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Remus and Her by LiveEvil
Chapter 1 : Remus and Her
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Chapter 1
Sirius's quistion
“Moony! Oy’ Moony!” someone called across Kings Cross Station. Remus Lupin, looked around wildly for his three best friends. Then he saw them. Peter Pettigrew, a short, rather plump boy, with watery blue eyes, Sirius Black, with dark eyes and dark hair that fell with elegance into his eyes, and then there was James Potter, also tall, with stubborn untidy hair, that he ruffled up continuously, with hazel eyes and black, round frame glasses, sitting on the train. He smiled at his friends.
“Hey,” he said, getting unto the train into their own compartment, and sitting down with them. “So, how was your summer?”

“Okay, I guess,” James, sighed.
“What, Evans still not answering your pitiful love letters?” Sirius asked. They all laughed, all except James.
“Hardy, Hard, really funny, but yes, she still wont answer them,” he said.
“Oh, that’s so sad, I think I need a hankie,” Sirius mocked. James sneered.
“You watch, she will be mine, oh yes…” James trailed off.
“So, Padfoot, you into anyone?” Peter asked shrilly. Sirius smirked.
“Eh, still living and loving the single life, but there is this one girl…” Remus, James and Peter all looked at him eagerly.
“Well, who?” Remus asked.
“Courtney Ashly,” he sighed. The three’s jaws dropped.
“No way,” they all said.
“You think she likes you?” James asked.
“What girl doesn’t?” Sirius said. “Yeah, I’m thinking of asking her out, I mean, she’s perfect. Smart, funny, rebellious, single, with straight, fiery red hair and most of all, she’s got these gorgeous eyes, electric blue with specks of silver,” he sighed. “We were meant to be and that’s that.”

“Okay,” Remus said. “Hope you get her, without embarrassing yourself,” he laughed. However, the truth was, ever since his first day of Hogwarts, when he had first met Courtney, (she had needed a seat and shared with him,) he had never wanted more then to share that compartment with her forever. He smiled to himself.
“What’s up with you Moony?” James asked. Remus shook his head.
“Nothing, just, nothing,” he sighed.
“Ah, what is it?” Sirius asked.
“It’s nothing, it’s, it’s, er, O. L. W’s there coming up aren’t they?” they all stared at him.
“Mate, er, that was last year, anyway’s how did you do…”

“Ah, it’s good to be back again,” James said, stepping off the train into the cool, crisp night air.
“You said it Prongs,” Sirius said. “So, when should I ask Ashly out?”
“How about now?” Peter asked. Remus, Sirius and James turned around and saw Lily and Courtney coming towards them. Lily suddenly wore a scowl, and Courtney bit her bottom lip. Remus smiled. She was so cute when she did that.
“Boy, Evans sure looks happy to see you,” Sirius muttered sarcastically.
“Shut it” James muttered back. “Hello Evans,” James said putting his hands behind his back. Her eyes narrowed.
“Hello Potter,” she sneered. Then started to walk away.
“Wait, Evans,” James called. She turned back.
“What?” she snapped. “If your asking me out the answer is still no!”
“It’s not-oh, wait, yeah it is,” James said smirking.
“Uh, you are so immature,” she said.
“Yeah, but you know you love me,” James said.

“Pssh, yeah right. Come on Courtney,” she said, glaring at James, no one answered. “Courtney?” she looked around. Sirius and her were having a silent conversation, Sirius smiling his arrogant smile, and Courtney, smirking up at him.
“Courtney,” Lily said impatiently.
“Oh, coming Lil,” she said, turning away from Sirius, with a slight nod. The four boys watched as they joined two of their friends in a carriage.
“So, what were you and, her talking about?” Remus asked.
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Sirius said slyly.
“Aw, come on Padfoot, tell us,” said James.
“Hmm, maybe later,” he said, as they jumped into a carriage that immediately took off after the door closed.
“Did you ask her?” Peter asked.
“I asked her if she wanted to take a walk with me around the Grounds,” said Sirius.
“Well, what did she say?” James asked. Remus swallowed.
“She said she’d love to,” Sirius said
“Really?” Remus asked.
“So, when are you going to take her?” James asked.
“Soon as we don’t have much homework,” He said as the carriage slowed to a stop. They all hoped out, except Peter, who tried but stumbled and fell face first into the moist grass. “Smooth, Wormtail, real smooth,” James laughed out.
They all walked up the stone steps laughing, Peter chuckling apprehensively. They went into the Great Hall and sat down together. Sirius kept throwing winks at Courtney, who kept giggling. Remus was in a pool of depression throughout the whole Sorting ceremony, but his friends just thought it was the approaching full moon. After the Sorting, there was a delicious feast. Remus watched as Courtney threw grapes into Sirius’s mouth. Lily looked ticked.

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