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Malfoy Manor by Kattie
Chapter 2 : New Life
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New Life

Ginny stared at the dress that Margaret held up."I am supposed to wear that?!" she screeched."What are we, sex slaves?!"

Margaret didn't answer.She pulled the towel away from Ginny who immediately turned her body away from Margaret and toward the door.She realised Draco Malfoy was still standing there, a smirk lingering on his lips.She glared at him and turned back to Margaret."So we are sex slaves," she hissed.

Still Margaret didn't answer.She made Ginny pull on her new clothes.They barely covered her body, and mostly skin showed through the material.Every curve of Ginny's body was clearly visible.

"Now I'll show you your room.Mr Malfoy, aren't your parents waiting for you downstairs?"asked Margaret, leading Ginny towards the door.

"Yeah,"he smirked, his eyes lingering on Margaret's chest.

"So why aren't you with them?"

"I always look at the little servants when they arrive - it's very satisfying."He patted Ginny's breasts, turned, and disappeared.

Ginny stared after him, her mouth open in astonishment."How dare he?!How dare he?!"she hissed venemously.

Margaret led her along the hallway and down the grand stairs.Draco was meeting his family in front of the door.Lucius snapped at him,"What took you so long?"

"New servant girl,"he said with a jerk of his head.His hand reached down to his crotch."She's rather..."His hands came back up to his chest and he demonstrated large breasts.Ginny watched in fascination.

"Ah,"said his father.

"Come on..."said a quiet voice beside Ginny and Margaret led her on.She was astonished by her sudden fascination in Draco's movements.She shook the thought away and followed Margaret.

They proceeded down the hallway and saw several servants, all of which were also wearing extremely revealing clothes.Ginny also noticed that there wasn't a male in sight.

They walked into the kitchen and to the glass door that led to the garden.Seeing a pile of rags in the sink she remembered her old clothes -and her wand."Wait a minute, I'll be right back."And she sprinted off with Margaret's yells of "No!Come back!" still ringing in her ears.

A moment later she was back looking a little more cheerful.Her skirt looked rather larger.Margaret gave her a scared look and led her through the door.

Outside she turned left and Ginny saw a wooden door in the hedge."Follow the hall to the very end, turn right, and follow that to the very end.Your room is the one on the right.Currently you're the only one in that room, but more servants may come.Go on and rest, servants always have the first day off."After saying this, Margaret turned and went back into the Manor.

Ginny looked after her for a moment then turned back to the door.Alone again...She thought.She pushed it open.

She was facing a long, old wooden halway.It had none of the splendor that the Manor had and looked shabby and gloomy.To the left of each wooden door was a torch flickering with a gloomy fire.Spidery shadows flickered on the walls.Ginny stood for a moment just looking at the servants' quarters, then she slipped in and closed the door.She walked down the hall quickly.The place seemed a little spooky.She passed many doors before coming to a wall at the end of the hall.On the left and on the right were identical passages.She followed Margaret's instructions and turned right.Hurrying along this hall, she noticed that it looked exactly the same as the previous one.

At the end she turned right and pushed open the door to her room.There was a flickering oil lamp on each bedside table beside the three beds.Other than that there was one wardrobe, an old mirror, and a curtain concealing a corner of the room.Ginny peaked behind the curtain to find a smelly toilet and sink.Wrinkling her nose she replaced the curtain and chose the bed farthest away from it.She pulled from underneath her skirt a bundle of rags concealing her wand.These she hid between the flimsy wooden frame of the bed and the thin scratchy matress.Then she took off her dress and curled up in the bed.

Going to sleep was easy.She hadn't had such an exciting day in a very long time.


Ginny was walking along in a field full of flowers.All she was wearing was a thin yellow robe that was fastened with a golden lion.She was picking flowers of every color for someone.She didn't know who, but she only knew that she had to keep picking flowers.They were soft and silky in her hands.

Soon she found herself laying down, and the flowers turned to black silken shirts.She saw someone beside her and gave him the shirts, which he threw away.She realised that they were both naked but she didn't care.She pressed herself against him.His hands found her breasts, and suddenly she felt a stab of pain between her legs.

Ginny's eyes opened wide as she heard a clock chiming midnight.Then she gasped as she realised that there was someone beside her.

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Malfoy Manor: New Life


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