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The Birth Of A Hero by TyrannicFeenix
Chapter 4 : Friends
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Chapter 4 – Friends.

The next day Lord Hufflepuff was roused by a young servant named Jessica. She informed him that the tasks that he had set had all been completed and that breakfast was ready whenever he would like it. Alexandria had already had breakfast and was waiting for him in the bedroom in which the Gryffindors now lay.

He quickly dressed and briskly walked down to the bedroom of last night’s tragedy. When he arrived Alexandria was by the bed holding Jennifer’s hand.

She looked up as he walked over to her side. He could see the lines running down her cheek where the tears had left traces of their sorrowful journey.

As he sat beside her she turned back to look at the bodies and began to cry again.

“I can’t believe that she is gone,” sobbed Alexandria “she was my best friend and now she is dead.” She wrapped her arms around him as she wept with grief.

He pulled her close to him and simply sat there, holding her deeply in the warmth of his arms. They just sat there together as Alexandria slowly came to terms with her loss.

After several hours, she finally finished crying over the Gryffindors. Max gently lifted her from her seat and directed her slowly from the room. She was

completely oblivious to where they were going until they arrived in the room opposite the baby’s room.

“Max what are we doing in here?” Alexandria enquired because with the shades closed she could not see the small figure lying in the crib.

“We are here so that you can honour the wishes of your friend.”

He directed her towards the crib and once her eyes adjusted she gasped with surprise. Lying in the crib looking up at her with nothing more than curiosity was the son of her dear and now departed friend.

“What is his name dear?” She asked almost forgetting the two bodies over which she had just spent hours crying.

“Godric.” He replied simply.

She reached down and gently lifted him from the crib; he simply lay in her arms eyeing her figure as if taking her in and began to giggle slightly. At this she nearly dropped him because suddenly the baby had begun kicking.

Seeing that something was bothering Alexandria Godric stopped giggling until she regained her composure at which he again began to laugh. Again the kicking started as soon as the laughter, however this time Alexandria was ready.

“Dear, I think that they like each other.” She told her husband.

He suddenly eyed her warily, “what do you mean dear?”

“Everytime that Godric here laughs the baby starts to kick.” She gently sat in a chair in the corner and sat Godric over her stomach. As soon as he touched the surface the kicking started again and Godric sat there just feeling the young foetus kick.

“That’s our child Godric, and I think that they like you.” At this he simply looked up at her and smiled before gently curling up in her arms and drifting off to sleep.


Fifteen years later Godric had grown into a rather adventurous young boy. He had grown quite tall, and had a nice head of wavy blonde hair. His eyes had now settled and were a vivid blue. The marks on his hands had almost completely vanished and he had a rather well developed body due to all the mischief he got up to. He was far too much trouble for one nanny to keep up with; however on this particular day he had gotten away from both of his keepers and escaped outside.

As soon as he took the necessary hidden tunnel out of the castle, as he seemed to have located them all, he immediately went to the big oak. As soon as he got there he was greeted by a rather tall and pretty young girl with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

Helga, who was several months younger than Godric, greeted him by giving him a big hug, before they scampered off towards the stables. They spent a lot of time outside together for they were the best friends that you had ever seen.

However when they arrived at the stables they found it to be even busier than usual. This puzzled the both of them because usually the stables were only busy when guests were due, but they knew of no guests coming to stay in the next few weeks.

“Maybe we should go inside and ask my father what is going on.” Suggested Helga.

“No. It was harder getting away from Jessica and Louise today. If I go back inside I probably won’t get back out. Besides it will be more fun to find out ourselves.” He stated with a large grin playing across his face.

With that he slipped under the horse to his right, without waiting for the usual objection from Helga. He crept over towards the group of people rushing about. He quickly spotted George, the stable head. Gradually he came into earshot of the large man bossing everyone around in a rather stressed fashion.

“Come on people! At this rate we will never be ready for them. They are due to arrive in a few minutes. Aaron. I thought I told you to put Princess back into her…” His voice trailed off as he walked further from Godric.

The young boy was unfazed by this though. He knew everything that he needed. Guests were arriving and soon. He quickly made his way back over to Helga without being seen.

“Quick follow me,” he said pulling Helga along behind him as he headed for the main courtyard several hundred metres away. As they rounded the courtyard wall they saw a carriage with four beautiful white horses pulling it approach the front of the castle. They quickly hid behind a nearby tree which hid them from the castle doors where Lord and Lady Hufflepuff now stood while still giving them a good view of the carriage doors.

The driver of the carriage climbed off as it came to a halt and opened the doors. Godric then leaned out too far trying to see into the carriage and Helga’s dad spotted them and called both Godric and Helga over.

Once they reached the castle doors Lord Hufflepuff said “Godric, Helga, these people are going to be staying for a few days. This is King John,” a tall man with a strange ring on his head climbed from the carriage followed by a beautiful woman also wearing a strange ring on her head, “Queen Maeve and their daughter, Rowena.” Godric was struck dumb as the most beautiful girl he had ever seen climbed from the carriage. She was slightly taller than Helga and had gorgeous long black hair and vivid green eyes. She wore a long blue dress and had a small silver ring in her hair like the other two figures.

“Pleased to meet you.” she said, and then giggled as Godric simply stood there, too in awe to even speak.

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The Birth Of A Hero: Friends


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