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A Little On The Odd Side by nazozink
Chapter 1 : interview/ intatragation
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Disclaimer : I don't own any Harry Potter characters although I do own Nazo MWHAHAHA I'm so proud of myself even though everything else belongs to J.K Rowling. Three cheers for her she is an awesome writer!

Chapter 1

An odd interrogation

The lamp light hit long, bleach, blond, hair. Lucius Malfoy had just been
tried and convicted of being a death eater. His wand had been confiscated and he was waiting for somebody now to come and interrogate him. Lucius knew one thing, he was not going to let out anything useful. The door creaked open and a teenage girl around his own sons age walked in. Her hair was unusually cut, starting short at the back of her neck getting longer as it came to the front of her head. She sat down a pile of very messy papers on the desk and slid into the chair across from him. The girl smiled.

"Hi I'm Nazo and I'll be interviewing you today." She said.

Lucius shook his head. "Don't you mean interrogating?"

The girl shrugged as she flipped open a note book. "Now Mr. Malfoey-" She began.

"Malfoy" He corrected.

"Yeah, Yeah whatever any who, is it true that you are a death eater?"

Malfoy nodded an affirmative.

"And is it also true you have used unforgivable curses?"

He nodded again.

"Would you say that you were under any spell that would make you do this not on free will?"

"No." He said simply and firmly.

"So with these known facts you remember all that has happened when you committed the crimes?"

"Yes." Here came the time, he thought, that she would ask him were the 'Dark Lord' was.

"So....What does death taste like?"

Lucius was stunned. What did she mean?

"Excuse me?"

"What does it taste like? You are a Death Eater aren't you?"

"That’s just a name," Lucius said shaking his head "We don't actually eat death."

"Oh then you’re misleading people. Tsk, tsk. That is very rude." She said while scribbling something in her note book.

"Why did you become a follower of He Who Must Not Be Named ?"

"Because he is powerful and what he is doing makes sense."

"Or does it? He could just be misleading you, I know how that feels."


"Never mind, next question. Would you say your Boss was a good boss?"


"Give you good Vacation time, sick days, reasonable hours?"

"Yes The Dark Lord, Who has killed thousands is a great boss."

"O....K..," She said scribbling something else on her note pad. "Now would you say he was ugly?"

"What?!" That was the last straw; Lucius stood up. Nazo calmly sighed and with one gesture of her wrist he flew back in his seat.

"How did you do that?" He demanded force fully. She caulked her head.

"Do what?"

"Use magic with out a wand? And control it?"

"Who? Me?"

"Yes you" He said, agitated.

"That’s silly no one can do that. Oh look at the time! I best be off." She scooped up her papers and walked out the door. Right before it shut she stuck her head back in. " Oh and by the way if someone, and I'm not saying I did, were to use magic with out a wand maybe, just maybe you should consider that the magic is in you otherwise you could just give a wand to any old muggle and call them a wizard." Her head then disappeared and the door slammed shut leaving Mr.Malfoy more confused than ever. The door did however open again to reveal a man who insisted that he was the only one to interrogate him that day and there had been no one else in there.

Nazo opened a creaky old door with rusty hinges. We should probably get that fixed, she thought as she entered the room. A big chair and a man sitting in it were the only two things in there. It was known as his 'thinking' room.

"Father, Mr. Malfoy didn't talk. And he doesn't think you’re ugly." She said, adding the second part in a quiet enough tone for him to not hear. It didn't really matter if he did hear her or not, because he had other things on his mind. As he sat still and not mentioning anything she couldn't help but worry that he had heard her. Apparently he hadn’t for all he said was, "My dear I think you should go to Hogwarts."

She was stunned. Her father, Lord Voldemort, was suggesting that she go live in Hogwarts? Wasn't he afraid of the headmaster? What good would her going to school do? She was after all so wonderful with magic that she didn't even need a wand.

"May I ask what good that would do? Other than boring me to death of course." She asked chancing her cheek. The Dark Lord simply ignored her disrespectful comment and answered her first.

"Who is attending Hogwarts right now? Might it be the one who had caused my death?! Oh yes it is and you will be spying on him. Snape has been a little flaky and you know students can get to know things better than teachers. So no more questions and get packing. You have to leave tomorrow." Nazo merely surged as she walked out into the hallway making the door screech as it swung shut. That noise was really getting annoying. She went into her room closing the non-squeaky door behind her. With one wisp of her hand all of her possessions went soaring threw the air and landed into different suitcases. Wow that took forever and really was hard work. Imagine that, she even thought sarcastically. It was, however, late and she was tired so she fell asleep in her bed.

a/n: so this looks diffrent then when it was origainaly posted no? well thats all thanks to a wonderful and cool person who here at hpff goes by plata! thank you sooo much for this!

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