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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 8 : Ownership
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A/N: to those people who thought Ginny was going to the dark side... she's not, she's just watching her back, and the best way for her to stay alive is to play along and not rub dear voldy the wrong way, so on wiht the story...

Chapter 8

Ginny stood there, she didn’t know what she looked like, she hadn’t seen a mirror since she was at the Burrow, at Home. A tear leaked down her face as she thought about it.


“Dear, Dear,” said a voice behind her, “we can’t have tears, now, can we.” Ginny turned to face the voice, and found herself staring into Voldemort’s Red eyes. “Here.” He handed her a tissue. And she wiped the tears from her eyes with it.

“Thank you My Lord.”

“That’s better, but you still look sad. Do you need a cheering charm?”

“No thank you My Lord, I will be fine.”

“Good. It’s time.” She looked at him. “Take a hold of my sleeve.” Ginny did as she was told.


She found herself in a small chamber.

“Stay here.” Said Voldemort. She let go of his sleeve, and he walked out of the room.

She waited, and waited, and waited. Finally the door opened, but it was not Voldemort who stepped in. It was Peter Pettigrew. He looked at her and smiled evilly.

“You are to accompany me,” He said slyly. Ginny said nothing. He held out an arm. Ginny did nothing. “Do as I say!” he said harshly whipping out his wand and pointing it at her.

“I am afraid I am not able to follow your orders Master. My Lord commanded me to stay here, and as he has not told me different if I leave the room I will be defying him. An act punishable by death.” She said calmly.

Pettigrew swore loudly and stormed out of the room.

Once again she waited, and waited. The door opened again. This time it was Voldemort.

“You will accompany the next death eater I send in,” he said.

“Yes My Lord.” She replied quietly.

He left.

She waited, and waited. The door opened again. This time it was Draco Malfoy.

“Come, Weasel.” He said holding out his arm.

“Yes Master.” She said taking it.

“I like the sound of that.” He said.

“Like the sound of what?” she asked as politely as she could manage.

“Master.” He said softly, and led her out the door into a large room full of people in black cloaks, but there were no hoods or masks. Hadn’t they realised their mistake? When she was rescued she would be able to tell them the name of every person she saw.

“Don’t worry,” whispered Malfoy in her ear “We know what we’re doing, we know that you won’t be rescued.”

“How did you…?”

“Let me introduce you to the Second greatest Legilimens in The Dark Lord’s service.” He said, “Me.”

“You, Master?”

“Yes, now come Weasel, the Dark Lord Requests your presence.”

“Does he now, Master?”

“Yes, this way.” Malfoy led her to the end of the room, where she saw Voldemort sitting on a Black throne, with Nagini draped around the back of it. “My Lord. She is here.” Said Malfoy kneeling in front of Voldemort.

“Well done Draco, you may rise.” He paused and looked at Ginny. “Did he get out his wand?”

“No My Lord.”

“Did Peter Pettigrew?”

“Yes My Lord.”

“Whoever takes you home tonight will have to be aware of that, why did you not respond when Pettigrew threatened you with a wand?”

“No offence to him, but Master Pettigrew is a coward, he would not have harmed me without your permission and I told him that if I went with him I would be defying your orders, an act punishable by death.” She said “I did not go, even though I am not afraid of death, your wrath deserves more fear than his.”

“I see. Bella, Find Pettigrew, bring him to me.” Bellatrix Lestrange left. “He has lied to me for the last time.”

“No offence My Lord, but being such a wonderful Legilimens did you not see that he was lying to you?”

“Of course I did, but his treacherous mind is very complicated, I needed my suspicions to be confirmed.”

“I see my Lord.” She said.

“Stand by my side, observe the room.” She did as she was told. “Tell me what you see.” He said

“I’m sorry My Lord, I do not understand the request.” She said.

“Observe and tell me what you see.”

“Wizards and Witches in cloaks.”

“What are they doing?”

“Talking, showing off.” She paused “My Lord, how do this many people work in secret and not be discovered?”

“Every person in here leads a double life, unless they have been exposed as Bella has, there are their real selves when with me, but when faced with the real world they put on their true mask.” He said. “Now be silent, Mistress Lestrange approaches with our Master Pettigrew.”

Pettigrew and Bellatrix knelt at Voldemort’s feet.

“Rise, Bella.” She rose and moved to the side. “Your Master appreciates this.”

“Thank you My Lord.” She said quietly

“Peter, Peter, why do you lie Peter?”

“I know not what you mean My Lord.” He said in his squeaky voice.

“Don’t you? I think you do. You have lied to me time after time, and I have given you many chances due to the information you gave me over sixteen years ago, I let you repay your missed services, but you have lied to me once to often. You drew your wand on a prisoner when you had been specifically told not to.”

“My Lord I… she was defiant… she refused…”

“She has not broken any of the rules I laid out for her. She has not forgotten to call a death eater Master, or Mistress,” he said nodding in Bella’s direction. “And she has certainly not forgotten to call me Lord. Nor has she neglected a duty. She did as she was told and stayed where she was. You on the other hand…”

“Please My Lord, I’ll do anything…”

“You have done anything on a number of occasions. I strip you of your rank, you are to be escorted to a training camp, where you will restart your training as a death eater.”

“No, My Lord, please, don’t send me back there.”

“You were warned, you were cautioned, and you have now been sentenced. Crabbe, Goyle!” the two blundered forward. “Remove trainee Pettigrew from my sight, take him to camp, four.” He said evilly

“Of course My Lord,” they said together.

“No, please Master, Kill, me but don’t send me back there! Have Mercy I’ll do anything, anything!” Pettigrew screamed “No! No, let me go, have mercy, kill me please!”

“Silence Vermin!” Voldemort screamed, “you are ruining the party, accept you fate with good grace.”

Pettigrew fell silent and was dragged out of the room.

“Carry on with your business, my Death Eaters, It is not time yet, we have another half-hour I believe.” Bella nodded in conformation. The volume of talking increased slowly until it was back where it had been before Pettigrew had started screaming for Mercy.

“You have a question?” Voldemort said to Ginny

“Yes my Lord.” She said, “Why is Master Pettigrew…”

“He is no longer a death eater.”

“Sorry, why is Pettigrew so afraid of camp four?”

“Camp four is where he was sent originally, he had certain encounters with his trainer that he wishes to forget. He was sent there because unless he shows true loyalty to me he will have his memory wiped and eventually be turned over to the ministry. The things he wishes to forget will haunt him through his memory loss, and his retraining, sparking new loyalty to his Lord and Master.”

“I see.”

“Do you?”

“I think I do anyway.” She replied

“Well it doesn’t matter if you do or not, you will never have to experience it. Unless you wish to join us…”

“No My Lord. I couldn’t betray my family, not like that.” She replied

“You are loyal to your cause, that I will grant you, but think of the opportunities in store if you were to turn.”

“My Lord, I cannot. I detest the dark arts in every way possible, they robbed me of people who are very dear to someone who loves me and I would love to have been grandparents of my children.”

“I understand, as much as I can without knowing or wanting love.” He paused. “I have no further wish of conversation, you will stand in silence.”

“Yes my Lord.” And Ginny stood in silence, waiting to find out what her fate would be, for the next 25 minutes.

*~ ~*

“My Loyal Death Eaters.” Said Voldemort loudly as he stood up “Welcome to this years annual ball, this year I have a special prize for the winner of the ‘Death Eater with the most thirst to prove them self’ award. This,” he said pointing at Ginny. “Harry Potter’s girlfriend, who will be hidden in your home until further notice.” There was a murmur from the crowd, weather of excitement or disgust it was hard to tell, but when Voldemort held up his hand all was silent. “As you know we have a great many prises to award. First, the award for ‘most secretive death eater.’ Which for once I am afraid to say, does not go to Severus Snape, who was unfortunately exposed this year. So the award goes to… Fenrir Greyback.” There was loud applause and Greyback wandered up to Voldemort to collect his prize (an invisibility cloak) “Next the prize for…” Voldemort went on in this vain for some time, Ginny wasn’t listening, but looking round at all the faces, trying to memorise each and every one. “And last but by no means least. The award for ‘Death eater with the most thirst to prove them self. Which goes to Draco Malfoy, who not only wanted to prove himself, but managed it too.” Draco Malfoy pushed his way to the platform on which Voldemort stood, where he received an Invisibility cloak, and assurances that Ginny would be ready for him to take with him when the party was over. He smirked, and moved aside for Voldemort to make his final speech, at the end of which he told the death eaters that they were free to go or stay and carry on socialising. The noise in the hall increased again and Ginny saw Voldemort conversing quietly with Bellatrix Lestrange. When Voldemort leaned away she nodded curtly then came over to Ginny.

“The Dark Lord has instructed me to get you ready for Departure to Malfoy Manor.”

“Has he mistress?”

“He has, now follow me.”

Ginny glanced over at Voldemort who was now talking to Draco, who both looked in her direction at that moment, and the Former nodded. So Ginny Followed Bellatrix through the crowd and into a long corridor, then right into a small room, containing a sink, mirror and wardrobe. Bellatrix walked over to the sink and opened the cupboard underneath it. She pulled out a hairbrush, black schrunchy flannel, soap, and towel.

“Use them. You need it.”

Ginny walked over to the mirror and closed her eyes as she stepped in front of it. She took a deep steadying breath and opened her eyes. She hardly recognised herself, her hair was almost black from dirt, her skin was tinged brown and she had bruises all over her arms, face, and even her neck from when Voldemort had pinned her against the wall. Her wrists were red and looked sore from the manacles that had exploded round her wrists. She looked as though she should be aching all over with the pain from the bruises, rubbing her wrists, to try and shift the soreness, but she couldn’t feel any of it. It was as though she was numb from cold, but then the feeling came back, her wrists began to tingle, and her muscles began to ache.

“The Dark Lord suggests a bath, to ease the pain.” Said Bella as she flicked her wand and a bath of steamy water appeared in front of Ginny.

“How long do I have Mistress?”

“The Party should end in about an hour.” Bella replied. “I will be back in half an hour, I expect you to be out of the bath and dry, I will dry your hair when I return if necessary.” She turned and left, Ginny heard a soft click as Bella locked the door behind her.

Ginny stripped off and slid her slender body into the steaming water, the bath was bigger than she thought, and though it was easy to get into, she found that when she stood up her shoulders were just above the water, she let herself float on top of the water, let the pain seep out of her body and into the water around her, felt her muscles relaxing as the warmth of the water filled her with tranquillity, until she opened her eyes and remembered where she was. Ginny pushed herself to the side of the bath and picked up the flannel and soap and began to wash herself. She lathered up the soap and though it was not shampoo, ran it through her hair to try and make it look better than it was.

After twenty-five minutes of washing and relaxing Ginny got out of the bath, which was easier than she thought considering it’s depth. Grabbed the towel and began to dry herself. The lock soon clicked again and Bellatrix walked in. Shutting the door behind her she looked at Ginny and saw that her hair was still wet.

“Come here I will sort out your hair.” She said harshly. Ginny wrapped the towel around herself and walked over to Bella, who pulled out her wand and muttered a spell. Ginny felt her hair dry instantly. “Brush it, I will find you some clean clothes.” Ginny did as she was told and brushed her hair. She looked in the mirror and smiled at her reflection, her milky skin was clean and her hair was red again, all the dirt and grime was gone, and she felt better for it.

“Hurry up, we haven’t got all day.” Bella snapped.

Ginny walked over to her and pulled on her bra and knickers, on which Bellatrix had done an instant cleaning spell. Meanwhile Bella was still searching through the Wardrobe in the corner looking for something for her to wear, in the end she pulled out a tight long-sleeved green top, with sliver trimming and a black denim skirt, which didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“I don’t mean to be rude, Mistress, but I am not wearing that.” She said

“Really?” said Bella icily

“As a matter of fact Mistress yes.” Said Ginny in an equally cold tone.

“We’ll see about that.” She said. “I will happily call the dark lord to tell him that you have refused to follow orders, and to dress you himself if necessary.”

“I am not refusing to follow orders, I am voicing the opinion that the skirt is inappropriate.” She said

“Did I ask for your opinion?” said Bella coldly. “You will wear what I have chosen for you.”

“No.” said Ginny simply

Bellatrix slapped Ginny hard across the face, and the sound echoed around the room. Ginny glared at Bellatrix, with cold fire burning in her eyes. Bella pulled out her wand.

“Don’t even think about it.” She said

“Who said I had to think.” Said Ginny quietly

suddenly Bella’s head snapped round as though she had just been slapped across the face, Ginny jumped back in shock as a red hand formed on Bella’s face, mirroring the one she had given Ginny.

“Why you little” Bella raised her hand again and swung it towards Ginny’s face, but millimetres from her face the hand stopped, and could go now further. Bella glared at Ginny, and Ginny’s eyes widened in fear and shock. She threw herself across the room as Bella raised her wand.

“Find me something else to wear.” Ginny said her voice shaking with fear. “Please, please do…” she dissolved into fearful tears and sank to her knees. “Please.”

Bella walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black jeans, and a green spaghetti strap top with silver straps

“Wear these and watch your temper.”

“Thank you mistress.”

“I will not be telling the Dark Lord about this, but if you hurt my nephew, he will hear everything, and you will be punished.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Hurry up and pull those on, you have five minutes before you have to leave.”

Two minutes later Ginny was ready to go and Bella led her back out to the Party just as Voldemort was about to dismiss the death eaters. They stood in silence as he spoke, all gazing up at him in awe. When he had finished the room was filled with the sound of Cracks as the Death Eaters began to apparate for a second Ginny thought she caught a glimpse of someone she recognised but they were only there for a second before they disapparated. When all the Death Eaters had left apart from Bella and Malfoy, the room looked quite empty and cold. Bella pushed her over to where Voldemort and Malfoy were waiting.

“Any resistance Bella?”

“No my Lord.”

“Good. Are you able to take her with you when you apparate Draco?”

“I should be able to manage it My Lord, is there anything I should be aware of while she is in my care?”

“Yes Draco, She is to do as you ask, that means working for her keep if need be, However you do not have the authorisation to punish her for not calling you Master, and she may insult me while not in my presence, as I know she is longing to do.”

“Do I have the right to punish her for neglecting duties I have given her to earn her food?”

“You wish to use her as a servant?”

“With My Lord’s consent.”

“This will entail what exactly?”

“Cleaning, possibly cooking, she must call me by a name I designate, and must not speak without permission.”

“I give my consent, do you hear Weasley? You are to do as he says, you will be acting as a servant whilst you are living in Malfoy Manor.”

“Yes my Lord.” She sighed. “I understand.”

“Good.” He paused “you may leave, once she is bound to you by a curse.”

“A curse?” cried Ginny in shock.

“Yes a curse.”

“What will it do my Lord?” asked Malfoy eagerly

“If she should try to leave your side when you have commanded her to stay with you, she will find herself in pain, and each time she tries to leave the pain will get greater. If she should try to escape she will lose the power of speech, until she returns to your side and you can take off that part of the curse, until next time she tries to escape. If she should try to contact anyone in the chance they might help her escape, that person will forget she ever existed.”

“No!” Ginny cried, “You can’t do this!”

“You are my prisoner, I can do what I like to you Miss Weasley.”

“What happens if they find me, and rescue me?”

“That counts as escape, unless you are unconscious when you are rescued, but believe me when I tell you Miss Weasley, they will not find you.”

“He won’t give up, he’ll never give up.” She said her eyes filling with tears “LET ME GO!” she screamed.

Bella’s hands enclosed around her upper arms and held her in a vice like grip as Voldemort raised his wand and muttered an incantation. A streak of faint silver light stretched out of Voldemort’s wand and wrapped itself around Ginny, the light tightened itself around Ginny and she could feel it, ice cold against her skin, the end of the streak of light left Voldemort’s wand and floated into Draco’s hand the other end snaked round it and touched Draco’s palm. The streak of light sliced through Ginny’s body and she felt it close around her chest, and she gasped, as the icy coldness seeped through her from the inside, and as the light faded the chill grew more intense, she felt herself go weak, and her knees buckled under her weight, but Bella held her fast. The light soon vanished and Bella let go of her arms, she swayed on the spot for a moment, then collapsed, the chill had left her heart but it was some time before she could feel the floor beneath her face.

“Get up.” Said Voldemort, Ginny pushed herself weakly to her knees, and then slowly to her feet, where she stood facing him. “Draco knows all the counter curses he needs to know, to reset the pain meter, and give you back your voice. He also knows of other curses he can use to make you do his bidding, you have been warned! Draco, take her away.”

“Yes my Lord.” He grabbed hold of Ginny’s upper arm and turned, disapparating into Malfoy Manor. As soon as they arrived he flung her to the floor, and pointed his wand at her face. She pushed herself gingerly along the floor away from him, but he just kept walking closer. “You don’t really want me to activate the curse do you?” Ginny shook her head, “Then don’t move away from me.” Ginny stopped moving but Draco did not, he advanced closer until he was towering above her. “Kratikus.” He said and Ginny gasped as pain shot through her body. “Now that was fun.”

“You Bastard” she muttered.

“Somehow I don’t think I gave you permission to speak, did I? Hagnos!” Ginny felt the air around her throat tighten and she began to choke. “Apologise.”

“Sorry.” She choked

“Regnos” said Malfoy and Ginny felt the air release her throat. She gulped in the cool air, and felt her head swim. “In future you will call me Master, if you do not, you will be punished, severely. You will join the House elves and my other servant in their cleaning regime, you will sleep in the attic, you will get up at 5:00 every morning, and will not be permitted to go to bed until at least midnight, unless I give you extra duties. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She said bitterly

“Yes what!” Draco snapped

“Yes Master.”

“Get up. Willow will show you to your room.” He paused and then shouted at the door. “Willow, get your sluttly little arse in here now!” There was a soft crack and a Girl who looked to be about Ginny’s age with straight Auburn hair and dull Hazel eyes appeared out of nowhere. She wore a short black skirt and a green and silver top exactly the same as Ginny’s. She was looking at the floor and curtseyed to Malfoy. “Take her up to her room, then come to my room, you have extra duties tonight.”

“Yes Master.” She said; her voice was soft and gentle, but full of sadness and fear.

“Come here.” He said softly but harshly at the same time, as though his voice was a jagged stone that had been greased and polished to smooth it off. She walked over to him, and he seized her arm and pulled her towards him. He pushed her hair out of her face; Ginny saw her whole body stiffen in fear. “You will soon learn to be as obedient as Willow is Weasel. She has worked in this house for ten years, and never has she disappointed me. She will be your role model until you leave.” He looked into Willows eyes, and Ginny thought she saw something strange stirring in them. “Show her to her room, you have fifteen minutes.” He let go of Willow and walked swiftly up the stairs.

“Follow me please.” Said Willow and Ginny followed her through a door and then up a small tightly spiralling staircase, which seemed to go on forever, there were doors leading off it but they didn’t go through any of them, they carried on walking until the staircase came to an end, and Ginny’s legs were on fire. Then Willow led her through a door in to long corridor, there were six doors off this corridor. “They used to have six servant girls here at anytime. But when Lord Malfoy took over the Ministry passed a law banning servitude and Slavery of humans including muggles and magical humans. Unfortunately they didn’t include magical creatures.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Lord Malfoy Adopted me when I was five years old, he needed a human servant, and the only way he could think of getting one was to adopt a young girl and teach her to obey him and his Son. They thought I would be going to a nice fancy home, my best friend at the Wizarding orphanage was so jealous that I was going to live with a rich person and have a brother. On the day I left she said she hated me for going away and leaving her. And I wish I had never left.” She stopped in front of the furthest door from the staircase. “This is your room,” She opened the door. “I know it’s not much, but I tried to make it a bit more comfortable than it was.” Willow had put up curtains and piled a load of extra blankets at the end of the bed. Ginny had a small mirror on the wall and there was a large cushion in one corner. “If Master Draco finds all this I will be punished, you usually have to earn luxuries, like curtains a mirror and a cushion, and we only get extra blankets in winter, even though it is deathly cold up here at night sometimes even in summer. Well, goodnight.” Willow walked back down the corridor and back through the door.

She must be going to see Malfoy, thought Ginny I wonder what special duties are…

Geez that was a long chappie,i didn't realise exactly how long it was till i had to re read it to check it... lol anyways hope u all liked it, sorry for the long wait, ad thanks for all your reviews, till next time *~ Elaine ~*

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The Next Attack: Ownership


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