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Allie's Marauder by floomasters
Chapter 1 : Hogwarts Express
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Chapter One
Hogwarts Express

Allie Belden could not believe how fast the past years had flown by. Her first memory of Hogwarts was so vivid, so alive, so fresh it seemed as if it had only happened yesterday. She remembered the Hogwarts train, stumbling across a two mischievous boys who threatened to curse her if she didn’t get out of the way, meeting her future best friend; Lily Evans and the very first glimpse of the castle.

Now, so suddenly it seemed, she was entering her 6th year at the witchcraft and wizardry school. Allie marveled at how amazing it was, how astonishing that time could pass by that rapidly, in just a blink of the eye. She mourned the innocent times and memories she had previously taken for granted. All the childhood times lost. All the moments, hours, minutes spent endlessly with Lily.

When they were younger, Lily and Allie would always be asked if whether they were related. This question always made Allie feel immensely proud – as Lily Evan’s was easily the prettiest girl in the year, and forever would be; with her charming auburn red hair and vivid, bright green almond shaped eyes.

Whilst Allie had always had her long curtain of ebony hair that hung low in waves beneath her elbows, her eyes a dark, murky green that were not nearly as vivid nor as sparkling as Lily’s – whose seemed almost magical, and would captivate the hearts of many male others; one in particular, a certain James Potter.

Allie released a long, hearty sigh, pulling her pink jacket tighter around her as the wind picked up, tossing her dark locks about. Shaking away all the past memories, she picked up her heavy Hogwarts trunk. Gazing at the gateway between platform 9 and platform 10, which formed the well-know platform 93/4 (well known only to the magical world, of course), Allie took a deep breath and strode forwards, confidently and steadily. She closed her eyes as she came into contact with the barrier – or would have come into contact had it been just a barrier.

She opened her eyes, and stared fondly at the gleaming scarlet train now in front of her. It never ceased to amaze Allie.


Allie only just had time to spin around in the direction of the voice before being fully engulfed by a taller, slender auburn haired girl. Allie laughed softly under her breath, “Oh Lily, you and your hugs. I can barely breathe!”

Lily just stepped back from Allie, observing her closely. “Hardly changed at all, I see,” Lily said critically, rolling her emerald eyes. Then a grin spread over her features, her entire face lighting up.

“Have I at all?” she asked, spinning around with a floaty laugh on her lips. Allie watched her closely, tilting her head in expection. Lily was wearing a simple green pinafore, but it brought out her sparking emerald eyes more then ever. Her thick hair was a little longer then memory, falling to just below her shoulders. But as always, she looked beautiful.

“Not at all,” Allie replied, smiling. Lily linked arms with Allie, and they both grabbed their luggage and dragged it over to the train. They were having trouble heaving their trunks on to the train when a deep voice very close to Allie’s ear said, “Need a hand with that?”

Allie looked up, surprised to see Remus Lupin, a fellow Gryffindor 6th year, offering his hand out to both of them.

“Oh thanks Lupin, that would be much appreciated,” said Allie, letting him take her trunk for her, with a grateful smile.

“Any time, how was your summer?”

“Yeah it was pretty fun, how was yours?” Allie and Lily were startled slightly when they heard vigorous yelling coming from the compartment near by. However Lupin seemed quite unperplexed He grinned.

“Not too bad. I think that’s my friends calling. See ya later Allie, bye Lily.”

As Lupin disappeared down the hall, Lily and Allie dragged their trunks into a near by compartment. Sitting by the window was a tall, lanky honey blonde haired girl, chewing on the tips of her nails, her large brown eyes transfixed on the magazine in front of her.

“Hey, Mils,” greeted Lily with a bright smile, flopping down opposite her, “how were your hols?”

Mils lifted her cinnamon gaze and smiled at them both, revealing a set of perfect, pearly white teeth. “Absolutely wonderful! How were yours? How are you both?”

Lily and Allie glanced at each other, their answers simple and simultaneous, “quite fun.”

This, of course, brought on the very long discussion of what happen during each of theirsummers, the people they met, the clothes they had brought, the friends they saw, the things they did. And before long, the sun was setting and darkness was inclosing on the landscape outside their window.

“Perhaps we should change now,” suggested Lily, glancing at her wristwatch. Allie and Mils nodded in agreement, and they pulled out their robes, hastily pulling them over the top of their muggle attire. Mils bent down, exchanging her 1 inch platform shoes for pink sneakers. Lily looked away, rolling her eyes and refrained from saying a word.

“I swear, the next time I see that stuttering git – oh!”

Allie, Mils and Lilly all glanced up as four figures entered their compartment, looking genuinely shocked.

“Hye! This is our compartment!” shouted the shortest one, he had thin, wispy looking straw-like hair and large, brown watery eyes. Allie recognised him as Peter Pettegrew, with a little extra added pounds sinse she saw him last.

“Oh, we’re sorry… wrong compartment…”mumbled Lupin, reopening the compartment sliding door in a movement to leave. But James Potter had other things on his mind.

“Evans! How was your summer?” he asked, his hand immediately jumping to his raven hair. Allie watched in distaste as he racked his hand through his already messy locks, and a crooked smirk pulled at his lips. In one swift movement, he was seated next to Lily. Lupin and the forth teenager, Sirius Black, looked at eachother and shrugged before taking their own seats.

“Nothing for you to know, Potter,” snapped Lily, a scowl upon her pretty face as she folded her arms against her chest.

Sirius Black sat himself comfortably between Allie and Mils.

Raising an eyebrow, Allie slightly inched away from him. Sirius Black was a well-known prankster at Hogwarts. Well-known and well sought after by the female population. And probably some boys, too. He had dark, brooding handsome features, with a pair of mysterious and unreadable light grey eyes and long dark hair that fell over his face, casually but elegantly, for a male.

He ignored Allie, instead to turning to Mils as they began some kind of sly and flirtatious conversation. Allie twisted in her seat to face Remus Lupin, smiling shyly at him, “so what did you do in the summer?” she asked him, politely. For although they had been in the same year and house for nearly six years, both the girls and the boys had never really truly mixed nor ever really had the chance to get to know each other.

Remus’ dark eyes flickered to the ceiling in thought, smiling, “ahh.. not at all that much. I saw James, Sirius and Peter for most of it… did some Quidditch, which I’ve learnt I’m terrible at. Read some books…”

“Oooh, which books?” Allie asked, with honest interest. She had always been a great fan of reading and books, not unlike Lupin himself.

Lupin gave a small smile, rather embrassed. “Oh, uh, ‘Dead Man’s Folly’- ”

“Oh! I’ve been meaning to read the for some time! I love murder mysteries, is it a good one?”

His dark eyes were fully trained on her now, “yeah it is, I’d have to say it’s one of my favourites by Agatha Christie.” Allie surveyed Remus in amusement and surprise. She would never have guessed him to be the type to read murder mysteries, even despite the fact she knew he was quite the bookworm.

“Have you read ‘Postern of Fate’? It’s one of her later ones.”

“Yes! I have actually. I have to admit I haven’t read much of Agatha Christie books, besides the Miss Marple series. Although I do love Edith Pargetor. Ever read any of hers?”

“No I can’t say I have.”

“Well I advise you do some day.”

“Only if you promise me it’s worth it. I hate reading easy or boring mysterious,” said Lupin, smiling warmly at Allie’s genuine enthusiasm.

“Oh well, I promise you thoroughly that they are very, very good stories. In fact here,” Allie dug into a pocket of her school trunk. “Here’s ‘A Means of Grace’ you can borrow it if you’d like.”

“I’d loved to! Are you sure you wont need it?” Allie lurched forward as the train came to a sudden halt, having finally reached the destination. Lupin reached forward and steadied her before she fell. They stood up as the others around them began to gather their things up.

Allie blushed slightly, “thanks, and I don’t mind. Just don’t ruin it,” she grinned cheekily at Remus, before being abruptly hauled away by Lily.

“ARGH! I hate that Potter!”

But Allie was barely paying any attention, for she had just caught sight of the wondrous, magical, sparkling castle that stood out stately against the starry night sky.

They had arrived at Hogwarts.

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Allie's Marauder: Hogwarts Express


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