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You're Going to Get What You Deserve by ControlYourWorld
Chapter 22 : Who Really Has the Advantage
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"Well, well, well," Draco said, a sly smirk spreading across his face.

He made no effort to move out of the position he was in. "Violet Riddle, it's been quite some time hasn't it?" he asked.

You see, I would've answered him semi-sarcastically but I knew that right now that wasn't an option, so I just kept looking at my feet and bit my lip, literally.

"Ah, not so talkative I see," he said standing out of the bed, surprisingly he was in boxers. Yes, I defiantly noticed this because well it was hard not to notice him. Let's just say I wasn't the only one in shape now.

He came within about two feet of me then stopped. I was sure that he would come closer, but since he hadn't I took the opportunity to look up at him.

The girl that had been in the room with him, didn't really say anything. She was absolutely beautiful which I guess didn't surprise me.

She had an innocent look to her as well, which made me sort of surprised that she was actually doing what I'm assuming she was doing. Maybe they were in a long term relationship?

Psh, what I'm I saying? Draco in a long term relationship.

"Something on your mind, Vi,?" Draco asked making me look back at him instead of this mysterious female in a towel.

I shook my head shyly and out of the corner of my eye I glared at Raine. Since Draco has been watching m this immediately made him look at Raine?

"Where did you find her, again?" he asked cocking his eyebrow, but still had a dumb smirk on his face.

"She was just wandering around Diagon Alley, I wouldn't have known it was her but the hook on her cloak fell. I'm assuming she was sneaking around since I doubt the ministry ever lets her out."

Draco nodded and then looked at me, "Aw, Violet, were you trying to sneak around, I didn't think you were that type of girl. Oh, Trinity, you may leave now," he said remembering her presence. I looked at her as she nodded and made her way towards the door. She give me a very discreet look almost as though she was trying to tell me something, but walked out of the room anyways.

"Brilliant job, Raine, please take her to one of our nicest rooms, she is a special guest after all and make sure someone is with her at all times, we don't want her sneaking around while she's here."

I gave a small glare to him and in response he grinned but still didn't move closer to me, "Daddy is going to be happy to see you," he said audaciously winking as Raine pulled me forcefully out of his room.

"See you later, love," Draco called before his doors shut.

Once we were out of danger of being heard or seen Raine released his grip on me.

"That went well," I said laughing quietly as we walked down a familiar hallway.

"Yeah, I was nervous he would try to hurt you or something," Raine said taking a sigh of relief.

We then heard a bunch of footsteps, so Raine grabbed me forcefully as a group of men walked by us, each giving me a once over.

"Pigs," I whisper quietly once they were far enough down the hall.

Raine let out a small chuckle, "Well face it, you're hot," he said not letting go of my arm just in case.

"I am not," I defended feeling a warmth come to my cheeks.

"You obviously don't look in the mirror often then, you're hotter then any of the girls here, we of what girls are here."

"So there aren't many girls here?" I asked suddenly and unexpectedly becoming interested.

"No, I guess Draco, being as sexist as he is, doesn't think woman are worthy of being death eaters. He just takes a girl in about once a week and well, you know, that's about all he has to do with them." Raine said more slowly towards the end after noticing my disgusted expression.

We didn't speak another word until we reached my room...literally my room. I was surprised that I was going to get to stay in my old room considering it was huge and certainly not a room you would think a prisoners room.

"I'm surprised Draco is letting me stay here," I as Raine opened the door and led me inside.

"I'm not sure what he intends on doing to you, but I honestly don't think he wants to hurt you."

"The sad thing is, I was actually hoping he was," I said as I walked into the room.

"I know you aren't going to leave, but make sure you don't, I'll have to send someone else up here to watch you, so just make yourself at home, take a bath or whatever. Good luck," He said quickly closing the door behind him.

I looked around the room, it was almost as though it hadn't been touched since I left. I was actually pretty sure it hadn't.

Things like random things, pony-tail holders, socks, etc. were still left in the same spots as I am sure I left them.

I plopped down on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. For some reason I had butterflies in my stomach. I told myself it was just because I was nervous/exciting to put Draco in Azkaban.

I knew I was wrong

It wasn't more then fifteen minutes before there was a knock at my door and the person who walked through brought a smile to my face.

That man was Dylan.

He looked a little different, but I couldn't help myself from getting off of the bed and wrapping my arms around him.

I could feel his hesitation but sooner then later he returned the embrace by wrapping his arms around my waist.

I realized how awkward this moment was so I pulled away from him and grinned slightly looking to the side.

"Sorry," I said looking back at him.

"It's alright," he replied, "how've you been?"

I wasn't exactly sure how to answer this question but I didn't take much time to think about it, "Well I've been alright, a little different now."

"Yeah I can tell," he said modestly looking me over, "Look I'm sorry Violet, but why in the bloody hell did you leave?! You messed everything up around here. You're dad for some reason locked himself in his office and came up with these ludicrous missions and all the death eaters went on a killing spree. We were all confused on why he didn't want to look for you, but he really made no effort, all he said was if we see you we should bring you back. And Draco-..."

"Dylan he killed my mother, he forced me into an arranged marriage with a guy who only tortured me mentally-..."

"You made a decision to come here!" Dylan fired back his voice raising slightly.

"Do you honestly think that I would've had a choice? And how the hell was I suppose to know that all of this would happen, I was young naive and all I wanted was a real father. I had no way of predicting this to happen nor did I have any time so don't you dare throw that back at me Dylan," I practically yelled feeling my angry boil over.

"What happened to you Violet?" he asked, "You're so much different."

"I'm not that different Dylan, I'm just older and wiser."

"Well let's just stop this," he said sitting on my bed, "you're stuck with me until someone else comes to get you so we might as well not argue."

"Agreed," I replied sitting down next to him.

"So is there any chance that you'll tell me what happened after you left?" he asked after about five minutes of sitting in silence.

"Nice try," I said smirking laying down on the bed.

"Thought so," he replied laying down next to me.

"How's Tye?" I asked not exactly sure what to talk about. For two friends who hadn't talked in two years we were certainly having a hard time finding subjects.

"His changed," Dylan said after a long pause.

"Care to elaborate?" I pressed propping on my elbow so I could look at him, feeling suddenly curious.

"Well he and Draco have become extremely close, he's kind of like Draco's right hand man, it's weird. Him and I barely even talk anymore. I think it had something to do with his father, he had always been jealous of Lucius and he had been urging...well rather threatening Tye to become close to Draco. It was the next best thing from Tye not becoming the next Dark Lord. Draco sends him on the most dangerous of missions, which are ten times worse then your father's use to be. I never thought I would say that I wish Voldemort was the one in charge."

"I noticed things had been more tightly run around here," I stated.

"I'm not trying to put two and two together here but it's kind of weird, right after you left Draco lost all the fun that was ever in him. Well that's not true, he now finds his fun in killing."

I perked my head up more, "Has he ever killed anyone?" I asked sounding more excited about this then I intended.

He raised his eyebrow but then he answered slowly, "No...I don't think he ever has. I guess that kind of takes away from the fun of killing people, huh?"

"Yeah...I guess," I answered slowly, "So...why do you suppose that after I left he changed?"

He didn't get the chance to answer because a voice from the door did first.

"Because you completely embarrassed the Malfoy name."

I looked over at Draco and put on my best pretend nervous face.

Dylan sat up rather quickly and then stood up, "Mi' Lord," he said bowing his head slightly.

Draco just rose an eyebrow, "Come Dylan, we're taking our favorite Violet to visit her darling father."

My eyes widened, no I wasn't afraid my father would do anything to me I was however nervous out of my mind.

Draco immediately noticed this because amusement flashed in his eye.

"Come darling let's go," he said in amusement and then with a pop he disaparated. Dylan placed his hand on the small of my back and we too disaparated.

We landed in a large library/study looking room that was lit up by candles and torches.

Draco was already walking through one of the aisles of books so Dylan and I followed. There was a fireplace with a couch resting in front of it and I could see a figure sitting on it staring into the fire. I immediately recognized my father and felt my flesh heat up and I was suddenly nauseas.

"Lord, there is someone here I think you might like to see," Draco said through a smirk.

"I'm not in the mood Draco," he replied weakly not even bothering to turn around.

Draco looked at Dylan and nodded and Dylan pushed me forward in front of the couch, I glared at him and he gave me a sideways frown as though he was saying sorry.

I then looked towards my father who slowly gazed at me and then stood up slowly from the couch with help from his cane.

"Violet," he said softly as he walked forward to me. He was extremely weak looking and I'm assuming he was all skin and bones underneath the cloak.

"Voldemort," I responded out of instinct, I no longer thought of him as a father.

"That a little disrespectful," Draco spat at me his eyes turning more grey by the second.

"Don't worry about it Draco," Voldemort said, "I know how to handle my own daughter."

"I may be your daughter but you are no longer my father," I said speaking slowly, "the moment you killed my mother-..."

"Spare me, Violet, I know why you left, I should've known someone as weak as you wouldn't be able to handle it."

"YOU KILLED MY MOTHER," I screamed clenching my fists trying not to just blast him into a million little pieces.

He didn't even flinch, "Says the girl who choose to leave her mother," he retorted his mono-toned voice never fading out.

I didn't say anything after that but I felt tears forming in my eyes.

"Sir I would like to be in charge of Violet," Draco said suddenly causing me to give him a random look.

In charge of me? What the heck? First off why was he asking my father for permission, second of all why did he want to be the one in charge of me.

Scratch that, I know why, he probably wants to try and kill me, which I suppose in this situation is a good thing.

"Soon, Draco, soon," my father responded even more strangely, "I want her in Trinity's care right now, so she can teach her about a woman's place in your new empire."

"I assure you I can teach her those things," Draco said letting his arms fall to the side looking more antsy by the second.

"I think this is something you have no choice in Draco," Voldemort responded amusement in his eyes.

I looked at Dylan who just shrugged looking as confused as I was.

"I will be seeing you later, Violet. You all may leave now, I would like to be alone," he said sitting back down on the couch.

I rolled my eyes at his dramatic attitude and walked over towards Dylan who grabbed my arm as we all disaparated again.

Dylan and I ended back in my room and Draco was nowhere to be found.

"Trinity will be up here soon, I'll see you at dinner," he said closing the door as he walked out.

I walked over to my window and looked out over the water. To me it still looked to same, it's like this world had stopped but I grew and changed.

I got this strange feeling when I came here, it was less then a year, but it felt like forever. So many memories, good and bad. I got my first kiss in this house, and I lost my mother in this house.

I was starting to feel like the old Violet again, my childish innocence that I thought was gone I was realizing was just something I had forced to banish through many powerful spells.

"Knock, knock," I heard a sultry voice say from my door.

I turned and saw Trinity sticking her head through my door, "Mind if I come in?" she asked kindly.

"Sure," I replied.

She pushed the door open and she was carrying a tray, "Draco thought you might want something," she said after noticing I was looking at the food on it.

"That's rich," I remarked sitting on my bed as she walked over and took a seat beside me placing the food in front of me.

I picked up the sandwich not really caring if it was poisoned or something.

"I was surprised myself, Draco usually doesn't care about anyone...sorry I don't mean to sound so forward it's just there are very few girls here and to have Draco's fiance who actually had the guts to leave him just excites me."

"Well we do have a history I suppose," I replied my mouth still semi full.

Trinity laughed, "Yeah well I mean after you left Draco was so cold towards women well I guess he didn't really have a choice."

"From embarrassment?" I asked.

She looked hesitant but then nodded, "Yeah," she said surely.

We spent the next fifteen minutes just talking about some changes that had been made around here. Nothing extremely shocking basically just that Draco was a dictator and anything he says goes.

Trinity and I had already become kind of close just laughing about stuff she told me. Embarrassing moments for the death eaters and all that jazz.

"Violet, I have something to tell you, that I know will boast your courage but it'll get me killed if Draco finds out I told you."

I cocked my eyebrow, "Alright, tell me."

"Well I could see the jealousy in your eyes when you saw me in Draco's room, but I assure you that we didn't do anything..." she said taking a breath.

I knew there was no point in denying my jealousy, "Okay, it's alright-..."

"That's not all," she interrupted taking a breath and then smiling, "When you left you're father caught Draco in bed with two girls from his school, he was extremely furious that Draco would dishonor the Riddle name like that so in return your brilliant father created a little spell, very complex but with very simple meaning," she paused enjoying the fact that I was on the edge of my seat...

"Draco Malfoy isn't allowed to come within two feet of any woman, he hasn't been for two years."

I could practically feel my mouth drop...and then it curled into the most mischievous smirk I have ever mustered.

Yes this certainly would work to my advantage.

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