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You Found Me by Serenity0047
Chapter 2 : In the Words of David Bowie . . .
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, much to my disappointment. blah blah blah

Snape leaned back in his chair and stretched his back. Yawning, he made the quills in the air spin once more before he brought them back down to the table. The sculpture he made with quills and teacups was quite impressive. He was surprised himself at what he created.

“Not surprising really, what better things do I have to do?” he asked the chair sitting across from his desk. He hated the fact that he was stuck at Hogwarts on a Saturday babysitting a bunch of misfits. He thought he should have placed a charm on the room so he could monitor the group without them knowing, but he just didn’t care. He wanted the day to be over with so badly. He got up from his chair and stepped out into the hallway. He slowly strode over to the window and looked down into the courtyard, pleased to find no one there.

“Probably all off to Hogsmead,” he thought. For a moment he wished he was there, but the thought was quickly pushed from his mind. Actually he didn’t know what he would be doing if he wasn’t where he was.

“Oh, Professor Snape! How are you this fine day?” Snape turned to the voice that pulled him from his thoughts. Professor Flitwick walked towards him on short stubby legs.

“I have to watch over detention today,” he said dryly. The two began a slow stroll down the corridor in the direction Flitwick was headed.

“Detention? Today?” Flitwick looked at Snape, confused. Then a flicker of realization twinkled in his eyes. “Oh, you mean, for Mr. Longbottom and . . . Mr. Potter,” he said cautiously.

“Yes, as well as a few others,” Snape said, contempt filling his voice.

“They are going through some hard times,” Flitwick said, “They all need so much guidance.”

“If they deserve it. You heard what happened. I can remember attending here. Nothing of that sort happened. All of the students were very well behaved. Any troubles where dealt with off school grounds,” Snape wouldn’t normally converse with the tiny professor; however he was thankful for the opportunity to stretch his stiffened legs.

“No, but I have heard stories about some things you did do,” Flitwick held in a chuckle as he looked up at the serious man beside him. Snape scoffed.

“Still. These children need to learn the seriousness of the world they are living in today. They’re letting petty school politics cloud their judgment.”

“You think they are immune to the outside world?” Flitwick said incredulously, “Actually, I think they are quite aware of what they are going through.” Flitwick paused. “I’ll see you next week professor,” Flitwick nodded as he continued down the hall, leaving Snape to mull over his words.

“Harry?” Hermione whispered across the table. Harry raised his eyes. He still had the same dark expression on his face. “Why are you here?” Hermione tried to keep her voice down as much as possible, but the others still heard.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Hermione wanted to question Harry further, but she was cut short by Snape entering the room again. He strode in, making his usual rounds, and then walked to the door. Before he left, he turned and glanced at each one of them one more time. Then he shut the double doors behind him.

“That’s gonna bother me, him checking on us all the time,” Neville said.

“And what do you plan to do about it?” Draco remarked.

“Well if, I had my wand, there are lots of things I could do about it,” he looked over at Draco. “If I had your father’s money I could do even more, I’m sure.” Draco’s eye twitched at the remark, obviously intended to be an insult.

“You think you know all about me, don’t you Longbottom?” Draco drawled.

“Course I do. Just about everyone does. I’ll wager that a typical day goes something like this:” Neville got up and leaned against the edge of the table, doing his best Lucius Malfoy impression, “Draco! Today we must go to the robe shop and buy you your new wardrobe for this summer. Can’t have you wearing the same old rags that you did last year!” Neville switched to his Draco persona, “But Dad! I can go to the shop by myself! Can’t you just give me some money?” he straightened his face once more, “Of course my son. Here, let me just give you the key to the vault. Don’t want you to run out of money now! Narcissa, isn’t our son the best in Hogwarts? He’s going to be the greatest wizard this world has ever seen! Who better to carry on the Malfoy name?” Everyone except for Draco seemed to silently chuckle at Neville’s impersonations. Harry chuckled as well, although he felt the sting of his conscience. He knew the joke wasn't respectful. He didn’t like how Neville had become.

“That’s very nice Longbottom. Perhaps you’d care to enlighten me about your parents?” Draco remarked sarcastically.

“Mine?” Neville pointed to himself. “I’ll show you my parents.” He frowned and put a confused expression on. “Who’s this? This boy, he keeps visiting me.” Neville portrayed himself, “It’s me Dad, it’s Neville.” Once again, he frowned, “Neville? I don’t know a Neville. Why do you keep bothering me? Don’t you have anything better to do?” Neville put a hurt look on his face, “I’m your son. Don’t you remember me yet? Remember when you taught me my first spell?” His father shone through his features as he crossed his arms across his chest, “I don’t have a son! You must be working for the Dark Lord! Come to kill me!” Neville's voice rose, “Nurse! Get this assassin out of here! He belongs in Azkaban! He belongs in Azkaban with all the rest of the bloody Death Eaters! Get him out of my sight!” The last words cracked as Neville shouted them. Like many times already that day, everyone was silent. It was Draco that spoke first.

“Is that for real?” Neville glared at him.

“You wish to come with sometime?” Draco just lowered his head and studied the table in front of him.

“Neville, I’m sorry,” Harry started. Neville grimaced and shook his head.

“Don’t. I don’t need your sorries or your pity, alright?” he moved back to his seat and turned that chair to the window. He sat down, trying his best to shut himself out from the others in the room. Ginny was the only one who would look at him. The anger and hatred she once felt for him faltered. She lowered her head as a tear slipped from her eye.

More time passed in silence as the five tried their best not to look each other in the eye. Then, probably out of sheer boredom, Neville began tapping a rhythm on the table with his hand. Hermione glanced over at him, recognizing the tune as one from the Yule ball last year. For a moment, a smile threatened to ruin Neville’s scowl. Another tapping joined Neville’s and he turned his head its’ direction. Ginny sat facing Neville, looking at him through the hair that had fallen in her face, her hand mimicking the rhythm. They locked eyes for a moment. Then it was Hermione that joined them. Soon, all of them where tapping their feet and drumming their hands to the lively tune. Suddenly the mood in the room lightened. Neville looked over at Harry and grinned. Harry smiled back, and then turned to Draco.

“Hey Malfoy, I remember seeing you at the ball, why don’t you entertain us with some of your moves?” Harry joked. Draco just laughed and shook his head.

“You’re obviously joking Potter, shove off!” Draco shifted uncomfortably in his seat, remembering his sorry attempts to dance.

“No! Please Draco! You must! I remember that night! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a finer example of dance technique anywhere!” The rest of the group started laughing, including Ginny. Eyes were met again all over the room, but instead of agonizing awkwardness, a warm cheer filled the room. Harry pushed his book away from him, still smiling. Hermione closed her book, but kept her finger on the page she was reading.

“Snape’s late,” a small voice came from the corner. Everyone turned to look. Ginny’s cheeks flushed slightly. “He came every forty minutes before, now it’s been almost an hour since his last visit.”

“That’s odd,” Draco commented. They sat there for a few more minutes, anticipating at any moment for Snape to enter. Neville got up from his seat and walked to the window. Outside the sun was shining and a breeze was rustling the leaves. He started walking around, stretching his legs.

“You’ll get in trouble if Snape comes in and sees you out of your seat,” Hermione warned him.

“Who cares? He can’t expect us to sit in one spot for nine hours.”

“I’m sure he does. It is Snape,” Harry commented. As if on cue, the group heard footsteps outside the doors. Neville quickly sat at the nearest seat and waited for Snape to come in. The doors opened and Snape walked inside quickly. He did a quick survey of the room, pausing to see Neville in a different seat.

“What are you doing out of you chair, Mr. Longbottom?” Snape ambled over to him.

“I am in my chair professor,” Neville stated evidently. Snape inhaled deeply through his nose.

“What I mean is this isn’t the same chair you were in before. Obviously you must have gotten up and moved to this seat. What I am asking is why?” Neville looked at Snape questioningly.

“What do you mean? This is the seat I took when I got here,” Neville said as honestly as he could.

“Professor,” Draco spoke up. Snape turned his head sharply. “Perhaps you are mistaken. That is the seat Neville has been in all morning. I think everyone here can vouch for that.” Draco looked around at everybody else, eyebrows raised. Neville looked over at Draco. The two locked eyes. The corners of Neville’s mouth turned up slightly.

“Yes sir, it is,” Hermione sided with Draco and Neville. From her corner, Ginny giggled.
“You keep your mouth shut Miss Weasly!” Snape pointed a finger at her. She stopped giggling but kept a smile on her face. Snape surveyed the room once more, brushing a strand of slick black hair from his face.

“You may have thirty minutes for lunch. You’ll go to the dining hall, take what you need, and bring it back here.”

“Here?” Harry questioned. Snape looked down at him.

“You have thirty minutes, starting now. I suggest you hurry,” Snape turned and walked to the door, turning to verify they were following him. Seeing five students behind him, he continued the walk down to the dining hall.

Upon entering the dining hall, Snape drew his wand and conjured a tasty yet sparse lunch. The menu, which was by no means fancy, consisted of sandwiches, fruit, and a few treats. Everyone collected what they required for lunch, except Neville who apparently wasn’t hungry for anything but a small bag of pretzels. Harry on the other hand had quite an appetite; most likely from Quidditch. Ginny and Draco watched in amazement as Harry stocked up with two turkey sandwiches, a cup of pudding, two cartons of milk, and an apple. While Snape had his back turned, Harry snuck three chocolate frogs into the pocket of his robe. Hermione chastised Harry with a frown.
“For later.” Harry whispered. Before they all left the dining hall, Draco borrowed Harry’s idea and stuffed a sac of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans in his pocket.
Snape escorted them back to the detention hall and took a seat, allowing them all precisely thirty minutes. Once they were done, he made his rounds once more. This time he carried a small trash can for the wrappers or cans. Harry and Hermione had given up on their books and pushed them to the side. Neville once again had his back turned and was looking out the window. It wasn’t long until the effects of the food took hold of the students and one by one, their heads began to get heavy. Hermione tried resisting, but soon found herself resting her head on her folded arms. Ginny was the last to give in. Before she did, she took an amused glance around the room. Hermione and Harry heads were laying on their arms which rested on the table; Neville had his legs propped up on a chair, his head hanging back, mouth slightly open; and Draco sat with his arms crossed, resting his chin on his chest. Ginny slowly lowered her head to the table, unable to keep her eyes open anymore.

Author's Note: I just added this note to the end of chapter one, but i'll do it again. I know the summary says the story is complete, but i have a few more chapters to post. I am unable to submit any more than one unvalidated chapter at a time. Please try to be patient with me like I am being patient with the HPFF Staff. I understand they are getting a lot of submissions due to the season. Thanks again for the reviews on chapter one!

Oh! Challenge for the readers! Can you tell me what the title of this chapter means??? I'll add the answer to this note when I get the last chapter validated.

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You Found Me: In the Words of David Bowie . . .


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