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One Young Mind by Bellamybabe
Chapter 1 : -One-
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Chapter One-

The summer’s day was a sticky one, hot sun with no wind, so most of the residents of the village just outside of Cardiff were pleased as the cool breeze began to rush in from the nearby sea as the night began to descend; like a black blanket strewn with diamonds. The warm glow of the sun was replaced with the cool mist and silver grey of the moon; windows were open in hopes to bring in as much needed relief as they settled for sleep.

Lights in the houses flickered off and darkness came upon the area, as sleep swelled up and drowned them. Silences was pierced sporadically by a bark or meow of a prowling animal, domesticated or stray, as they hunted for the night vermin or the strolled the area, sniffing and marking their territory as they moved.

The only form of life this night was the peculiar glittering that appeared in a few windows of the large manor that was built a few minutes away from the village. The grounds of the manor were sheltered with a ten foot wall that had vines crawling up the sides and the silent steps of guards strolling calming.

The manor was the main gossip of the village, as they knew someone had moved in last year, but has yet made no appearance to any of the villagers. They would sit around friends houses for tea and biscuits, or just a lazy conversation over the fence, and guess what sort of person lived their. They would giggle at their outlandish descriptions, but one thought was common and clear, he was rude to have turned down every single one of their invites for either a party or a simple picnic.

The butcher and baker had made a few deliveries, but they had no hopes of passing the guards. Every second Thursday a message would be sent to have a large portion sent to the house, ‘a large order every fortnight, big enough for a large party, but have never seen anyone actually enter or leave the premises.

They would reach the gate, knock and ‘a tall man, about six foot, would answer. It was always the same, never will forget him. He has long blonde hair and cold grey eyes. Never says a word, except for thank you and then closes the gate again after payment’.

Little did they know that the manor wasn’t harbouring some snobbish rich family, like previously (‘at least they came to a party or two, regretted inviting them every time, but at least they came’), but the most dangerous criminal seen in magical history for hundreds of years and his large grouping of followers. He moved in shortly after the fiasco of the Tri-Wizard tournament a couple of years ago, to use the house as a base of operations as the previous one was known. This one was under the Fidalius charm and he was the secret keeper, as he wasn’t foolish enough to place the responsibility on a follower.

The aforementioned Dark Lord was sitting in a large back armchair in a ballroom, which was empty except for himself and one of his followers. His red eyes looked upon the Death Eater who dared ask for a moment of his time. He pulled out his wand, he smirked maliciously as the robed follower before him tensed, and conjured a glass of wine on the table separating them. He sipped it, smacking his lips in pleasurably satisfaction, before ripping a bit of meat of the roast lamb he also conjured.

“What is it you wished to speak with me about Severus?” Voldemort said as he leaned back in his chair.

“I know you are most displeased with my interference with Malfoy’s mission, my lord…” Severus began after bowing slightly.

“I am very much unsatisfied. But I am pleased that the muggle loving fool is no longer in my way of that Potter brat…”

“That is the problem, my Lord” Severus said, daring to interrupt. “Or I believe it is at least.”

“What is it, Severus?”

“I did not think it a good idea to bring it up at the meeting, my Lord, but during the week before the fool’s death, I was tending to Sybil Trelawney, when she made, what I deem to be another prophecy.”

“Has she? Well, why have you not brought her before me?”

“The fool has quite a gift for protection, my Lord.” Severus began steadily, his tone emotionless, as was his face. “Whilst she is within the castle by way of guest of profession, I can not force her to leave, or I would have brought her before you during the mishap of Umbridge.”

“Ah, yes, I remember how you spoke of this previously. Even in death he can still thwart my plans. Carry on, Severus” Voldemort said with a dismissive way of his hand.

“My Lord, I believe it is, if I have interpreted it correctly, a hazard to your plans for Potter.”

“I beg you pardon, Severus” He hissed as he leaned forward, the air thick with his magic as his anger grew.

“I think it speaks of his power to come active in the weeks leading up to his seventeenth”

“What is this Prophecy?”

“May I have use of your pensieve my Lord, so my interpretation does not hinder yours?” Severus added to Voldemort’s sharp look. With a flick of the wand the Pensieve left the cabinet behind the dark lord and landed upon the table with a thud; the silvery liquid inside sloshing slightly, but not spilling over. Severus moved forward and placed the wand to his temple. He closed his eyes in concentration before pulling away a thick band of soft silver that floated like a feather to the basin where it mixed with the other contents.

“Excellent Severus” Voldemort hissed satisfactorily. “This lessens your punishment of interference somewhat.”

“Thank you, my Lord” Severus said bowing slight before he fell to the floor screaming as millions of hot phantom pokers stabbed at his muscles and nerves, leaving him twitchy, when the Cruciatus Curse was removed.

“Now, what is it Potter shall develop on the day of adulthood and meetings?” Voldemort hissed softly as he moved toward the glittering basin. “You may remain Severus, as your interpretation may be useful.”

Harry Potter sat up suddenly, gasping for breath as tremors ran over his body. His nightclothes were sticking to his thin frame as cold sweat covered him like a second skin.


Author's Note- Another new story. Did you like? The first few chapters will be a bit short as i am establishing a new story, but soon more detail will come. Please Review as your thoughts are most welcome

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One Young Mind: -One-


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