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What is Right and What is Easy by Junerian
Chapter 2 : Safety
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A/N: Hope you all liked the prolouge and enjoy chapter 1!

Chapter 1: Safety -3 months after Dumbledore’s death.
Harry looked out the window as he watched the terrain. A since of hopelessness filled him. It’s been almost 3 months since Voldemort had token over and everything seemed empty and lost.

“Harry are you alright?” asked Hermione with a since of sadness in her voice.

“Yea man you haven’t seemed yourself lately” commented Ron.

“Well can you blame me?” said Harry “Nothings the same any more I mean we can’t even sleep now without worrying about not waking up!”

“Harry that’s no reason to get mad at us” said Hermione tenderly.

“I’m sorry…It’s just after Dumbledore’s and Voldemort’s rise….It seems like there’s no hope left.” replied Harry.

Harry went back to starring out the window; he didn’t like talking much anymore. They were currently riding on the former Hogwarts express. After Dumbledore died Arthur and McGonagall started enchanting it; making it undetectable, untraceable etc. Harry didn’t know why at the time but now he assumes they foresaw the oncoming advents. Almost immediately after Voldemort took the ministry The Order rounded up most Hogwarts students and teachers and set off on The Express as they called it now.

Currently they were headed towards Transylvania it was rumored to be safe there.

“Well I’m going to try to get some sleep” said Ron as he stood up and walked out of there car.

Harry watched him walk out then looked back out the window.

“Harry” said Hermione “are you ok? I’m worried about you.”

Harry looked over at Hermione and thought he saw her eyes starting to water.

“I’m sorry Hermione but it’s all too much… I can’t deal right now. I just need some time to myself.” said Harry as he felt an overwhelming since of passion he couldn’t explain.

He was sure of it now Hermione’s eyes were watering up. He felt an urge to lean in and kiss her but…

“Ron kicked me out of my bed” said Ginny as she walked in.

“Haha” said Hermione as she still looked at Harry,

Suddenly the train stopped.

“Why’d we stop?” said a frightened Ginny.

“I’m going to see” said Harry as he stood up and opened up the car door.

Get back! ” said Arthur Weasly.

“We think there’s Death Eaters ahead on the tracks.” He said in a hurry “get back into your car we’re taking care of it.”

Harry stepped back into the car and he was sure he was paler than the moon.

“What’s the problem?” asked Ginny.

“Death Eaters” replied Harry sounding like his mind was somewhere else.

“Is everything going to be ok?” asked Hermione looking at Harry.

Harry could hear something in her voice almost like she was looking for comfort.

-7 years 1 month after Dumbledore’s death.

Harry looked out of his tent. He could have sworn he had heard something. He pulled out his wand and was half expecting a Death Eater to jump out at him. The night remind still. It had been about a month since he had left his friends behind to start his journey for power. He hated to leave them….especially Hermione, but what must be done must be done. In the distance he heard a wolf howling, probably at the moon. He had been constantly a waiting for something like a werewolf pack to pass by where he was camping as this area was over populated with them.

He stepped back into the tent. It seemed he was growing lonelier and lonelier and he was growing use to it. It was almost nice being on his own never knowing if he’d make it to see the next day. The wild animals weren’t the big threat, Death Eaters were. Before he left there was rumors of Death Eaters approaching there much loved sanctuary and the risk of him leaving and being caught was higher than ever….

Harry’s train of thought was broken as he heard an extremely loud growling noise very close to his tent. It didn’t sound like a werewolf but he couldn’t be sure. He stood up and drew his wand hoping to get the upper hand of a surprise attack on whatever it was. He reached into his trunk and pulled out his invisibility cloak and threw it on, not that it would help much as most animals could sniff him out, and stepped out of the tent.

He saw a movement to his right “Avarium” he whispered and shot a blast of pure energy that way. He saw the earth explode under where it hit. And just beyond that he saw a wolf like shape run back into the woods. Harry chased after it hoping to end this here and ran into a clearing where he saw it on the other side. If it made it into the woods he’d never find it. “Petrolous totalous” he said but just barely missing his target. He felt anger rise up in him as he saw it disappear behind trees.

His hunt for his presumed werewolf was over as he walked back towards his tent hoping to now be able to get rest before setting back out on his journey for Aberforth.

-3 months after Dumbledore’s death.

Harry stared at the car door half expecting Death Eaters to barge in at any time. He heard Ginny let out a whimper in the corner. They were all scared as could be and just wanted to continue on there way to safety. Suddenly the train started back up and they all let out a sigh as Arthur walked in “Everything’s ok now” he said looking grim “They passed on there way thank god our charms held out.”.

Hours later everyone besides Harry had done there best to get comfortable and was laying down trying to sleep. He was pretty sure they had all slipped into sleep by now and he looked over to Hermione. He hadn’t noticed, hadn’t had the time to notice, just how much she had changed since Dumbledore’s death. Her hair seemed to have grown a good couple of inches and was becoming lighter, her body definitely had grown to, and she had become more caring and understanding than ever,

He knew Dumbledore’s death had been hard on her too like it had been for all of them. But she still found the piece of mind and time to try and talk to Harry about things. He usually did his best to blow her off, but now after thinking about it he decided soon they’d have a nice long heart to heart chat. He needed it more than ever that was for sure.

And without even realizing it Harry fell into sleep. A nice and deep sleep he more than deserved as they headed towards safety.

A/N Hoped you like it used my own spell in there and of course I’m leading up to some big advents. Please review :) .

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What is Right and What is Easy: Safety


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