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Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial by Staff
Chapter 1 : Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial
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Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

Student/Teacher relationships are not accepted on this site – No Exceptions. This is true REGARDLESS of the age of the parties involved (i.e., even if both parties are of age). The definition of a teacher in such circumstances extends to include any person in a position of authority over a student. This could include professors, coaches, student-teachers, and any other member of staff at the school. School is (in many real life cases) compulsory for students and therefore any relationships between students and teachers could be considered coercive. This is why they are prohibited regardless of the age of the parties, the position the teacher holds, or the extent of the romantic relationship.

The following is an example of a story containing references to a student having an innocent crush on a teacher that would be acceptable for validation. Such stories are acceptable as long as there is no indication that the teacher returns the student's affection. Also, should the student pursue said crush or should the story move into graphic (or even semi-graphic) fantasies involving the teacher, the story would be rejected.

If you have questions regarding your particular story, please contact the staff directly via the forums, email, or our trouble ticket system. Questions posted as reviews to this story will not be answered.

Stealing a last glance out the window of your empty compartment, you let your waving hand drop to your side apprehensively. This was it. The journey you’d been waiting to take for as long as you could remember – your first day at Hogwarts. You had looked forward to it for months but, as you watched the patterns the billowing smoke left in the sky, a strange feeling set into the pit of your stomach.

What if it wasn’t all that you’d expected it to be? More importantly, what if you weren’t able to handle it?

Taking a deep breath you slid onto the bench and let your head rest against the cool window. Suddenly, the prospect seemed dizzying.

“Hello Ginny,” a voice said brightly from the doorway. Hermione Granger, one of Ron’s friends, was letting herself into your compartment, already wearing her Hogwarts robes and dragging her trunk behind her. The smile faded from her face as you straightened to look at her. “Are you feeling well?”

“It’s nothing,” you lied. “I’ve just never been on a train before. Only a bit of Floo Flu, I think.” You’d met Hermione once before – when you were in Diagon Alley buying your school supplies – and she was nice enough, but you couldn’t bear the thought of what she might say to Ron, or worse – to Harry, if you told her you were nervous about silly things like the Sorting Ceremony or meeting your classmates. She seemed friendly, but it was not a risk you were willing to take. If she did tell Harry… well, he already thought of you as just Ron’s kid sister, no need to give him anymore to take him down that train of thought.

“Do you mind if I sit for a while?” she asked, making a pointless effort to conceal her continued concern. Nevertheless, you shook your head and waved her toward the seat across from you, it wasn’t like she was actually Harry, after all, you could deal talking to Hermione. “I’ve been up and down the train looking for Ron and Harry and can’t find either of them. I’m sure they’ve been fighting with Draco Malfoy again. Honestly, we’re not even at Hogwarts yet, and they’re already getting into trouble.”

“I’m sure they’ll turn up,” you said, not really sure why you were saying it, but feeling a small flicker of amusement at the other girl’s words. You’d chosen the empty compartment on purpose but having Hermione there now was making you feel a little less sick. “Have you read any of the Lockhart books?” you asked, searching around for a topic, and your eyes landing on the book you had taken out of your trunk to try to settle yourself on the train, but been too nervous to even start reading.

To your surprise, Hermione blushed.

“I’ve read them all through once and I’m just starting over again with Magical Me. It’s so unbelievable that we’re going to get such well-accomplished man for our Professor,” she said, her eyes alight with anticipation. She’d begun to fiddle with the hem of her robes and the crimson in her cheeks wasn’t fading. Instead, it seemed to be getting worse – almost as badly as you blushed this morning when Harry and Ron caught you in the hall still wearing your night-dress. Just another event to add to the growing list of the ways you’d managed to embarrass yourself in front of Harry, you thought bleakly, but quickly pulled your attention back to this interesting development with Hermione.

“And he’s a five time winner of Witch Weekly’s Best Smile Award,” you added with a slight wink, feeling more comfortable by the moment, and having just about forgotten your earlier worries about school. You felt an unexpected affinity with the older girl just then.

“Well,” Hermione blushed still more, “he is quite handsome, but he’s also a very impressive wizard. I was reading Voyages with Vampires just the other day, and the way he dealt with that…” Hermione broke off as she caught sight of your amused expression, a smile playing around your mouth. “Oh, all right, but don’t laugh. He’s my Professor! I shouldn’t care about his smile or his eyes – did you see his eyes in Flourish and Blotts? Oh, don’t laugh!”

You struggled not to giggle as the redness crept back into her hair. Laughing at your only friend – could you call her a friend? – seemed like a bad idea, but the teasing seemed natural. “Don’t worry, Mum finds him quite fetching as well.”

“And you don’t?” Hermione asked, eyebrow raised and trying to regain herself.

It was your turn to blush, and vividly, not because you had a crush on your soon-to-be Professor, but because you had a crush on your brother’s best friend, and Hermione seemed to know it. Well, you could hardly blame her veiled suggestion when you’d just been gently mocking her own, but still you were caught by surprise. You were about to stammer something by way of response, but the raucous voices of Fred and George drifted into your compartment and Hermione snapped her mouth shut, looking awkward. Fred and George did not seem to notice that they had stepped into a conversation they were not welcome in.

“Ginny – have you seen Ron and Harry? They didn’t get on with us and they’re not in with the Prefects – we thought they’d gotten into some sort of trouble,” George started.

“Good lads,” Fred interjected.

“Quite so, Fred.” George replied, turning to his brother. “But we’re looking for Ron. We’ve just learned a great new spell and we’d like someone to give it a go on, but we can’t find any Slytherins alone.”

“They seem to know we’re up to something, George.”

“Indeed, I think they do, Fred,”

You rolled your eyes, but the somewhat frenzied expression Hermione had taken on caught you away from them.

“I thought they would be with the Prefects for certain,” she muttered distractedly, getting to her feet and abandoning her copy of Magical Me. “I don’t think they ever got on the –“ she started, but let her words trail off as she made her way down the hall, absentmindedly pushing Fred and George out of the way.

“Odd one, that girl,” Fred said to George before smiling at you and disappearing in the opposite direction. You watched them all go a little sadly, but repressed the feeling of nervousness that threatened to rise again. You glanced around the compartment, and moved to pick up the book Hermione had left behind. Closing the compartment door, you decided it was about time you got changed into your robes as you knew you were nearing Hogwarts. You tucked the book next to your own that you still had out, determining to return it to Hermione once you reached the school; you had a feeling she would not have been happy to lose it. You grinned at the thought, taking out your robes and feeling that perhaps you were ready to face to face the coming year, after all.

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