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Being Grawp by Emma
Chapter 1 : Being Grawp
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Being Grawp
By Emma

Just a eensy beensy little narrative ficlet about Grawp. Let me warn you, if you don't know who Grawp is yet, DO NOT READ. It will spoil things for you.

I'd always been small.

Wee Wittle Ickle Grawp, they'd called me.

Tackled me, teased me, beat on me until all I could see was red - from the blood in my eyes, that is.

Abused me, injured me, lowered my self esteem - I didn't have a mother nor father to save me. I had no family, and no friends. All soft enough to feel sorry for me - killed.

I don't know why they didn't just kill me from the start, when I was born.

However, there was somebody who would come to save me.


Even though I still cannot pronounce his name, I know him, and I love him as I have never loved anybody. His name is Hagrid, and he is my brother.

Well, half brother. He is the best giant I have ever met. He has such a big heart.

I have no comprehension of such compassion. I was bullied to the point of disturbing me to the inner core of my animal-like violence - until Hagrid.

Hagrid is back at the Forest now, keeping an eye on me. Teaching me his human ways, his human speech, and how to grow a heart as big as his.

I don't believe it possible, after everything that I have put my brother through. But its true.

Somebody finally loves me.


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Being Grawp: Being Grawp


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