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Phoenix by Emma
Chapter 1 : Phoenix
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by: Emma

I own nothing. Except my idea. Which, if I do say so myself, think is brilliant.

Albus Dumbledore arose from his bed, and yawned.

Then, he caught the eye of an old man across the room.

Himself, staring into an antique mirror.

Oh, Albus, he thought to himself, How on earth did you become so old?

He sat up and looked over at Fawkes' cage, where a newborn phoenix was arising from ashes.

Adorable, he thought smiling.

He stood and went over to stroke the baby bird gently, "Why is it that I never look as sweet when I arise from my ashes? I suppose it is because as a human, I age quicker anyway?"

Albus turned from the bird and began humming tunelessly.

Albus Dumbledore had become an Animagus when he'd turned eighteen. And yes, he was registered. However, he had made a deal with the Ministry so that his name would only be present on the list when somebody was looking specifically for it. Why? For personal reasons.

Also, he didn't need anybody knowing that he was trying to outlive himself.

For, you see, he wasn't a regular dog, or cat, or stag or rat, if you will.

When Albus Dumbledore transformed...he was a phoenix.

And, as you know, phoenixes, when they die, are reborn from their ashes.

Therefore...whenever Albus Dumbledore came remotely close to death, he could always remember that as soon as that fatal blow came near, he could transform, and escape the grip of death. Almost too easily.

Albus had been thinking greatly over the past few years...should he, or shouldn't he have a class for students who wish to become Animagi? Would it not be useful? And especially for those who find themselves in constant danger, such as Mr Potter, Mr Weasley or Miss Granger?

Harry Potter...Albus had also been wondering, quite extensively about Harry. Should he teach him to be an Animagi himself, as well as Occlumency? Should he even go as far as trying to teach Harry the dynamics of turning into a phoenix?

Strange, how Lord Voldemort had never once realized that Dumbledore's greatest advantage was his ability to be reborn every so often.

Strange, also, how Lord Voldemort didn't himself have the power to turn himself into an animal...a snake, perhaps?

Of course, he could always possess one, as he did with Nagini already...but that was just too easy. Albus always found himself wondering about Lord Voldemort...there had always been so much he'd been capable of...but he didn't see much of what he was missing, apparently, and Albus considered that a good thing. If Voldemort fashioned himself any more powers, then Dumbledore may actually find himself in an awkward situation! He didn't need that, certainly not!

Albus could only hope that Harry would grasp every one of his powers and use them to the fullest of his ability...thus not having just one very powerful wizard, but two, and maybe more on the side of the Order of the Phoenix.

Funny, also...

Nobody ever wondered about the origin of the name.


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