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Spiraling Guilt by FlameWolf3182
Chapter 15 : After Dinner Rendezvous
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Author's Note: Ok, sorry to everyone for the wait and problems. I kept screwing up with the validation. I don't know why I didn't fix the spacing the first time, but oh well. Hopefully this time it will be validated because I wasn't so dense with the formatting rule. Eh. Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter!

It had to be the worst for me
I don't know what to say so let me be
And now I find you left me behind
I don't know what to say so nevermind
~Breaking Benjamin: Simple Design

Ginny was walking alone to the Head’s Tower where she promised Hermione she would meet her five minutes before. Being the never tardy girl she was, Hermione stood patiently tapping her foot outside the portrait of Edela waiting for her.

“Sorry I’m late ‘Mione.” Ginny said when she stopped by her friend and got in step with her as they walked to breakfast.

“It’s alright, I’ve been up all night doing busy work, so relaxing a bit and waiting I suppose was good to start off my morning with.” Hermione said positively.

“Did you know that last night I was a bit excited for Malfoy to be coming back? It was odd really. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” Ginny felt a burning gaze on the side of her head, “Well what I mean is that I couldn’t wait for him to come back because you never smile as much when he isn’t around.” She clarified.

“I smile plenty. Draco isn’t the only thing that makes me happy.” Hermione said defensively, but suddenly became distracted. Ginny saw Draco walking into the Great Hall and made a half smile to her friend.

“Go...” She sighed. “I’ll catch up.”

“No, I can control myself.” Hermione said letting her chin up a notch. Ginny laughed at her at they quickly descended the last few stairs.

Since it was already Christmas Holiday, less than half of the Great Hall was filled. More Slytherins were absent than any other house, but that just meant it would be even easier to spot Draco for Hermione. He was alone at the very end of the table shuffling his eggs around until Blaise Zabini sat down next to him and struck up a conversation.

“Hey Herms, can I ask you something?” Ron asked turning to her once she and Ginny were seated.

“Sure Ron, but -” Screeches filled the Great Hall as early Christmas presents were delivered to the remaining students. A letter dropped onto Hermione’s empty plate as a large barn owl swooped over the Gryffindor table. Ignoring Ron and ripping the envelope open Hermione shouted, “Oh it’s from Zach!”

“He left only last night though. Ha, misses us already!” Harry joked knowing they all missed eachother very much.

“It says that he’s coming on our next Hogsmeade trip, that’s the weekend before classes start again.” Hermione continued reading and then her expression distorted to a frown. “Oh...he says not to send any letters...that if he wants a reply then the owl will stay.”

“Well atleast he wrote.” Ron said as she passed the letter around.

“So speaking of Hogsmeade...Hermione would -” Before Ron could finish, he was cut off again. Ginny elbowed Hermione in the side catching her attention from Ron’s question.

“He just left.” She whispered quiet enough that neither of the boys heard. Hermione smiled and dashed from the table.

“Bloody hell! Ginny stop doing that!” Ron shouted angered that she left before he could finish.

“Do what?”

“You know damn well what! Hermione just left before I could ask her to the next Hogsmeade weekend.” Ron grunted and stood from the table.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ginny asked suddenly standing in his way.

“After Hermione, I really need to ask her. I heard that Krum was going to and I have to beat him to it.” He said pushing her from his path and running after Hermione.


Once Zach had returned home with his father, all hell broke loose. His mother watched with cautious eyes from an arm chair in the corner as his father fumed with anger.

“I send you to that school so that you and your cousin will become closer! You both have been held on a high pedestal ever since conception! And now, Draco seems to be the only one that’s taking his destiny seriously!!” His father spat pacing around the large extravagantly decorated living room.

“But father, I -”

“No! You got into Gryffindor! You are a Hollinger, and that means you are a Slytherin, not a little lion cub that associates himself with Mudbloods, poor excuses of wizards, and of all people, Harry Potter himself.”

“They’re good people and I decided to be sorted into Gryffindor! I don’t want to be a bloody Slytherin, or a Death Eater for that matter!” Zach finally retaliated. His father finally had enough. His mother’s eyes widen seeing the wand flourish from under each pair of robes.

“You’ll follow in my foot steps as I have followed in my father’s.”

“There is no possible way I’ll ever agree to that. Go ahead and kiss Voldemort’s ass while I live a real life that I have chosen.” Zach turned his back not caring what his father would do when he was vulnerable.

Zach's father continued to burn holes into his son's back as he lowered his wand and placed it securely back into his robes. Zach heard the scrap of shoes against the floor and followed suit. Both walked out of the room leaving the mother wringing her hands in her lap deciding who to go after first.


Hermione was following the quickest route she knew to the Head’s Tower where Draco was most likely already waiting. “Sweetness.” She told Edela the password and was immediately granted access. Inside Draco was slumped over the couch anxious for her to arrive. When she stepped into the Common Room he jumped from the couch and practically ran to her.

“I missed you so much Hermione.” He whispered into her ear before picking her up and twirling her around in circles. He let her back down to the floor and kissed her hard on the lips.

“Just one kiss...?” She joked smiling. There it was, the trademark Malfoy smirk. Draco let his hands fall from her back causing him to smirk wider.

“Yes.” He said simply walking away.

“I can’t believe you’re just leaving me here.” Hermione turned and grabbed her bag from beside the fireplace. “Fine, I have some books to go over anyway.”

“Wait, where are you going?” Draco said hearing the portrait click open and ran after her.

“The library.”

“Oh no, you aren’t!” Draco wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him, kissing her right in the middle of the hallway. Hermione dropped her bag so that she could loop her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. He slipped his tongue into her mouth letting the familiar sweetness of her entrap him. She moved her hands down to his chest and tugged his shirt causing him to close out any possible space between them. The sound of numerous feet and loud conversations faintly began filling the hall.

“Ah breakfast is over, get back inside, go, get!” Hermione said pushing him away and toward the portrait and snatching her bag after.

They both fell into the portrait hole right before the students turned the corner to walk past the Head dorms.

“Don’t like to make a show, huh?” Draco laughed still on the ground with Hermione on top of him.

“You disgusting snake.” She said smacking his chest and got off of him, dusting imaginary dust from her jeans and sweatshirt.

“And you’re in love with me.” He sighed stretching on the floor and placing his hands behind his head.

“You’re unbelievable...”

“Exactly, and I already knew that, but thanks for the reminder.” Hermione rolled her eyes and carried her bag to her room with Draco quickly following behind her.

Draco jumped onto her bed before she could even drop her bag onto the desk in the corner.

“You know, my bed was most likely three times as much as this one, and yet it’s much more comfortable for a cheaper price...” Draco said stretching out.

“Get your dirty clothes off my clean sheets. You’ve been running around with Death Eaters the past two days and I don’t want you in my bed.” Hermione scolded standing at the foot of the bed with both hands planted on her hips.

“Fine.” He replied cheery and pulled his shirt off right in front of her. “I’ll be in the shower. Join me if you wish.”

“Show off.” She mumbled staring at his Quidditch built body.

“Yes, and you love me for it.” He stepped close enough to feel her hot breath on him.

“Perhaps...” She said trying to keep up her charade, but finding it extremely difficult.

“Do you want to know what else you love about me?” He asked in a low whisper after letting the silence do its work on her. Hermione crack a smile looking up expectantly into his gray eyes. Draco leaned down to her torturously slow and kissed her softly, but pulled away immediately. Hermione snaked her arm around his neck and roughly pulled him back down to her. He lifted her up and walked to the bathroom with her legs wrapped around his waist. He put her back onto the ground once they were in front of the pool sized bath. Blindly, Hermione felt for the faucet knobs and turned the water on causing the bathroom to fill with the smell of lilac and vanilla. Working quickly he was able to peel her clothes off along with the rest of his own leaving them both in only undergarments right when the water reached the perfect temperature. Draco traveled down her neck until he reached her collar bone where he stopped and flicked his tongue onto her hot skin. Suddenly a loud knocking sounded from Hermione’s room causing them both to snap back to reality.

“Who the hell...?” Draco growled walking into her room about to hex whoever interrupted them. Hermione grabbed his arm and yanked him back from the door knob.

“What do you think you’re doing? Get to your own room.” She hissed pushing him through the bathroom and then grabbing her maroon robe on her way back to the visitor. She opened the door and almost died of shock.

“V-Viktor!” Subconsciously she wrapped her robe tighter. She expected Ron, Harry or Ginny so she didn’t get dressed, but Viktor showing up at her room door was the last thing that came to her mind.

“Um, I wanted to ask you something.” He stuttered staring and gaping at her.

“Could you go down to the Common Room and I’ll meet you in a minute? So I can, erm, get some clothes on?” She asked suffocating her body in the robe.

“Oh, of course.” He said smiling and walking down the stairs.

Hermione hurried to the bathroom where her clothes were laying discarded.

“Who was it?” Draco asked walking back in to turn the water off.

“You aren’t going to like this...” She said taking the robe off and pulling on her pants and shirt. “It was Viktor, and he’s waiting for me in the Common Room now. Don’t you make that face at me!” She scolded seeing the frown on his face.

He interrupted us and is still here keeping us from continuing?!”

“Oh stop acting like you’re sexually starved.” She said and left the bathroom to speak with Viktor.

“Sorry that took so long. So what did you need to ask me?” Hermione said cheerfully walking over to the couch he was sitting on and joined him.

“It’s alright, I should be the one who’s sorry, coming at such a bad time.” Viktor said smiling with his cheeks flushed. ‘Hmm, I suppose he is a bit cute when he blushes... wait what!?’ “Anyway, I wished to ask if you would accompany me on the upcoming Hogsmeade trip.” Hermione’s mind went blank. She had no idea what to make as an excuse.

“I erm, well, you see, I have to, uh...” She stumbled not finding any excuse worthy.

“Just tell me that you will think about it, alright?” He asked hopefully, grabbing onto her hands.

“I, I’ll think about it...” She said forcing a fake smile.

“I will see you at dinner then.” He said happily standing up. She walked him to the portrait and waved goodbye.

Before she could make it back to the couch Draco was already out of his room and fuming.

“You’ll think about it??” He yelled. “You aren’t going anywhere with him.”

“Excuse me...I don’t remember asking you what I can and can’t do.” She said crossing her arms angrily. “And I never said I was going with him. I want to go with you, but we are both well aware that isn’t happening.”

“So you’re going with him?” He asked incredulously.

“No, he would most likely try and take me to Madame Puddifoot’s.” She said laying down on the couch.

“I would beat his bloody face in.” Draco said sitting down too and lifting her head into his lap. He ran his hand through her soft brown curls and sighed deeply. “You’re mine, I love you Hermione.”

“I love you too Draco.” She said sitting up and snuggling into his chest.

“Draco, over here, you just have to try these!” Draco glanced over to a beautiful young girl with flowing brown hair. The large black school robes she wore never did her perfect body justice. He walked up right behind her and circled an arm around her waist.

“Yes Hermione?” He asked resting his chin onto her shoulder.

“Try this, it’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful!” Hermione exclaimed breaking off a piece of white chocolate and reaching it into his mouth, the whole while smiling.

“Hmm, Honeyduke’s is certainly getting better each Hogsmeade trip.” Draco agreed lightly kissing her cheek. The whole time the couple had attracted much attention from their school mates, along with the customers that noticed the Slytherin robes so closely to the Gryffindor robes. “Enjoying the show?!” He rounded starring down each person in the store causing them to immediately return to their shopping.

“Draco, behave!” Hermione scolded softly. “Come on, it’s a bit crowded in here anyway.” She said grabbing his hand and leading him from the sweetly scented store.

“You’re unbelievable.” She mumbled seeing him glaring at more people.

“You say that a lot.” Draco replied smiling and wrapping her up in a kiss right in the middle of the busy little town street. He pulled away quickly feeling suddenly distracted by what was going on around him. The entire street fell deathly silent as the shoppers stopped to watch a tall cloaked man strut quickly down the middle of the cobblestone road. Draco turned and was met directly by a wand to his throat and startling eyes piercing into him. One eye was a cold blue and the other a threatening green.

“Shut up and give me the mudblood.” He demanded with his eyes flashing in anger and pain. “Now!” He shouted jamming his wand into Draco's throat. Hermione gripped tighter on Draco’s robes and tried to muffle the worried whimpers before they escaped.

“Go to hell.” Draco said firmly letting his arms pull Hermione tighter against his back for protection.

“She’ll destroy you, give her to me now and you will thank me later!” The hooded man yelled sounding almost desperate.

“It’s going to take a whole hell of a lot more of you to be able to take her from me.” He growled studying every feature of the intruder. He felt like he knew him, he seemed so familiar, yet a stranger all the same.

“Your love and passion will kill you both!” The hooded man continued. “There is no way that is going to happen again!”

The hooded figure disapparated with a loud crack. Draco turned to Hermione, but she was gone. Draco frantically searched the crowd, each person was talking and back to their business like nothing happened.

Draco woke to a smoldered fire and Hermione still clasped to his shirt and sleeping soundlessly. He sighed heavily and let his head flop backward onto the cushions of the couch. ‘Only a dream, only a dream...’ He repeated in his head occupying himself with running a shaking hand through Hermione’s silky curls. She gripped tighter onto his shirt as she slowly woke up from the slow movements against her head.

“Mmm... what time is it?” She asked not opening her eyes.

“I think dinner might be starting soon.” He guessed seeing the sky outside becoming darker every minute. She sighed and rolled over to look up into his face, but her smile faltered slightly and her brows knitted closely together.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I’m just enjoying the view.” He replied letting a genuine smile slip into place.

“What view? My make-up is probably all smudged and Merlin only knows what my hair looks like.” She said feeling a blush crept into her cheeks.

“I see no imperfections anywhere.”

“Alright I’m turning as red as Ron gets, let’s just go to dinner.” She said standing up and pulling Draco up from the couch also.

“I’m not sure if I’m that hungry.”

“Hmm, well that would be a shame, I was planning on finishing what you started earlier today in the hallway.” Hermione said mischievously.

“Then let’s go!” He said happily causing her to laugh. Draco loved her laugh, that infectious and perfectly pitched tone that just melted him completely. “You go first, I’ll follow in a minute.” Hermione agreed and left the Head’s tower with Draco far enough behind not to draw any attention.

Hermione sat down at the table next to Ginny not being able to smother the smile on her face.

“Hey Hermione, where have you been all day?” Ron asked drawing his attention to her.

“Erm, just in the Head’s Tower...”

“Really? I’ve been looking for you all day and I went there, but-”

“I swear I was there all day Ron.” Hermione said filling her plate. “Even ask Viktor if you don’t believe me, he stopped to see me.” She said not seeing the switching emotions playing on his face.

“Viktor!” Ron whispered to Harry once Hermione was busy talking to Neville about how to boost his Potions grade over the holiday.

“Relax, maybe she said no... he is a professor after all. Find her after dinner, you know, catch her alone and just ask.” Harry said.

“I just might pass out when I ask her...” Ron mumbled turning his attention to the half full mess on his plate.

Hermione looked up and saw Draco’s eyes boring into her. When they made eye contact she smirked and stood from the table slowly.

“I want to finish a book I checked out from the library, so I’ll see you all tomorrow at breakfast. Bye!” Hermione waved and sauntered from the Great Hall purposely moving her hips more knowing that only Draco was watching.

She hurried to an abandoned alcove and when she turned around he was already enveloping her in a strong embrace.

“You know... it’s extremely hard... to remain collected... in the Great Hall... when you’re swaying those bloody hips every which way.” Draco grumbled between kisses. Hermione smiled and pulled his lips back to hers silencing him. He pushed up hard against her as their tongues danced together and she gripped on his silky hair. Hermione felt so free and absolutely exhilarated being pressed against Draco and a stone wall without the privacy of the Head’s Tower. Draco let his hands travel from her waist to the buttons of her blouse pulling each apart allowing her skin to be exposed. He grabbed around her lower back and lifted her up to wrap her legs around his waist. Hermione automatically arched her back into his hand as he massaged her chest and ravished her neck with kisses and soft bites. He pushed against her again causing a quiet moan to reach his ears that only coaxed him on further.

“Draco...” Hermione whispered heavily. “Dinner is ending soon, if we get caught we’re going to be stripped of our badges.”

“Like I care?” He responded breaking from her neck and kissing her deeply, silencing her worrying. She didn’t give completely into the kiss, and was able to pull away and plant her feet back onto the ground.

“My room works much better Mr. Malfoy.” She reasoned smirking and kissed him roughly automatically making him agree with her.

Someone stormed from the entrance of the alcove as the two secret lovers broke apart and straightened their clothes making themselves presentable again. Ocean blue eyes flashed furiously as obscenities escaped his lips lowly. “There is no way in bloody hell that just happened.” He whispered to himself clenching his fists as he walked from the scene.

Author's Note: Alright some drama has finally been thrown into the mix! also there are only going to be 20 chapters to this story plus a nice epilogue. SO that means only 5 more chapters left until the end! please tell me what you think, I LOVE reading everyone's opinions of my stories!!!

Preview to Chpt 16!
“Yes, there is something important that your father and I have kept from you. Come, sit down with me.” She linked arms with him and led him to the small bistro table out on the kitchen porch. “You’ve grown so much, you know that? I remember when you where as tall as my waist. Now look at you, taller than your own mum.” Zach hated when she did this. When she spoke of his younger years, there was always something horrible continuing it.

“Please, just get to the point.” Zach mumbled as he sat his mother down and seated himself across from her.

“There was a reason why we sent you to Hogwarts this year. The Dark Lord, he had a plan for you and your cousin. . ."

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