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Past Loves by lilywithnojames
Chapter 1 : Memories and Mates
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It was weird. We had begun dating in seventh year, and things couldn’t have been better, until we left school and we fell apart, with promises of staying together being broken. Even though I knew that we loved each other, I always supposed that our love wasn’t as deep as we had thought, and I had not thought of him very often. Yet, when, by word of mouth, I found out he was engaged, I began to think about him more and more, and I realised what a mistake I’d made in letting him go.


I should introduce myself properly; I’m Lily Evans, I’m a healer at St Mungo’s and I share a flat with my two very messy best friends, Keira and Nikki, in London. In case you were wondering, I was talking about James Potter. It was like my favourite muggle book, Pride and Prejudice, to begin with. I hated him, but he loved me and in the end I changed my mind and loved him back. What happens after the ‘happily ever after’ moment however, can be very different to what you would expect.

I loved James and I knew he loved me, but; I went to train to be a healer and he went to train to be an auror. We spent less and less time together and never officially broke up because we were so separated that we didn’t need to. So, five years later, here I am, just realising that I still love him.

‘Oi, Lily,’ Keira said as she came bursting into my room one morning, ‘can I borrow your grey skirt for my interview today?’

I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

‘Yeah ok,’ I replied, yawning, ‘just don’t do the same as what you did to my green jacket.’

‘I won’t I promise,’ she said, taking the skirt out of my wardrobe, ‘thanks. Hey by he way, shouldn’t you be up by now?’

‘Why, what ti-’ I began, glancing at my clock. ‘Oh crud! I had to leave ten minutes ago!’

I jumped out of bed and very hurriedly began to get dressed. I don’t like to boast, well maybe I do a bit, but I’m one of those people who can look good no matter what. So, even though I was certainly less presentable than how I usually was, I still looked nice. I ran into the kitchen, where Nikki was eating, grabbed some breakfast, yelled bye to Keira, said it to Nikki and disapparated.


‘Healer Evans you are thirty minutes late.’ Said the stern voice of Healer Gibbs.

‘I know, I’m really sorry.’ I said, panting slightly.

‘Your first patient is in room 426. It’s yet another Death Eater caused injury, but we think this one may be more serious so I’m putting you in charge to run any tests you think necessary.’

He handed me a clipboard and I departed. I was quite pleased, as I had never been in charge of a Death Eater caused injury before, having only achieved residency several weeks ago.

I made my way to the fourth floor and when I found the right room, I entered.

‘Sorry I’m late,’ I began, ‘I- James?’

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Past Loves: Memories and Mates


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