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A Trip to the Shopping Centre by _Lexi_
Chapter 1 : A Trip to the Shopping Centre
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A/N: Heyz ppl this is my first story… it's mainly dialog and I’ll try not to make it confusing… and just to prepare you—this is an utterly pointless piece of writing written only when I was bored outta ma mind…and while I was waiting for all the fanfics I luv reading to get updated…… nyway on with the so called story…


A Trip to the Shopping Centre

“Lilyyy… I’m bored!”
“James shut up.”
“Shut up James… look I’ll take you to the shopping centre if you can keep quiet for at least 20 minutes.”
“What?! 20 minutes! How about 5?”
“NO. 20. Now keep quiet, I’m busy.”
… [silence]…
“Can I bring Padfoot along?”
“Shut up!”

~~~~~~~~~~~ *20 mins later – Shopping Centre- Entrance* ~~~~~~~~~~~
“Ooo, we’re here! We’re here!” *does a little dance of excitement*

*bounces up and down* “Yayyy!” *points* “Oi, Prongsy, look!!”

*excited gasp* “Cages with wheels!!! Wow!!! And look at all those muggles!”

“Awesome!!!” *gets a trolley and promptly gets inside* “Come on, what are you waiting for??” *puts on his famous puppy-dog grin and flutters his eyelashes* “Push please, Prongs??”

“Uggh, you should know I’m not gay by now, Padfoot.” *mutters to himself* “Even if you are”

“Hey!! Am Not! …Fine, you can just lose then…and I’ll use magic, since your not pushing…”*mutters* “At least I know how to have fun!”

“How am I gonna lose if-”

“Easy…we’re having a race to see who can win in pushing each other in the ‘wheely cage’ the fastest…and I’m riding first…”

“Fine...ready? Set? GO!!!!!!”

[James pushes Sirius, who is grinning gleefully, fast…and faster, and faster still…]

*shouts loudly* “OI PRONGS WATCH OUT!!”
“Opsi-dasie…” *swerves just in time”

*mock-glares at James* “Are you trying to kil-”

[Lily comes into the ‘scene’ …]


[James lets go of the handle in surprise… CRASH!!!!!!]

[Luckily they only hit a brick wall (they were outside the shopping centre, having a race and hence, they did not end up damaging anything inside the shop…yet). Unluckily, Sirius was still inside the ‘wheely cage’. Luckily, he did not get hurt and quite enjoyed the whole thing. Unluckily though, both he and James had still to endure Lily’s wrath…]

*Lily takes a deep breath…James and Sirius gulp and try to prepare themselves…*

*shouts herself hoarse- well tries to anyway…* “YOU STUPID IDIOTS!!!!!!!! ARE YOU INSANE??!!!! YOU COULD’VE HURT YOURSELVES BADLY!!!!!!!!!” *breathes heavily wile glaring at both James and Sirius*

“Now, when we go inside, don’t touch ANYTHING, ok? Or I’ll make sure I never take you anywhere ever again…And get out of that trolley, Sirius!”

~~~~~~~~~~ *5 mins later – Shopping Centre- Clothes Department* ~~~~~~~~~~
“Hey Prongs, check this out! Frozen people.”

“Oooh… what is it?” *poke poke*

“James! Sirius! No! Don’t touch that!”

“What is it?”

*sigh* “It’s a mode- Sirius!!”


“Honestly! Can’t you ever act civilised?”

“…do I have to answer?”

*exasperated sigh* “Just… shut up and keep your hands to yourself…ok?”

“No probs, Lil.”

[Sirius skips, with his arms waving about, of to James, who is currently checking out hair care products]

“Hey Prongs, whatcha got there?”

“Dunno…it says it’ll make your hair shiner, smoother and silkier… cool!”

[He proceeds to open the bottle and pour it on his hair. Sirius takes the bottle of him and does the same.]

“Ahhh!!!!!!!!! My eyes!!!!!!!!!! I’m BLIND!!!!!!!!!!”

“Sirius!! JAMES!!” WHAT are you doing?!”

[She looks at the open bottle, then back at James with a panic-stricken face.]

“What did you do??”


“Is that shampoo??”


“Oh my GOSH!! What were you thinking?!! Are you insan-”

“MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!”

*mutters* “Idiots…”

[She takes Sirius and James, who is rubbing his eyes in vain, by the elbow to the nearest toilets.]

“Go in there and wash your eyes and hair.” *points to the toilets*

~~~~~~~~~~~ *10 mins later – Shopping Centre- Toilets* ~~~~~~~~~~~
*sigh* “Are you guys done yet?”

[At the exact moment, James and Sirius waltz out of the toilets]

“Finally…Ohmigosh! What did you do to your hair? Its all…uhh…stiff and sticking up-”

*Sirius screams* “Ahhh... my beautiful hair!!”

*James sniggers*

“-and James…your eyes are red…figures…”

*horrified look* *mutters* “Accursed shapoo…”

“Shampoo…anyway, if you guys behave and at least try to act like human beings, then I’ll take you to the toy department…”

“Yayyy…we’ll behave, please Lily can we go??”

*nods* “Yeah pretty please Lils??”

*laughs* “Ok, I guess…I mean, nothing that bad can happen…right?”

[…silence…James and Sirius look at each other and grin manically]

“Oh brother…” *sigh*

~~~~~~~~~~~ *5 mins later – Shopping Centre- Toy Department* ~~~~~~~~~~~
“Yay!!! Oi Padfoot… look at these weird muggle toys…”

“Ya, they’re so strange…Hey Prongsie-poo, come look at these…hey look, more frozen people!!! Only smaller…”

“Ooo yeah…look at this one…ha ha, come look at this Paddy, this guy’s wearin’ red undies on top of his clothes…”

*grins wickedly* “Yeah…we did that once, ‘member Prongs?…Only your mum told us not to be silly…”

“Uhh…they’re not frozen people Sirius…they’re miniature figures called ‘dolls’ that muggle kids play with, and that one, the one your holding, that one’s called Superman.”

*whines* “How come they don’t call me Super Man…”

*sniggers* “Duh, ’cuz you don’t wear your undies on top of your clothes, m’dear Paddyfooty”

“Ah ha, very funny Prongs…I can be super if I want…Actually I’m already super…well…more superer than you anyway Prongsie-pie.” *sticks out tongue at James with a victorious look on his face*

*Lily rolls her eyes*

*scowls* “Whatever… hey look, they say he can fly…hmmm-”

“No…don’t you dare try doing anything, James-”

“What, you mean like this?”

[He chucks the Superman doll across the room. It hits a stack of toys, which, in turn fall, and crash into a trolley (aka. a ‘cage with wheels’ ) filled with colourful bouncy balls. The trolley falls with another ‘crash!’ Multicoloured balls bounce away everywhere. One ball in particular hits a small kid who was holding a bag of marbles. The kid drops the bag, the marbles fall and the kid starts crying. While the kid’s mum is comforting the kid, a shop assistant carrying a large, and heavy-looking box accidentally steps on the marbles and slides across the room, and the box flies out of his hands and hits a shelf that was stacked with dolls, Superman dolls in particular. The dolls fall and fly across the room. One lands in Sirius’s hand…All this time Lily is looking at the horrifying scene in front of her in plain horror.]

“… Oh. My. Gosh.”

*looks at Sirius and comments* “Well what do you know…It does fly!”

“Oh. My. Gosh.”

[Sirius laughs at James. Lily is in a kind of trance…she’s still looking at the horrifying scene in front of her in absolute horror…and she keeps repeating the same thing over and over again in a disbelieving way (who can blame her?)…]

“Oh. My. Gosh.”

“Ahh…Lily?” *waves his hand in front of her*

*snaps out of her trance and turns to James and Sirius* “You IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you!! Out! Now! I’m NEVER taking you two anywhere ever again!”

[Lily (who is fuming) takes James and Sirius by the elbows and pulls them out of the shop…Both boys are trying to protest…]

~~~~~ *10 mins later – In front of Sweet Shop (outside Shopping Centre)* ~~~~~
“Oooh sweets…Please Lilyyy??”


“Oh come on…pretty please…Padfoot and I promise never to…uhh…cause havoc in Shopping Centres ever again…”

*nods head enthusiastically* “Yeah.”

*thinks then nods her head with an evil grin on her face* “Ok…but I will by the lollies…”

*grins* “Ok.”

[Lily goes inside the shop with James and Sirius following her. Lily goes to buy the sweets while Sirius and James look at the different kind of muggle lollies behind the counter.]

“Come on…Sirius…James…”


“Here” [She hands them two huge gobstoppers.] “Come on, put them in your mouths so we can go home…”

[James and Sirius hurriedly take the gobstoppers of her and stuff them in their mouths. Suddenly their faces screw up.]


“Ohhh, wad did you give us??”

*laughs hysterically and evilly* “What’s wrong Sirius?” *pouts* “Don’t you like the lollies??” *laughs evilly*

*face screwed up* “…sowar…”

*grins* “That’s right James…Sour lollies…and I dare you not to throw them away…you guys have to finish them…Ha ha, you should see your faces…you look constipated…ha ha ha…”

“…eeewalness (evilness)…”

*lol* “Serves you guys right… come on lets go home…”

[She takes them by the elbows (she does that a lot, doesn’t she?) back home…Both of their faces are still screwed up (in a constipated way) as they try to finish their sour gobstoppers…(lol)]


A/N : Lol… haha poor James and Sirius… nywayz I’m not sure if its that good but…sooo…please review and tell meee…
(and if you want me to read your stories just say—I’m the worlds biggest readoholic =D )…
THANK YOU so much for readin it for those who read and an even bigger thank-you to those who reviewed!!!! u guys really made my day!!... hope u enjoyed it! and if u wanna take any ideas be my guest... once again sorry if you found it confusing but I posted this story lyk 4 months ago... so yeah...
Anyway, once again, THANKS!! =D =D

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A Trip to the Shopping Centre: A Trip to the Shopping Centre


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