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Learn to Live like a Muggle by slytheringoddess_22
Chapter 4 : Anything can Happen
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They spent the afternoon searching the dense forest for Ron. Ginny went off by herself. She yelled out his name over and over again. She was starting to get worried. Even though he was over protective of her, he was her favourite brother. She couldn’t imagine how she would cope without Ron lecturing her about boys. A tear trickled down her cheek. She was almost out of breath from running and yelling at the same time. She stopped to catch her breath at the edge of the forest. She leaned against a tree and searched the area. Something caught her eye, and it made her heart skip a beat. Stuck between two rocks was a shiny sliver thing gleaming in the sunlight. Ginny slowly made her way near the edge of the cliff. The closer she got, the more clear she knew what it was. She reached down and picked up Ron’s watch. She held it in her hand and began calling out his name again. She was afraid to look, but she slowly leaned over the rocky cliff.

“RON!” she exclaimed as she saw her brother lying on a rock edge 15 something feet away.

“Ron? Can you hear me??” she asked desperately. She looked around for something.

“Guys! I found him!” Ginny yelled over. A few seconds later she heard the running foot steps. First Harry and Draco emerged, then came Hermione and the rest.

“Where is he?” Hermione asked frantically.

“He’s over the ledge,” Ginny replied, “He didn’t respond when I called his name,” Ginny sobbed.

“Bloody hell, that’s a long way down!” Blaise exclaimed.

“We need to get him,” Hermione said ripping off some thick and sturdy tree vines from a near by tree.

“Ok, somebody tie this to a tree and I’ll repel down the rocks, make sure all of you guys have a strong grip. You will need to pull both mine and Ron’s weight over the edge.” She gave out the orders as she tied the vine around her waist.

“Hermione, it’s too dangerous!” Harry exclaimed.

“Trust me, these veins can hold my weight,” She retorted.

“The weaselette’s lighter than you, maybe it’ll be easier for her to go, and for us to pull back up,” Blaise suggested. Hermione gave Ginny a questioning look.

“I-I’ll do it,” She replied wiping the tear off her face. Hermione tied the vine securely around Ginny’s waist. She walked backwards over to the edge, holding to the vine for dear life. The others positioned themselves as if they were playing tug-of-war. Ginny glanced down, gulping at how high she was.

“Ginny, don’t look down. Just hold on to the rope and carefully repel down.” Hermione said. Ginny took the first step down the rocky cliff. She swayed a bit but then regained her balance. She then took another step, and another, and now she was completely hanging on the edge.

“The rocks are to sharp for me to repel, I’ll crash into them!” Ginny exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, we’ll lower you,” Hermione yelled.

It felt like ages before Ginny’s feet touched the ground.

“You ok?” they yelled from above.

“Yeah!” she replied. She turned Ron over. His face was a bit scratched up, and a few bruise here and there, but other than that he looked fine.

“Ron,” Ginny shooked him slightly. He stirred.

“Gin?” he asked.

“It’s ok, they’re gonna pull you back up,”

“My arm and my head’s killing me,” he squinted.

“I think you fractured your arm, and maybe bruised your head up a bit,” said Ginny touching Ron’s arm. She then proceeded to tie the remaining vine around Ron’s waist.

“OK, we’re set to go!” said Ginny.

“Try to hold on to the vine with your good hand.” They were slowly pulled up. Halfway up the cliff, the vine jearked a bit and slid down a few feet.

"What the hell was that?" Ginny exclaimed.

Somebody had an itch on their hand," Hermione replied.

"Sorry." Blaise said.

Let's be serious, I don't want to die today," Ginny said.

Getting over the cliff was the tricky part.

“Ron I’m so sorry! This is all because of me!” Hermione hugged him.

“Ah! Watched the arm!” Ron pulled back from the pain.

“Oh, sorry. Please don’t scare me like that ever again.” Said Hermione looking straight into his eyes.

“You please never let me walk in on you like that ever again,” Ron replied. Hermione smiled,

“Let’s get back to the beach before it gets dark and we can’t find our way back.”


When they got back to the beach, Pansy and Draco made the fire while Blaise got the fish ready. Hermione took two pieces of wood and positioned them on the top and bottom of the arm and wrapped a piece of her t-shirt around it making a secure knot. This accident was a wake up call for everybody. It is dangerous out here and anything can happen.

“Ron, I’m really sorry. I know I should’ve told you. But I had no idea how you would take it, and seeing your reaction, it was good for me not to tell you,” Hermione apologized.

“But me finding out on my own is worst. Especially they way I did,” Ron said, “But this doesn’t mean I’m fine with this. I still hate that son-of-a-death-eater.”

Hermione sighed, “Don’t you think you could give him another chance?”

Ron made a grunting sound, “As if! You know all the crap he’s been feeding me these past 7 years. He always has something to say about my family, and I’m not about to let that go any time soon. I still don’t get what you see in him.” Hermione found it no point in going on since her friend would probably not let go of the fact that Malfoy was a Malfoy and can be nothing more than a Malfoy.

As the evening rolled about, nobody exchanged any words in the camp. Not even though dinner. They all ate silently. Hermione finished her food and excused herself. She needed quiet time alone. She made her way to the sandy shores. She looked out; it was a breath-taking site. The full moon was right about the sky, reflecting off the calm ocean. The stars were bright tonight. There wasn’t a slightest bit of movement aside from a few fishes hitting the waters surface. Hermione made herself comfy in the sand, looking out into the big ocean. A few minutes rolled by. Half and hour later, she was joined by Malfoy.

“Whathcha doing?” He asked.

“Nothing really. I’m just looking out into the distance and breathing in the fresh air. “Rough day today huh?” He asked.

“Mmmhmm.” She replied without taking her eyes off the water. Draco slid his arm around her. It felt safe to be in his arms. Hermione laid her head down on his shoulder.

“Things change dramatically, don’t they?” She asked.

“Yeah they do. Sometimes good and sometimes bad,” He said silently.

“Is this change a good or a bad thing?” Hermione asked.

“Well, I’m sure my dad wouldn’t approve but hey, he’s locked up in Azkaban so it doesn’t matter what he thinks. But I think that this is a positive change.”

“Good,” Hermione replied.

On the beach
Ron ate with his good arm. Then suddenly Hermione got up and excused herself to be along. He watched her as she walked towards the water. She looked up for a bit then made her self comfortable on the sand. Ron looked down and continued to eat. When he was finished, he sat down beside a palm tree. He watched as Malfoy got up to join her. Before he could blink, they were cuddling together on the sandy beach watching the night sky. Ron stared in disgust.

“You can’t protect her forever,” Ginny said watching his older brother.

“Things change quickly within a blink of an eye. How can somebody get use to it so quickly?” Ron asked turning his gaze to his little sister.

“You can’t get use to it, you just have to learn to cope with it,” Ginny replied.

“Gin, you know that I’ve fancied Hermione since the first time I saw her. Somehow, we juts couldn’t get along. We fought for the stupidest reasons. And now that we’re older, I can’t and never will get a chance with her,” Ron said.

“Ron, you had 7 years to make a move on her. You never did and now you chance is up and it’s chance for Malfoy,” Ginny said.

“I know my chance is up, but why did she have to pick Malfoy, least of all people,” He replied.

“Things will shortly fall into place, and things won’t seem as awkward,” Ginny said.

Ron gave her a look, “What’s with the deep talk?”

“Just trying to make you feel better,” Ginny replied.

“It’s not working, it’s making me feel weird so just cut the deep thoughts,” he said walking into the shelter. Ginny looked out into the distance wishing this whole thing would end.


For the rest of the week, things went rather smoothly. But things were still a bit tense. The daily routines were made making sure that the beach wasn’t a mess. Hermione sat around, still feeling the guilt. Hermione was surprised to see Ron come ad sit down next to her.

“How’s your arm?” She asked looking at the brace she made.

“A bit sore,” he replied. There was an awkward silence after that.

“So, only 3 more days left, time sure flies by,” Hermione said.

“Look Hermione, I don’t want us to acted awkward around each other, it doesn’t feel right. Let’s just go back to the way we were before,” Ron said turning to face her. Hermione smiled.

“I want that too!” she exclaimed and pulled him into a hug.

“Just make sure next time, you tell me everything, even if I won’t agree. I pull through sooner or later.” Ron said.

“Does this mean you’re ok with me and Mal- I mean, Draco?” she asked. Ron cleared his throat.

“Well, not entirely, but I’m getting there.” He replied. Hermione smiled even more.

In the water
Ginny looked from the water.

“Looks like they made up,” she said to Harry.

“This means he’s in a good mood right?” Harry asked.

“Most likely,” she replied.

“Well, do you think we should go tell him…about us now?” Harry asked.

“Let’s give it a few days. Let him rest or else he might burst a blood vessel.” Ginny said.

“But, I’m his best mate, wouldn’t he rather you with me than Dean of Seamus?” Harry asked.

“Well yes, but still.”

The end of the week


The 7 students were transferred back to civilization. They all stood around Dumbledore’s desk like when they first heard of the assignment. “

Welcome back, I’m sure this has been an experience that will not be forgotten. Now, it might have not been a normal week for a muggle, but close enough. You have all learned something in exchange, the knowledge of surviving the great outdoors. This may come in handy one day. Now all that has to be done is to write a 2-foot essay on the experience, you do not have to right your name. This will be confidential and only the School board will read it,” A wave of groans filled the room. “

Now you may return to your daily basis.” Dumbledore said. They each exited the room, pleased to see the walls of Hogwarts instead of miles and miles of endless trees.

“We should do this again sometime,” Hermione suggested when they were walking through the halls.

“NEVER!” they all said in unison. They all laughed.

"But this was a memorable week, i bet we will all look back on this and laugh, obviously by that time; Hermione and Draco would be married." Ginny said sprinting up the stairs with Hermione on her tail.

"You don't suppose that they're going to get you?" Ron gulped.

"Anything can happen, mate." Harry said slapping his friend on the shoulder and then he too ran up the stairs.

The End.

Author's note: Well? What did you think? It's a pretty short story but it wasn't that bad right? I might come back to it and add a few things, but meanwhile, don't forget to review.
Thnx for reading ^_^

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