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Expecting; The Lily Potter Pregnancy. by Professer_LaFey
Chapter 1 : Don’t get pregnant!!
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((J.K’s brain child, I’m just babysitting!! ^_^)) The Lily Potter Pregnancy

Don’t get pregnant!!

“Don’t get pregnant!” Was nearly the only funny joke around the Order nowadays that didn’t contain gallows humor. So, of course, Sirius, James, and Remus ran with it as fast as they could. Even Peter, shy boy that he was, made a crack out it every now and then. Mostly to Sirius, who’s skirt-chasing days were far from over. But there favorite targets where Alice and me. Why? Because we’re young, and married to two other Order members ourselves. Frank and James. And, unfortunately, Molly Weasley, the only other young wife, was already pregnant. 4 months. So, of course, Alice and I where the only logical, and obvious, targets..

It started right before September, before the new school year. Dumbledore was finding a new Professor to fill the Divination post at Hogwarts, and he had heard a prophecy. Of course, he didn’t tell us the whole thing, but a death eater had heard part of it, and had told you-know-who, so we now know what he heard; A Baby was going to be conceived that fallowing November, and be born “as the seventh month dies” to parents that had “Thrice defied” He-who-must-not-be-named..

So, once November finally came around, the Order and the Eaters started looking for the mother that was going to carry the baby. The Eaters, to kill. The Order, to save. The same old game, but this time with a Baby involved. For three weeks we had no luck at all finding any witch that had gotten pregnant in November…

And now, Sitting alone on the examination table at my doctor’s… I realized why… it was me...

“I’m… What?” I repeated, wild eyed, to my doctor.

“You’re pregnant… Two and a half weeks, if you’re last period ended when you said it did…”

“Yes, of course it was…” I added. The last day of my period was always the full moon; and with a friend like Remus around, you could never forget that. But that wasn’t what I was concerned about that at that moment.

“But… when is the due date again?” I asked. My kindly, older male doctor, still in his white jacket, looked back down and checked the chart again. “… July… around the 29th, the end of the month.” My eyes widened at this, and I turned even more pale. Born at the seventh month dies… I immediately grabbed the sides of the examination table as a wave of worry, shock, dizziness, and nausea washed over me. Oh, dear god, no….

“Lily, Love, are you all right?” the doctor asked caringly as he rushed to my side and held me up. Thank god he was so kind, because one more second without support and I would have fallen onto the floor... I closed my eyes and started to settle myself.

“I just thought… Stress at work..” I said as I felt my bangs, bright red like the rest of my hair, fall in front of my face. I was lying. I thought it was the stress of a war… I didn’t think it was this…

“Well, that is part of it… Adding stress to pregnancy makes things worse in the first months. You have to slow down, take it easy from now on… Most women nowadays have the same problem, until they find out there pregnant, relax and rest more, and elevate the stress…”

Elevate the stress my ass… I thought curtly. You don’t have death eaters out hunting for you…

“Here.. I’ll get you the number of a good OBG/YM I know, she’ll be able to take better care of you…” The doctor said, as he walked over to his desk, and hunted for a card.

“Until you see her, my advice is this: Rest, Drink lots of water, and slow your life down for a bit…” he said as he picked the right card out of the mass of papers and files, and walked over, handing it to me. I took it as he handed it to me, then immediately put it in my pocket.

“Anyways, Lily…” he said, grinning. “Congratulations.” I blinked, and smiled back to my old doctor.

I then stood up on my own to feet, not feeling dizzy anymore, and shook his hand as I walked out. I couldn’t stop thinking enough to concentrate on what was going on around me. I went to the receptionist, and signed out, without hesitation ... I gave my insurance number and paid the 10 dollar up-front fee, and didn‘t say a word becides, “Thank you.”. I waited to get my papers, and my receipt. All the while I was looking at my offending stomach and thinking the same thing, over and over…

Thrice defied him… born as the Seventh month dies… the one with the power to destroy the Dark Lord…

Thrice defied him… born as the Seventh month dies… the one with the power to destroy the Dark Lord…

Thrice defied him… born as the Seventh month dies… the one with the power to destroy the Dark Lord…

It wasn’t until I was walking toward the door that my mind finally thought something different.

I might be carrying the Chosen one… I might be the mother of the Chosen one…

One arm opened the door in front of me, and the other arm, or hand, went right to my stomach.

I might be pregnant with the Chosen one…

And it was at that moment it finally hit me. Right after the office door closed behind me. With my left hand on my blue knit sweater, laying on my stomach. Frozen right outside a doctor’s office, cold wind nipping around me. It was only that that the really important part finally surfaced to the top of my mind.

“Oh my God..” I whispered. “I’m Pregnant.…”

Next Chapeter; Telling James.

Ok, SO. This is my Brain-child sprung from Re-reading OotP. I read it, and noticed that Sibyl and Snape started working a year apart from one another; Witch means Sybil made the prophecy a year before Snape said he realized that messed up, and sentenced Lily and James to being hunted, and eventually, killed. It was confirmed while reading "PoA" again, when Sirius and Remus where yelling at Peter, saying that he had been giveing Voldermort information years before. This made me think he had started spying before Lily became pregnant. Well, my mind automatically thought this; Nine months fits very well in the space of a year, Don’t it? Thus this Fan fic begins.

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