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Poison Lips by DontBeSilly
Chapter 2 : Perhaps You Deserve A Detention
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Severus walked through the Entrance Doors and out onto the Grounds he had just been looking upon not minutes before. He breathed in deeply the smell of fresh air and ozone that still lingered from the lightning strikes. He lay his black robe down on the damp grass beside the largest tree and sat. He looked up at Missy, who was sitting on top of the Astronomy Tower roof, wistfully before cracking open his book.

”I spy with my little eye something… greasy,” James Potter said sitting down to the left of Severus, who tensed. He knew that it had been too good to be true that he hadn’t been bothered all day.

”Do you spy with your little eye a… Snivellus?” Sirius asked playfully plopping down to the right of him.

“You’re very good at this game Padfoot.” James grinned.

“When will you blood-traitors just fuck off?” Severus sneered, hoping he sounded more confident than he felt.

“What was that Snape?” James asked. He held Severus’s own wand to his throat. Severus was quiet; his mind raging with insults that he was dying to say.

”It’s amazing how you can never take me on by yourself Potter. Always have to have someone backing you up don’t you?” He had gone too far, he felt his blood rushing to his head as he was flipped upside down.

“Maybe you should wash out your mouth as well as your hair,” James said, wand in front of him levitating Severus. His voice was almost bored now that he was in control, “We simply came to talk to you. Don’t you want to know why?”

”Not particularly.”

”You know that girl sitting up there?” Sirius said grinning at him and pointing to Missy. Her thin figure was sliding inside the castle via a window, she was probably finished smoking. Severus’s mouth went dry. “Her and I. We kissed.”

“You shit head,” Severus snapped.

“It’s true,” Peter squeaked, running over as fast as he could.

“Honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t kill him,” James said thoughtfully, but then he snapped back to the purpose of his visit, not that he ever needed a reason to torture Severus. “It has come to my attention that you are romantically attracted to Poison Lips up there.”

“And it has also come to our attention that you are very good at Potions.” Sirius grinned at Severus.

”Do each of us the essay for that stinkin’ class or,” James ran his hands through his hair to prolong the terms, “it will come to her attention as well.” He flicked his wand and Severus fell with a thud to the soggy ground. He stood up wiping mud from his knees.

“Fine,” he said through gritted teeth. His response caused Sirius tossing him back his wand.

The trio walked back towards the Entrance Doors. “Wormtail, whatever you do don’t mention this to Moony,” James said putting his arm around Peter’s shoulder.

“Or he’ll maul us the next full moon,” Sirius chuckled stuffing his hands in his jean pockets.

“I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Peter said, his cheeks turning red. But tell me, when was the last time Peter Pettigrew could keep a secret?

“And now to the second matter of business,” James said strolling up the staircase and finally turning inside what looked like a storage room. There were several buckets and mops propped up by filing cabinets, the contents of which were spilling all over the floor. James began rummaging through one of the drawers. “It should be in one of these.”

Sirius followed suit. “Peter, keep watch.”

Peter nodded nervously and bit his lip as he peered out the doorway, “Uh guys…”

“What is it Peter?” James asked impatiently, not even bothering to look up from his search.

A scruffy looking man in his late thirties pushed Peter roughly out of the way and walked into the room, his boots clunking. Sirius looked up and blinked.

“Honestly, being in here was a complete accident.”

“Enlighten me,” a cross looking Argus Filch said, his upper lip quivering.

“James and myself were just strolling along the corridor when we were pushed, very violently I might add, into your office,” Sirius explained.

“It’s true,” James said nodding. The real truth of the matter was that they had snuck into Filch’s office to steal back the Marauders map. Although Filch had no idea what the piece of parchment was he had confiscated it from them. He knew that it was important since they always had it with them, which made it suspicious. Taking it from them was a war Filch had been fighting ever since he had been hired as castle janitor in their fourth year. It appeared that, finally, he had won the battle.

“Yeah?” Filch didn’t buy their story for a minute. “That’s funny. I don’t see anyone in the hall who could have pushed you.”

Luck was on the Marauders side. James spotted the Slytherin girl from that morning walk past the door.

“Look again Filchie old boy,” he said. Filch turned around after making sure there was no possible way the boys could escape.

“Gethsmane!” Filch shooted. The girl, Missy, stopped in her tracks.

“Hmm?” she asked, looking almost bored at being called into Filch’s office. It was as if it happened everyday.

“Come ‘ere.” She did as she was told, but took her time. Filch turned back to James. “So,” he said grinning as widely as a mad man, “this girl pushed you?” Missy frowned.

“That’s right,” James said, waving winning at Missy as if to say ‘sucks for you’.

“Well then,” Filch said, “I’ll have to punish all three of you.” Sirius’s eyes scanned the room; Peter (the weasel that he was) had somehow managed to sneak out.

“I don’t think that’s very fair. Sirius and I are victims.”

Filch’s face got so close to James’s face that he could smell his putrid breath and see the veins in his yellow eyes, “Well I don’t think it’s very fair that you were looking through my private papers. Detention on Monday.”

“Not like it matters to me,” Missy mumbled, “I already have detention on Monday.”

“For what?” Sirius asked curiously.

“Apparently I can’t be in the Prefect’s Bathroom unless I’m a Prefect.”

“Get out of my office!” Filch yelled. The three students shuffled out right before Filch slammed his door.

“I got in trouble for that once,” Sirius said grinning.

“Let’s go Sirius,” James said venomously, he annoyed that his plan to get out of a detention hadn’t worked.

“See ya on Monday,” Sirius pushed his soft hair out of his eyes before smiling shyly at Missy. “Don’t worry Prongs, we’ll get it back. Chill.” He and James disappeared down the hall. Missy slumped herself against the cold stone wall and sank to the ground. Severus would be pissed at her for earning another detention, although this one she really didn’t deserve. She glanced up as Filch wrenched open his heavy wooden office door.

“Where are you goin’?” She asked. He glared at her for talking to him so casually.

“To buy a cat,” he snapped. “Stay out of my office, you’re up to no good.” He locked the door and turned the corner. Missy picked up a piece of tattered, yellowed parchment that he had dropped and rolled her eyes as she stuffed it in her pocket.

“Oh yeah,” she said sarcastically, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

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