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Out of the Abyss by scorpius
Chapter 28 : Punishments
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A/N: Thank you sooo much for all your wonderful & sweet reviews! Also, a huge thank you to softlove91/Anabelle Strik for helping me with the idea of the prank!

Chapter 28: Punishments

I was woken up by hushed whispers around my bed, “Wha--?” I mumbled groggily as the whispers grew louder.

“Jen, wake up!” I heard someone giggle excitedly.

I yawned and finally forced myself to open my eyes only to discover a group of girls had gathered around my bed.

“Err…can someone please tell me what the hell’s going on?” Nervously, I pulled my covers up to my chest.

“That ring is absolutely gorgeous!” One girl giggled.

“I know, absolutely divine!” Another agreed.

My eyes widened. How the hell did they know? Does news travel this fast? Even when I’m fast asleep?

I turned my head to see Lily slapping Carisma on the arm, “It was her fault, I kept my mouth tightly zipped.”

I sighed and chuckled, “All right, I see what’s going on now!” I jumped out of bed.

Then it clicked, “Hold up…” I motioned to Lily and Carisma, who was exchanging anxious glances, “Then the two of you knew what was going on all this time?” I confronted.

Carisma shifted her feet nervously, “Sort of…” She shrugged a weak attempt at being nonchalant.

“Sort of?” I raised my eyebrow, “Forget a notebook lately?”

Carisma pleaded, “Aww…it was just so sweet and come on, I couldn’t ruin such a big surprise like this! I mean, you’re engaged, for God’s sake!” She lifted up my hand that bore the ring.

I grinned, “Thank you!” I embraced both of them.

Sirius’s P.O.V.

“AAAAAHHH!” I tumbled painfully off the bed.

“Oy, Padfoot! Stop fooling around! Did it go as planned? Tell us everything!” Someone’s voice was ringing agonizingly in my ears.

I rubbed my eyes to see James, Remus and Peter staring expectantly at me.

“Were you the ones who pushed me off the bed?” I demanded rubbing my back rigorously.

“Maybe…” James whistled innocently, “So, come on! How’d it go?”

“She said no…then…threw the ring in my face,” I sighed morosely.

“WHAT?” James and Remus’ shocked reply rang throughout the dormitory.

“No, just kidding mate, she said yes,” I grinned mischievously after a pause, “GAHHHH!” I let out a strangled cry as James tackled me back to the ground.

Jennivra's P.O.V.

“Hmm…who would’ve thought we’d live to see the day when Sirius finally commits himself to ONE girl?” James prompted casually during breakfast, earning him several hits and slaps.

I laughed as Sirius shot James a deadly glare.

“So, when are you going to be popping the question, Prongs?” Sirius grinned evilly. James slurped milk all over himself while Lily started choking on her juice.

“Now we’re even,” Sirius sighed contentedly before going back to breakfast.

James was now staring at Lily uncomfortably, as though expecting her to react to the situation, while Lily was trying to avoid his eyes at all cost.

I nudged Sirius in the stomach, “What?” His voice muffled by the bulging food in his mouth.

“Swallow,” I indicated with a disgusted face.

Swallowing obediently, he waited for me to go on. “Look at what you’ve done,” I tilted my head towards James and Lily who were still shifting uncomfortably in their seats, an air of awkwardness surrounding them.

“I know, aren’t you proud of me?” Sirius beamed idiotically. I punched him in the arm playfully as I guffawed.

* * *

“Why do you two keep glancing at the door every three seconds?” Carisma slammed her book down, scaring a couple of first years away. Carisma flinched apologetically but continued to firmly glare at us.

“Nothing…” Lily and I echoed simultaneously.

“Nothing?” Carisma raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“We’re just waiting for James and Sirius to come back, we miss them…so much,” I clutched my heart dramatically.

“You just saw them ten minutes ago…” Carisma stared at us blankly.

“What can we say?” Lily chortled nervously, “Teenage love!”

Carisma refused to believe us, “Come on, spit it out, what’s going on? Does it have something to do with me?”

“Technically…” I bit my lower lip, “No…” I trailed off.

“Then why can’t I know about it?” Carisma frowned deeply.

“Because…” Lily’s emerald green eyes were wide open, “It’s a surprise…” She finished.

Carisma was about to open her mouth to say something when she was interrupted by the Marauders falling in to the portrait door, laughing hysterically.

“Oh look! They’re back!” Lily and I raced towards Sirius and James, incredibly glad that we could escape Carisma’s interrogation.

“Did it work?” Lily murmured. The Marauders nodded with enthusiasm as they cracked up laughing again.

“Did what work, exactly?” Carisma emerged from behind them. The laughter ceased immediately as the marauders shuffled about restlessly, “Well?” Carisma demanded harshly, placing her hands on her hips for effect.

“Okay!” Lily held up her hands, “Sit down…I’ll explain everything,” She ambled over to the closest sofa and took a seat.

“Remember your Hufflepuff—“ Lily was promptly interjected by Carisma who let out a horrified gasp.

“Oh no! What did you do to him?”

“Oh please, calm yourself woman!” James plopped himself next to Lily and guffawed, “No broken bones…no disfigurement…if I were to give this prank a grade, I’d give it a T…” Sirius snorted at the last comment.

“But…Lily and Jen wanted to keep it clean, so you can thank them,” James finished.

Carisma slowly acknowledged the situation as she paced back and forth, all our eyes following her, waiting for her reaction. She tapped her chin and shrugged nonchalantly, “So…what exactly did you do?” A smile creeping on to her face.

Sirius and James exchanged devious grins as they moved towards the portrait hole.

“Where are you two off to?” I stood up.

“Come on, we’re going to show you!” Sirius chuckled as the six of us squeezed through the portrait hole and headed outside in to the cool hallway. Sirius pressed his index finger lightly to his lips as we approached the stairwell. We could hear something grunting and several girls screaming in fright.

Carisma’s eyes widened as all of us peeked from behind a wall, there stood a troll…well…a half Hufflepuff, half troll, who was trying to speak…or rather grunt at a group of girls, who were now scampering away in fear.

“No…are you bloody serious? Is that him?” Carisma clasped her hand over her mouth. James nodded eagerly.

“Serves him right!”

“Okay…why is he still standing here? Why isn’t he going to the infirmary?” Carisma cocked her head to the side in confusion.

“He doesn’t know a thing, if he looks in a mirror, he looks and sounds completely normal,” Sirius beamed proudly, “So…what do you think?”

“Absolutely brilliant!” Carisma applauded as she exploded in to laughter. Lily and I heaved a huge sigh of relief as the six of us trooped back to the common room.

“We’re so relieved that you’re not furious with us!” Lily hugged Carisma.

The common room began to clear slowly as the night went on.

“Are you excited?” Sirius leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“About what? Half troll head wandering about the hallways? Not really, it’s probably going to scare the bejeesus out of a poor first year,” I commented as Sirius chuckled, linking his fingers through mine.

“No! The engagement!”

“Of course I am,” I beamed confidently returning his affection.

“No second thoughts?” Sirius wrapped his arms around me, making me feel nice and secure.

I paused and Sirius looked at me in horror, “You have doubts about this?”

“No,” I assured him soothingly, “I’m just…you know, sort of scared that someone might rip you away from my side…” My voice became smaller and smaller as I began to blush.

“Aww…that will never happen, I promise,” He assured leaning in for an affectionate gesture. The kiss deepened until—

“Aww…was that really necessary?” James wailed in disgust, an expression of revolt on his face as he covered his eyes with his hands.

“Good night,” I chuckled, running upstairs, saving myself from any more embarrassment. I looked back to see Sirius jokingly slapping James over the head.

I shook my head. I really hope that his promise stays true…

I woke up quite early the next morning; the entire dormitory was still asleep. Outside, the sun was peeking shyly behind the mountain peaks in the distance. I cleaned myself up and got dressed promptly for the day ahead. With nothing else to do, I headed downstairs to the common room.

“OH I AM SO SORRY!” I gasped, whipping myself around, embarrassed beyond belief. There stood Carisma and Remus, in the middle of snog session.

Just as I was about to run upstairs, Carisma grabbed me on the arm.

“Oh Gosh, Carisma! I am so incredibly sorry, I had no idea! I really didn’t mean to intrude, I mean, I just woke up ear—“ I began rambling as Carisma chuckled and softly placed a hand on my shoulder to calm me down.

“You’re going to wake up everyone,” Carisma tugged me to the side.

I was still staring intently at my feet, panic-stricken that I had caught Carisma and Remus together.

“Jen! Look at me,” Carisma ordered. I meekly peered at her as Carisma burst out laughing, “Jen! Stop it, it’s completely fine!”

“But…but…I,” I stammered uneasily.

“Let me explain,” Carisma cleared her throat, a slight tinge of pink appeared on her face, “I was outside for a morning stroll because I couldn’t sleep and I ran into troll-head, it seems that he now ‘understands’ how wrong he was and he began apologizing…”

I interrupted, “Sorry but you didn’t accept it, did you?”

“Of course not!” Carisma exclaimed, “I’ve learned my lesson and with one last slap, I ran back to the common room, feeling pretty miserable because I really did like him…”

“Then Remus came in?” A smile crept on to my face.

Carisma blushed and nodded, “He was being awfully sweet in consoling me and making me feel good about myself that things just got carried away,”

“I see,” I chortled and hugged her, “Don’t lose this one…you’ll probably end up regretting it for the rest of your life,” I noted seriously.

“I know,” Carisma smiled, “I think I’m going to go upstairs for a quick nap before breakfast,” Carisma stood up and headed for the dormitory.

“Oh, Jen?” She stopped suddenly, I looked at her questioningly, “Do you think you could let me break the news to Lily?”

“Of course,”

“Thanks,” With a last comprehensive nod, Carisma jogged upstairs in to the girls’ dormitory.

I brushed myself off and wandered around the empty common room with nothing to do.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Someone whispered in my ear, wrapping their arms around me.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you,” I murmured, as Sirius pulled me in for a kiss.

“Since when do you wake up this early?” I asked, surprised to see Sirius so awake at this time.

“When I have fallen in love…” replied Sirius with a handsome smirk. My heart melted then and there.

“Listen, since Valentine’s Day just had to fall on a school day, I’m going to give you your gift now…” Sirius squeezed my hand tenderly.

“That’s sweet of you but you really didn’t have to,” I paused, “Although, your gift is on the way,”

Sirius let out a bark of laughter, “Close your eyes…”

I examined him for a second before obediently closing my eyes. I felt something cool and tingly in my outstretched hand.

“Open them,” I opened my eyes to see a silver pendant shaped like an opposite ‘C’.

Before I could say anything, he walked around me and unlocked the necklace that I had gotten on my birthday. He placed it next to the pendant in my hand and slowly pulled out his wand. Muttering a quick spell under his breath, the new and the old pendant intertwined together to form a gorgeous heart.

“I told you that I’d complete your heart…” Sirius sealed the promise with a passionate kiss. I felt my eyes welling up with tears but I tried my best to keep them from falling.

“You sent the necklace?” I asked softly. Sirius beamed and nodded in response.

“Any minute now, students are going to pour down those staircases, so I’m going to say this now or I know that I’m never going to get the chance,” Sirius whispered, kissing me on the forehead. I looked at him questioningly. What did he have to tell me?

“Jen…I know that we had a rocky beginning and I know that everyone, not just us, had doubts that we would even last longer than a week,” I chuckled at this, “But over the months that we’ve been together, I’ve grown to realize that I could not repress the overwhelming feelings that I had for you.” Sirius paused for a second.

“I love you…I seriously do. I yearn for you every single second of every day. I crave for you to be near me every single second of every day. I need you to be by my side,”

Yup. That was all it took as one tear fell from the corner of my eye.

“I love you too,”

Sirius beamed, weaved his arms around my waist and spun me around as I laughed. At that moment, students began filling up the common room, most of them looked astounded to see that the common room occupied.

“Shall we go to breakfast?” Sirius held out his arm in a poised manner.

“Yes, we shall!” I chuckled, touching the necklace one last time before walking through the portrait door.

A/N: Okay I really hope that you liked the chapter! Okay...I really hope that the end doesn't sound too cheesy...I tried my best but it still wound up that way! Please review, I'll love you all forever!

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