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The Girl from the Pits by Snapes_Sweet_Heart
Chapter 1 : The Dream
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Disclaimer: Everything you see before you belongs to Jo Rowling. This chapter was dedicated to my bffl and the most awesome person the universe has ever known, Snuffles_snogger. She is an amazing writer and you should definately read her Sirius/OC fic "An Open Book.


 “Severus, come on, it’s your birthday chose a girl” Shawn had said. The women lined up, all bound and all scared. He simply shook his head. ‘No, no.’ he told himself ‘these women shouldn’ just walk away.’ And true he had started to walk away but then changed his mind once he saw her.

          “Her. I want her.” He had said quickly pointing to the young lady about his age in auror uniform. She had been comforting another girl when Severus had just claimed her.

          “Good choice Severus.” Shawn said pushing her into his arms. The other girls looked alarmed at the sight of their leader being taken, but the girl kept her cool, or so it appeared. Once out of site and into his private quarters the girl lost it.

          “Please, please.” She begged. “I’m just 19! Don’t make me do this.” Tears were now streaming from her eyes. Severus took his trusty Slytherin scarf off the wall and wrapped it around her neck.

          “Slytherin is your ally.” He whispered to her...

“Uh!” Severus awoke with a start. Looking around he soon remembered that the dream was just his mind unconsciously recalling the events of his horrible youth. “Stupid old bat.” He said to himself as he rubbed his temples. “Forget the girl! Forget those horrid Pits.” But even after giving himself a stern talking to he still got up and looked at the rings.

          The smooth sliver rings hung from a peg on the wall. Each time that girl went back to the pits she left him a ring. He had even saved the envelopes in which each sliver ring had come. He ran his hands over the delicate rings, HOPE TRUST FAITH LOVE PEACE. Each ring held one of the five words. “You silly girl.” He muttered softly to himself. He had not seen the lovely young auror anytime after he helped her to escape, and he now thought it for the best, though he did wonder what her name was.


          “Adelaide! ADDIE!” a voice screeched. Addie sat up in bed, her eyes half lidded and he hair stuck up and frizzed in every direction.

          “What in gods name do you want!” She shouted from her bed. It was a very chilly September morning and she refused to leave the comfort of her cozy bed covers at such a ghastly hour.

          “I want YOU to get off YOUR LAZY ASS and go TEACH!” Shouted an older woman who had just poked her head into Addie’s room.

           “Oh yes teach! I had forgotten!” Addie said getting reluctantly out of bed and then changed into teach robes.

          “You forgot you had a class. You’ve been teaching on the same schedule for 14 years and you forgot that you had a class to teach today!” the woman screamed.

          “Yes Alice so sue me! I have been...well it doesn’t matter.” Addie mumbled as she clipped her cloak shut. She gently ran her fingers over the mark They had made. She had been dreaming again, of the man who saved her, the man whom she had left the rings to visit after visit to the horrible Pits. The mark she now bore was a branded into her skin using a hot iron. The symbol was a snake coiling around a heart.

          “Yes, well sort out your inner demons and get back to being a teacher.” Alice Linkston head of Dreamer team grumbled and headed toward the mess hall. 


          “NO NO NO!” Severus yelled as Neville put the wrong ingredient into his caldron causing it to once again explode. “15 points from Gryffindor!” He said smugly.

          “Professor Snape I don’t want to pry but what are those?” Draco asked pointing to the sliver chain, from which five precious rings hung. 

          “NOTHING! 15 points from Slytherin for asking about the rings!” he shouted in a panic. He snatched the rings from his desk and put them in his pocket. “And 50 points from Gryffindor!” he shouted again upon seeing the children of red and gold whispering about his sudden out burst. “And you, your thinking about the rings aren't you?! Expelled! Out of my class room!” He screamed at a random student from Gryffindor house.  “On a second thought just stay put and a 15 page essay on precisely what you learned today will be tomorrow by first period.” He said calming down.

          The class went back to finishing their potions and talking about the strange rings. Severus at his desk, his back turned toward his students. He ran his fingers lightly over the rings thinking about all the wonder and amazement each one brought at the time.  The first ring he had gotten was HOPE.


          “Hey guys.” Addie said somewhat glumly as she waved to her students.

          “Hey Addie what’s wrong?” asked Allison.

          “Nothing really, I just had this dream last night about that guy.” Addie said to Allison as she unpacked her lesson plan for the day and got supplies ready. Even though Allison well better known as Alli was her favorite student Addie had told her very little about the Slytherin or the night in the Pit.

           “Oh that guy who saved your life?” Alli asked as she took her seat.

          “Yeah, I just wish I knew his name.”


“Severus, what are you doing?” Albus asked as he watched the Potions Master gently handle a sliver necklace as if it was glass and about to break.

          “Hmm, what nothing, nothing Headmaster, and what can I do for you on this dreary Wednesday afternoon?” 

          Dumbledore looked at Severus thoughtfully and then said “Sometimes talking about the memory can help, I my self find it very relaxing to talk out feelings once in a while.”

          “Fine Albus if you want to know what’s wrong it’s this!” Severus said angrily shoving the girl’s bag which had been confiscated and given to him during that life changing night at the Pits.

           “What is this?” Albus asked calmly running his nibble fingers along the denim bag.

          “You know what that is.” Severus said sourly

          “Yes, but I need you to tell me.”

          ‘Stop treating me like a child you old meddling fool.’ Severus thought but then answered “It’s her bag, it belonged to the girl who I-I saved. And even though it was the only good thing I ever did in my entire life it haunts my memory.”

          Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully and then patted Severus on the back. “It’s been a lovely conversation with you today Severus, have a nice Wednesday.” The head master said and left.


          Once in his office Dumbledore thought for a moment while petting Phoxe’s feathers. He then decided to talk to an old friend. “I think it’s time to have a chat with Maria.” Dumbledore said to himself quietly.

          Dumbledore arrived via floo in the unmistakable office of Maria Sanchez. The office which was no where near similar to his, belonged to the highly respected Headmistress of Hocis Pokis the American school for witchcraft.

          An elderly woman entered the office mumbling to her self about enchanted armor and footwear missiles. “Hello Maria.” Albus greeted. Maria smiled, even though she was somewhat stunned to see him.

          “Hello, your self Albus, come tell me, when did you make trips to America?” she asked shaking his hand warmly.

          “Well Maria I have a favor to ask of you.” Albus said sitting at the tea table beside the window.

          “Of course Albus, anything I can do for you. Just ask.” Maria said sitting at the table across from him. “Tea?” she offered. Albus nodded and tea appeared in his cup.

          “A very intriguing place you have here.” Albus said smiling as he looked out the window to the bustling school grounds far below.

          “Yes it certainly is. As the kids would say it’s a rock’in a place.” Maria said chuckling softly to herself.

          “Well Maria to get right to the point, I was hoping I could borrow a professor.” Albus said very seriously putting down the tea china.

           “Alright Albus, this is very irregular but, if need be, you can indeed recruit one of my staff.” Maria said somewhat taken back by her old friend’s request. “Which staff member did you have in mind?”

          “Well, I was hoping to hire that young lady down there.” Albus said and both Maria and he looked onto the class taking place below...

          Down Below...

“Who can tell me what to do when a werewolf attacks?” Addie asked as she led her class through the school grounds.

          “Run like frick’in hell!” Alli shouted making everyone, even Addie laugh.

          “Professor what’s that?” asked Randy pointing toward the worn green and sliver scarf draped around her neck.

          “Yeah, that’s not any of our school colors.” Agreed Helen

          “You all say that everyday. I wear this scarf, every day. And every day I say the same thing. When will you stop asking?” Addie said exasperated.

          “When you give us a decent explanation about that damn scarf we will stop asking!” Alli said frustrated, the class agreed with her.

          “The scarf is a Slytherin scarf, from a school in Great Britain. A man who saved my life gave it to me.” Addie said carefully, not wanting to reveal too much about that horrid night at the Pit to her students.

          The kids nodded. The class seemed satisfied with Addie’s answer and they let her continue the lesson with out too many interruptions.


“Albus, that’s Adelaide Concor. She teaches Dark Arts here. She’s a unique person, and a great teacher, she gets along great with the kids. Though, I must warn you, if you hire her you're in for some wonderful ups and some terrible downs.” Maria said solemnly. Dumbledore nodded thought fully.

          “That’s fine; can I expect her tomorrow by dinner time?” He asked turning away from Addie’s class below to face Maria.

          “Yes, by 6:30 I'll have her in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School.

          Albus said his good byes and then stepped once more into the fire place.

          Once arriving back in his old familiar office he settled down and thought of the many tasks he must complete if all was to go according to plan.

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