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After Hogwarts by Pansy_Parkinson2000
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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The curtains pulled back. Hermione opened her eyes. She saw Draco pulling them back. He sat down on the window seat and stared into the nights sky.

"Draco?" she cooed.

His head spun around to see Hermione in bed watching him. He wandered over to the bed and sat down.

"Couldn't sleep?" she asked him.

He shook his head.

"Is that just cause i didnt do you tonight?" she asked playfully.

He laughed.

"Maybe." he replied playfully.

"Do you want me to.. uh fix that for you?" she asked.

She didnt wait for an answer. She went and sat on his lap and grabbed her wand and pointed it to her stomach. She said a spell then put the wand down. She turned to Draco who now was kissing her neck. She wrapped her arms around him and let him fall on top of her body. She kissed him madly and he kissed her back. He occasionally massaged her tounge. He started to undo the buttons on the shirt of his she was wearing. two more buttons to go. He kissed her again on the neck.. She worked on his pants he was wearing and got them off. She kissed him furiously. He had got her top off and was on her undies. The bra was first to go then he gently tugged on her panties. She let them slid off her. After all the clothes were scattered around the room Draco slowly pushed into her. The pleasure took over their bodies. Their legs trembled....


"HARRY!! PLEASE FEED THE DOG!!" shouted Luna down the stairs.

Harry walked down the stais. He walked over to the kitchen cup board and opened it to get a thing of the dogs food. He poured it into the bowl and then truged back up the stairs. He watched his wife through the door of her office.

"Yes, I can only come in at around two. I have to drop Yolandi off at school." she said into the phone.

She shuffled through some papers. She now worked for the Quibbler which was her dream and now she was living her dream. Harry walked into the room and picked up an empty coffee mug in her desk and took out his wand and filled it up again.

"MOMMY!! DADDY!!" called a young girl.

Harry rushed through the door to his daughters room.

"Whats the matter sweety?" he asked.

"I..hurt my toe Daddy...'' his daughter sobbed.

He cuddled her in his arms. He whipped ouit his wand and magiced up a plaster and it stuck onto her wound.

"All better now?" he asked.

She nodded and hugged Harry back.



Kids came down the stairs. So did her husband Cedric, he had proposed to her the day she graduated and they had kids that year as well. They all plonked down on the couches.

OOC: Below is just charater info cause they have 4 kids.

1st kid they had:
Was made year they got married
Name: Breanna
Age: 14
Looks: Has shiny red hair and green eyes. She is tall and slender.
Status: Popular at Hogwarts.

2nd Kid
Name: Sheldon
Age: 12
Looks: Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, tonned and tall.

3rd Kid
Name Jimmy
Age: 7
Looks: Red hair, freckles

4th Kid:
Name: Quin
Age: 5
Looks: Golden blonde hair, blue eyes.

Breanna was the first to talk.

"MOm, can you like hurry up with this cause I have so many people I need to talk to. Like my boyfriend for example who I havent spoken to in-" she tried to say but her whole family cut her off.

"10 minutes." they all said.

"Uh uh, it was 10 minutes and 11 seconds to be exact." she said smartly.

"It'll only take a few minutes." she said.

She leaned down and grabbed Cedric and pulled him off the couch to stand next to her.

"Your father and I would like to tell you that.. there is another child on the way.!" she said happily.

She held her stomach in a lovilng way.

"Cool." said Sheldon.

"Mommy, mommy I want a sister." shouted Quin.

Ginny leaned down and patted her daughters head.

"Thats another thing, we want to ask if you want to know if it is a boy or girl?" Ginny asked her family.

"We want to know!!" shouted the family back at her.

"OK, Cedric fetch my wand for me will you?" she asked her husband sweetly.

He got up and pulled out his own wand.

"Accio Ginny's wand." he said,

The wand came whizzing into his hands. He leaned over and gave it to Ginny. She took oit and walked over to a big clea spot in the lounge. She pointed her wand at the ground.

"Rectara-spotariccaa' she chanted.

A hospiatl bed appered so did a i=moniter.

She quickly sat down on it and hooked up all the cords. She looked at the moniter.

She gasped.

"Its a -"


A pot went flying across the kitchen but Ron ducked.

"YOU!" his wife screamed.

She picked up another pot and hurled it across the room at Ron.

"BETTER!" she shouted.

The pan hit Ron on the head. He collapsed back and went unconsiess.

His wife came over to him.

"Take that!" she spat at him.

(AN) hope u liked it and got a feel of how diiferent all the familys were.

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