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Snowed In by crazyaboutpotter
Chapter 2 : Oh No!
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Snowed In

“ They didn’t need to lock the door Evans.” “Why not Potter?.” Lily asked sarcastically. “ Well, we’re snowed in.”

If I owned Harry Potter do really think that I would be writing this story?

“ Yeah right Potter. That’s impossible.” Lily said. “ Listen Evans.” James said as if he were talking to a five year old. “ You go to a school called Hogwarts. At this school they teach witches and wizards magic. So you see, Remus and Sirius used magic to put snow in front of this door.” “ If your so smart Potter, what spell did they use to put the snow in front of the door? Do you know how they hid the snow?” Lily asked. “ I don’t know. Who would need a spell to put snow inside?” “ Black and Lupin did.” Lily answered.

“ Whatever. Lets try melting the snow with our wands.” James said.

“Sounds like a good idea.” Lily and James hopped to the door and opened it.

“ Ready?” James asked.

“ Yes. On the count of three. 1, 2, 3.”

“ Meltus.” Lily and James yelled.

POP. “ Why didn’t the spell work and what was that popping noise?” Lily asked well looking baffled. “ I know why the spell didn’t work.” James said. “ Why?” Lily asked well looking interested. “ Lets sit down and then I’ll explain it to you.”

James closed the door then hopped back to the bed with Lily. When he looked at the bed he noticed that a letter had appeared.

“ Look a letter.” Lily said. “ Read it out loud Potter.” “ Alright”

Dear Lily and James,
How do you like your living arrangements? From what we can see, it doesn’t look like you like the room. We should be hurt. We spent forever making that room comfortable to live in. Oh well.
This letter will explain how the room works. As you just found out, your wands will not work in there. James can explain how that works to you Lily. By now you must have noticed that there is no bathroom. All you have to do to get a bathroom is say “ I have to go to the bathroom.” or “ I want to take a bath.”. New clothes will appear after you take a bath. Lily, since we can only guess when your time of month is we put some stuff under the sink. We think its around the twenty-first though because you always seem to yell more around then. Anyway, back to the bathroom. The bathroom will not have a door on it because we believe you two need to learn to trust each other. Also, Padfoot thought it would be funny and I agree.
Your meals will come when we have ours . The plates will appear at the foot of the bed. Anything that appears in the room will make a loud popping noise. The popping noise is to warn you not scare you. If it happens to scare you, more fun for us.
If it gets to cold, a fireplace will appear. To get a fire just say “Fire please.” You shouldn’t need the fireplace to often but its there just in case.
At ten o’clock, the music will stop playing. It will start again at six o’clock.
We believe that you will be stuck in that room for awhile. Don’t worry. You both have excuses for not being in school. James, your great-grandma is sick and you went to visit her. Lily, you went to visit relatives in France. Your homework will appear after each class. Good luck with it.
That’s all for now.
Moony (Remus)
Padfoot (Sirius)

“ You were right Padfoot. This is funny!” Remus said.

“ I am a genius!” Sirius said.

“ That I don’t agree with.”


“ Black! Lupin! Where is Lily?” Sarah, Lily’s friend, yelled as she came walking into the common room. “ How would we know?” Sirius said. “ Don’t give me that. I know that you know where she is.” Sarah said. “ Let me handle this Padfoot. Sarah, aren’t you tired of listening to Lily and James argue all the time?” Remus asked. “ Yeah. Everybody’s tired of listening to them.” Sarah said well eyeing them suspiciously. “ Padfoot and I decided to lock them into the room of requirement and the only way they can come out is if they become friends.” Remus said well getting ready to be yelled at. “ That’s brilliant! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? That’s the perfect plan!” Sarah said passionately. “ Wait. Is Lily still going to be able to call him Potter?” “ Yes she will. We thought it would be impossible for her to stop calling him Potter.” Sirius said.

“ Your friends are EVIL!!!” Lily said.

“ I know.” James said.

“Well, there’s something we agree on.” Lily said.

“ Alright, explain to me how the no magic in a certain room works.” “ Its really simple. You just take certain spells and combine them and then tell the room how long to keep the spells going.” “ What spells do you use and how do you know about this?” Lily asked. “ I’m not sure what spells you use. The reason I know about this is because my mum did this to Moony, Padfoot, and me last summer. She put the spells up around the entire house when she went away for the week.” “ I wonder why she didn’t trust you?” Lily said sarcastically. “ We didn’t do anything bad. We only turned her hair purple.” “ I’m sure she loved that.”

“ I wonder when they’re going to let us out of here?” James asked.

“ They’re going to let us out as soon as Sarah finds out.”


Sorry Lily. I agree with the marauders this time.

“ Guess you can’t count on Sarah.” James said well laughing

"Whatever.” Lily said irritably.

Lily and James sat on the bed each lost in there own thoughts. Lily was wondering what could make Sarah agree with the marauders. James was thinking about how to get out of the room. Neither of them noticed when there dinner appeared. When James noticed the plates at the end of the bed he just took them and set them on the floor.

“ Oh no.” Lily said unexpectedly.


“ I have to go to the bathroom.”

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