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Nothings Fair in Love and War by FredWeasleysGF
Chapter 3 : Like someone from a dream.
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We emerged from Gringotts very ruffled looking, the carts had made everyone feel slightly woozy and I was full sure I would be sick.

I had nearly passed out when I had seen the amount of Gold, Sliver and Bronze coins my vault had contained and Mrs Weasley had had to persuade me not to take out too much.

"Right you lot", Mrs Weasley turned to look at us all "Arthur and I will get your spell books, Percy you take Ron and Ginny to the Apothecary store with you, and Fred and George take Carrie to Ollivanders to get a wand and take her to Eellyops to get a pet, oh and take her to Madame Malkins for robes, you two can have Bill and Charlies old ones".

This speech was followed by lots of groan and grunts most of which came from Percy "Oh mother, they will annoy me".

"Tough" snapped Mrs Weasley.

Percy gave one last look of frustration and roughly grabbed Ron and Ginnys hands "Well come on then, lets not dilly-dally".

Fred looked at them pityingly "Poor kids, well come on George, Carrie, time to get a move on"

"Here Mrs Weasley, the money for my books" I gave her some galleons and some sickles not entirely sure how much she would need "If you need more I can pay you later" and began to follow the twins down the busy street.

"If I find out you three have been anywhere near Knockturn Alley I will personally hand you to the dementors" Mrs Weasley shouted at our retreating backs.

"Wouldn't dream of it mother, have some faith!" Fred replied smirking slightly.

I wandered slightly behind, just a bit confused. George pulled me forward so I was in between them.


"Naturally, would you care to explain".

"Dementors guard the wizard prison, Azkaban , lot of nutters in there, most of them You-Know-Whos followers-" he was cut off by Fred.

"Don't be stupid of course she doesn't know who You-Know-Who is".

"Well then, oh mighty genius, explain it to her".

Fred gave George an annoyed look and turned to face me "Lord Voldemort", he shuddered and then continued "was the most feared wizard of all time, a murderer, he fell nine years ago because of Harry Potter, no one knows why".

"And Charlie and Bill are they......".

"Brothers of ours, yes, Bill is going into his last year, he is head boy, and Charlie is going into fifth year, he is Quidditch Captain".

He looked at my still confused face which I was failing to hide, "Oh yea, Quidditch is the wizard sport played on brooms, seven players to a team, we will show you when we get home, Charlie will explain it better than I can".

"So Lord Vol-" I started but was cut off by George.

"Don't say his name".

"Fred said it".

"He was just telling you so you would understand better".

"Sorry, so do you think he had anything to do with my........"

Fred spoke up "Your parents case was all over the newspapers, everyone believes it was You-Know-Whos followers that did it but no one ever found out, do you kn.........".

"Before you ask, I don't remember who it was, I remember everything else about that night, just not that".

"Do you remember them at all?"

"Bits and pieces but not that much, I don't see the point of dwelling on it, I believe in fate".

We walked in silence, until we came to Ollivanders, I thought it looked like a building no one really cared about it was so delapidated and old looking.

The bell tinkled announcing our arrival.

"Ah, Mr and Mr Weasley and oh............"

An old man with very grey hair stepped out from behind the numerous book cases making us all jump, he looked at me carefully with his sharp eyes I was sure he must be at least a hundred years old.

"I remember your parents coming in for their wands Miss Freeman, why they met for the first time in this very shop".

He continued to eye me carefully while he selected a wand from the top shelf.

"Holly, quite whippy contains two phoenix feathers, a very unique wand, go on give it a wave".

I waved it over my head, feeling a bit stupid but the most extraordinary thing happened, a stream of red fire emerged from the tip and encircled me before fading away.

Mr Ollivander looked just as confused "How"

"How is that strange?" Fred asked bluntly.

"Well you see, no wand ever produces flames, that would only happen if........."

"If What?"

Mr Ollivander quickly changed the subject and went about getting the twins their wands, after we payed he gave me one more look and muttered under his breath "Couldn't be... though she is the right age.... no definetly not...... and yet I wonder".

"Thank You" said George loudly grabbing my shoulders and steering me out of the shop, he shook his head "Mental that one".

We pressed on, getting robes, which looked really nice on, and a beautiful Tawny owl I decided to call Brandy, yet something was still bothering me.

"What do you suppose Ollivander was talking about".

"Haven't the foggiest" replied Fred "I swear he is going senile".

Walking back to the Leaky Cauldron, listening to Fred and George argue about how many Filibuster Fireworks they could fit in their trunks, I smacked straight into the back of someone.

Getting to my feet and retrieving Brandy's cage from the ground in which she was hooting loudly I muttered "Sorry".

The man turned, he had a pale face which was slightly obscured by long blonde hair and he wore a sneer "Watch where you are going....." His eyes narrowed suddenly.

I continued to glare back slightly annoyed that everyone insisted on staring at me today "It was an accident"

"Very sorry, Miss Freeman, my fault entirely" He gave a short bow and walked away slowly, pausing twice to look back over his shoulder as if to make sure I was really there.

"How did he know who I was?" I wondered aloud.

Fred answered "Everyone knows about your case, Lucius Malfoy will be one of many he was so poilte though, that was weird".

He looked at his watch "Come on we'll be late and Mum will think we've gone down Knockturn and believe me I wouldn't put it past her to send us to the dementors."

I couldn't help staring at where the man had stood, something about him had unnerved me and his name.... it was familiar somehow.......

"Oy, Carrie come on!!" yelled George.


It had been a weird day, first Ollivander had acted very strangely almost as if he was slightly afraid of me and then that man, Lucius , had been so polite and courteous, I felt like I had seen him before, like someone from a dream.

I quickly snapped out of my reverie and shook myself, I was being silly, carrying Brandy's cage under my arm I walked into the Leaky Cauldron completely overjoyed at all of my purchases.

Many miles away, Lucius Malfoy apparated right beside a tall, bulky man and whispered "It is true........ the prophecy has come true, I watched her in Ollivanders she is the one".

The other man gave a short laugh, "How time flies, well we finally found her, the one who will help us bring an end to Albus Dumbledore".

Lucius trembled, "She will be a great advantage, yet it is quite frightening to know what she will become".

The other man shook his head "Don't worry, if the prophecy is true, we will have no problem with her".

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