked. “You’re fat enough already… wouldn’t want you to swell up to your mother’s size.” If there was one person on the face of the planet who could make her loose her appetite, it was Draco Malfoy. She turned around to face him, her hands balling into fists.

“Listen Malfoy, I’m not in the mood to put up with your crap today. So why don’t you run home to your daddy. Oh, wait, that’s right. He’s in Azkaban,” Ginny said, tilting her head innocently. Hm, she never knew Malfoy could blush; or perhaps he was about to explode. She hoped he was about to explode. She waited, her hand on her wand in case he actually did.

“You should watch your mouth, Weasley… you never know who could overhear” he leaned in until she could feel his breath on her nose, “and Potter’s not here to save you, is he?” Funny, his breath smelt like chocolate. She blinked owlishly, her brain trying to process what he had just said; she’d been a tad bit distracted… Was that milk chocolate on his breath, or did he prefer the bitter, dark chocolate like she did? “Well, aren’t you going to run?” She licked her lips, subconsciously of course; she was just hungry, that was all… it had nothing to do with the fact that Draco Malfoy was backing her against the wall. “Well?”

“Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?” she blurted. He took a step back and stared at her. What? All she had done was ask him which chocolate he preferred. “Well?”

“I don’t like chocolate,” he said, his eyes darting in the direction of the exit.

“Really? Cause your breath smells like chocolate.”

“No it doesn’t!” he snapped, taking another step away. She pursed her lips and crossed her arms across her chest.

“Yes it does. So… what was it? Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?” she pushed.

“I told you already, Weasley. I don’t like chocolate… it’s disgusting and vile and terribly muggle!” he protested, sticking his left hand in his pocket. Ginny smirked and practically launched herself at him. She pulled his hand out of the pocket and quickly snatched the crinkled paper from his closed fist. A few peppermint imps fell to the ground as she did so. She smoothed out the paper and read:

Chocolate Frogs


Dark chocolate

“Uh. That’s not mine,” he muttered, trying to get the wrapper back.

“The Great and Terrible Malfoy, Torturer of First Years, has a sweet tooth,” Ginny remarked, amused. He looked as nervous as a long tailed kneazle in a room of enchanted rocking chairs. Who would’ve thought that Draco Malfoy shared her weakness for chocolate? Ginny fought the urge to cackle.

“Very clever, Weasley… now, give that back!” he growled, lunge towards her. Ginny held it above her head and laughed. He was a good five inches shorter than her; she’d never noticed. He glared up at her, scowling his little heart out.

“Why should I?” she taunted, keeping the incriminating paper out of reach as he tried to grab it from her. He wouldn’t jump up to get it, but he did stand on his tiptoes.

“Because if you don’t I’ll terrorize you and your little friends until your last waking hour,” he snarled, looking serious. Ginny merely rolled her eyes; the term Napoleon complex came to mind. Then she had a glorious idea. Perhaps she wouldn’t have to waste her allowance after all.

“What would you give me for it?”


“What would you give me for it,” she repeated, barely suppressing a smirk. Draco’s glare intensified. “Well?”

“Fine. This is so demeaning…” he grumbled before grabbing her by the waist. Her eyes widened as he rose up on his tiptoes, his head tilted up at an angle. This was not what she had meant. However, she’d be lying if she said that it was absolutely horrible.

It was warm and chocolaty, and, for the first time in her life, Ginny didn’t mind when Malfoy opened his mouth.

When he pulled away, Ginny found that she was just a little bit more than breathless but she tallied it as lack of oxygen.

“Erm, that’s not exactly what I meant,” she mumbled, breaking the strange silence between them.

“What?” She gestured to the chocolate frog display nearby. Once again, Malfoy looked like he was going to explode. “You… I…we… I kissed a Weasley for nothing?!” he cried. Funny, she hadn’t noticed that Honeydukes was so crowded until the crowd turned to look at them.

“It’s not like I asked for it!” she retorted, placing her hands on her almost nonexistent hips.

“Oh really? Then what was that little…” he puckered his lips to demonstrate, “thing you were doing earlier?”

“I wasn’t doing that!”

“Yes you were! You were practically begging to be kissed!” Hold on. “I mean, what was I suppose to do when you were obviously flirting with me?” Wait a minute. “Can I help it if I’m a guy? I do have hormones after all… I do have needs!” Hang o- ew.

“Well… in the future you can take care of your ‘needs’ with someone else. Preferably someone who doesn’t hate your guts,” Ginny snapped. He was blaming her for this? He was the one that kissed her! Where did he come off telling her that she was begging for it? It was the last thing on her mind! All she had wanted was chocolate! “I most certainly wasn’t flirting with you… and I definitely wasn’t begging to be kissed by you! I mean, honestly, you’ve bullied me since my first year! Why on earth would I want you to give me my first kiss? That’s just…” Wait. Crap. She had not just admitted… crap. Ginny watched on in horror as his left eyebrow rose and his lips twitched into a smirk.

“First kiss, eh?” Oh gods. This was great. She’d never live this down, not in a million years. She closed her eyes, trying to gather her wits about her. After all, when your enemy has the upper hand, all you have to rely on is your wits.

“Shut up.” Yes, wits.

“Oh, this is great… wait until I tell Potter…” Potter? Harry Potter? Oh no, no, no, no, no.

“This” she gestured between the two of them, “never leaves this shop! If I find out you’ve told even one person I’ll hex you straight to…”

“Aw, is ickle Ginnikins afraid that Potter won’t wove her anymore?” Draco sneered.

“You’re the one that kissed me! If you tell anyone, my brothers are going to kick your skinny little arse.” Ha, he couldn’t argue with that! Ginny smirked when his grin faded. “I think I’ll tell them that you were harassing me…” she turned on her heel.

“Wait! Don’t tell… I’ll… uh…” She wrinkled her nose.

“Kiss me again? No thanks. I’ve had enough Malfoy germs to last me a lifetime.” His eyes flitted to the chocolate frog display.

“I’ll buy you a chocolate frog...” Chocolate? Oh yeah, chocolate… the whole reason she was here, the whole reason why she was in this mess in the first place. There was no way she was going to give in to…Try as she might, it was still a very tempting offer. “They’re life-sized now, you know,” Draco added, wiggling his eyebrows. Her lips twitched; she never thought she’d see Malfoy wiggle his eyebrows. “Well?”

Ginny sighed; perhaps her obsession for chocolate was becoming harmful.

“Dark chocolate?”

“Dark chocolate.”


Yes, Ginny Weasley would do almost anything for chocolate. Except, of course, kiss Draco Malfoy again. That would never happen again, even if it had been a very spectacular first kiss… Okay, maybe she would kiss him again, but he’d have to give her a lot of chocolate before she agreed… or maybe he could just eat a lot of chocolate before hand. Yes, that would be the only way she’d agree to kiss Draco Malfoy again.

Then again, she was beginning to become very fond of peppermint imps.

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