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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 1 : Favorite Midget
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"Look its our favorite know it all midget!" someone said from the door of the compartment. The girl, Lilly Dillamond, looked up, seeing George and Fred Weasley. They both had their flaming red hair messily toosed around, wearing their homemade sweaters from their mothers, and their trademark smirk on their face.

She stood up. "Over the summer, I did grow a couple inches." she said. Closing her book, she put it down on the seat next to her. "Need a seat?" They nodded. She led her hand to flow through the air indicating all the empty seats. They smiled even more, and put their trunks next to her.

"So, hows summer been for you Lil?" Fred asked, once the two had settled their things in. Lilly looked at them. She then pushed her black rectangular glasses up, and tugged on her ponytail. She looked at them again.

Lilly Dillamond was a book obsessed girl. She read quite frequently, and always had a book in her hand. Being the bookworm, no one would even suggest that she was good at sports. But she really was good at quidditch. She could play all positions, but she was an excellent Seeker. She was really into the sports teams, and although she could play the best, she really didn't like playing in public... or anywhere people could watch... or atleast recognize her face. She had brown hair that was always in a ponytail, or braids or something, and she had glasses. She didn't really need them, more only for reading, but as said, she read a lot. She wore primarily white or black sweaters, and plain black pants. She did have a lot of t-shirts, and normal clothes, but she never wore them. Only when she went to Hogsmeade, which she wore under the jackets she never took off, and when she was at home.

"Summer... Egh... I saw Wood walking down the street, and could that make my summer even worst!" Lilly sighed, leaning against the side of the compartment, spreading out onto the entire seat.

"Did I hear my name?" Oliver Wood said, then making it time to make his dramatic entrance into the compartment.

"Don't tell me you are sitting here..." Lilly groaned. Oliver then nodded eagerly. Lilly shook her head and sighed again.

"You know Wood isn't that bad..." George said.

"THANK YOU!" Oliver said.

"Yeah he is... obnoxious." Fred said.

"and selfish." George continued.

"and vengeful."

"and bitter."

"and jealous."

"and a bad sportsman."

"and angry."

"and self-obsorbed."

"AND SHUT UP!" Oliver then shouted, stopping the train of insults. Lilly stifled a giggle at George and Freds nice little chain. They could always make her laugh.

"Why don't you like me Lil?" Oliver asked after he had settled in. Lilly rolled her eyes.

"Uh-Oh Fred... She's going to explode..." George mumbled to his brother at his side. They looked at each other.

"Don't you dare call me Lil. Only my friends can call me that, and you are not one of them. And why do I hate you? WHY? WHY? How many times can I say it? I just do!" Lilly shouted, tossing her book back onto the chair. "God."

Oliver now knew it wasn't the safest to start talking to Lilly so he went to talk to George and Fred. "Isn't quidditch ever the best?" he said eagerly.

After Oliver's ranting about quidditch, Fred was bored. He wanted some drama. So he turned to Lilly, and asked, "What do you think Lil?" George smile mischieviously.

"Yaddy Yaddy Yah... Goodness Knows, Yeah, go Puddlemere for beating the Chudley Cannons, it sucked this year." Lilly said sarcastically. Everyone knew how much Oliver loved the Chudley Cannons, so this made him snapped.


"Until uh, Puddlemere dummy." Lilly replied. She then put on her headphones and started to read. With Panic at the Disco playing into her ears, everything for her was silenced. This was going to be a long ride.

"Oh my goodness Lilly! You look so cute!" Lilly's friends, Angelina and Alicia, who were both on the quidditch team, cried, running up to her. They then looked past her, and saw George and Fred, and blushed a scarlet. "Um... hi George." Angelina said. "Hi Fred." said Alicia.

George turned an equally pink, and replied embarrassedly, "Uh... Hi Angelina." Angelina then turned around, and looked at Lilly.

She started to whisper into Lilly's ear, "Oh my gosh, he's turned so cute!" Lilly laughed.

"Of course! You have been having a crush on each other for I think... like since the 2nd year when the both of you got onto the quidditch team! You are so cute together! You too Alicia!" Lilly laughed. She then turned around to George and Fred, and winked. They gave her a thumbs up in the direction of Angelina and Alicia, and she nodded.

As soon as the opening meal was eaten, Lilly Dillamond, being a prefect, hastened her pace, and dashed to direct the finished 1st years. "Okay children!!! The password is Bitterroot. The password changes every week, and the prefects will make only one announcement in the common room to tell you what it is. If you need it, ask a fellow student, or one of the prefects. Get that? Bitter Root." After her speech infront of the portrait, the portrait door swung up, and she walked in.

As she walked in, she heard some first years whispering, "How pushy... What a geek." Rather than turning around and slapping them like she felt like, she rather just looked at them, and smiled mockingly. Then, she walked into the girls dorm.

"Oh, yeah... You guys can't go into the girls dorm, but the girls can go into yours. And what happens if a guy tries? The stairs become a slide. Wood? Care to demonstrate?" Lilly really just wanted to see him hurt, and was surprised that he responded.

"Of course my dove. Watch!" he said, with a mock bow, he ran up about half the stairs, and the stairs immediately turned into a slide. He slid down to her feet. "Hey Lilly." Lilly shook her head, and walked into the now stairs.

She then stopped and looked back at Wood. "Thanks... idiot." She then cracked a smile, and walked into the room.

After taking a hasty shower, and changing into her pajamas, Lilly went into the common room, and curled up on the couch next to the one where the twins and Oliver sat, playing a game of magical chess. She opened her magazine, Where Are Thou My Love! Wood looked at her magazine, and snatched it out of her hands.

"Wood! Give me my magazine back! Please! It's private!" Lilly begged softly. "Please Wood!" Oliver looked shock when lilly actually said please to him.

He looked at the magazine. The page that Lilly was reading was a quiz titled, Your Perfect Soul Mate. Oliver looked at all the circled answers and he read out her result. "You are a calm quiet girl, but you harbor some hobbies that may surprise everyone!. KINKY!!! You're soulmate is someone who's character you totally despise, yet for some reason you are attracted to only them. Don't be afraid of them, because that may just make them afraid of you!" He chortled loudly, and then added, "Who is this dream man of yours Lilly!?!"

"For goodness sakes! My dream man is Marcus Flint! I just love his toothy smile, and disgusting habits!" Lilly said sarcastically, and sighed in delight.

"Oh my Lilly darling! Don't be like that when you have Oliver here for you! Thats disgusting by the way!" George said to Lilly, scrunching his face.

Fred nodded. "You know what? Oliver, lets see you're perfect soulmate."

Oliver laughed, and circled all his answers in a red pen that was laying around. He looked at the paper and laughed maniacally. "You are often an outspoken and confident person, but inside you are nervous and awkward around the person you love. And you know that the person you love is just a person thats totally opposite than you. Quiet, sometimes sarcastic, and keeps everything to themselves. How stupid is that."

When he said that, she snatched the paper back, and continued reading.

AN >>EDIT : Okay, well, Ive been getting some complaints that I keep spelling Wood, Woods. I've fixed it so that it doesnt annoy the readers anymore!

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