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Lost by jesi lily
Chapter 3 : Lost Memories
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James felt horrible for what he had done to Lily, but it was only meant to scare her. He didn’t mean to hurt her. Lily had now been unconscious for two days and James spent most of his time by her bedside.

“Mate, come on food. Food, y’know you eat it!” Sirius exclaimed, James had refused to leave Lily’s side, he would get one of the marauders to bring him food, the only time he wasn’t there was during lessons.

“It’s not like you cared about her before!” Remus spat at James, he was still very angry with James.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her.” James said weakly not looking Remus in the eye. Remus snorted at that. ‘Didn’t mean to hurt her, my fucking arse, he hates her!’ Remus had short brownish blonde hair and amber eyes, he was as tall as James and considered just as good looking.

Although Remus had never been mean or nasty to anyone he was so angry that James had willing put some one’s life at risk.

That night as James went to say good night to the unconscious Lily, something stopped him. Maybe it was the way her breathing got quicker or how her eyes started to flutter open, or maybe it was the fact she was letting out the occasional gasp as if trying to swallow too much air.

“Madame Strout, Lily’s waking up!” James yelled into the darkness that was the nurse’s office.

Madame Strout came running out of the office and stopped by Lily’s bed, where a fully conscious Lily was lying.

“How are you feeling, dear?” The nurse asked softly.

“My-my, head, it hurts.” Lily said looking slightly confused.

“Ok, Miss Evans, I will get you something for that.” The nurse said kindly.

“Who’s Miss Evans, Is that me?” Lily asked Looking even more confused. James stared at Lily bewildered, while Madame Strout looked concerned.

“Dear, can you tell me your name?” Madame Strout asked kindly. She had worry etched into her face.

Lily looked scared she turned to James, unaware of whom it was. She turned back to Madame Strout, again unaware of who she was looking at. Confused, Lily turned from James to Madame Strout. Lily had no idea who she was.

Terrified and confused, Lily bust into tears. “I–I, don’t, kno-know, who I am!” she wailed. Quickly Madame Strout took Lily into her arms and rocked her back and forth.

“Mr Potter, please go and fetch the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall.” Madame Strout instructed.

James ran out of the hospital wing, feeling incredibly guilty. It was his fault Lily was confused and couldn’t remember anything. What was worse was the fact she would have no one to turn to, not even Snape now, and that had also been James’ fault.

James soon got to Professor McGonagall’s Office; he had been there enough to know all the short cuts. He knocked on the door loudly and soon heard the scuffling of feet nearing the door. The door opened and McGonagall appeared wearing a green tartan night gown and night cap.

“Mr Potter, what on earth are you doing here at this time of night?” McGonagall asked shocked, yes she knew James and his friends were often out past curfew, but they never came by her office for fear of getting caught.

“Evans, she’s awake, but she can’t remember anything.” James said quickly. When James said Lily was conscious McGonagall looked very happy (well as happy as you can look with out smiling too much), but as he said she couldn’t remember anything the professor’s face fell.

“Thank you Potter, I Imagine you are going to get professor Dumbledore now?” McGonagall asked.

“Yeah, I am on my way there.” James replied quickly.

“Well then, come on Potter.” McGonagall said, leading the way to Dumbledore’s office.

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