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You Found Me by Serenity0047
Chapter 1 : Hostilities and Fronts
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Author’s Note: This is my idea of what would happen if the plot of The Breakfast Club occurred at Hogwarts. I must warn you, I haven’t read the Harry Potter books, I’ve only seen the movies. So all the knowledge I have about the characters has come from the films and an extremely handy website describing anything Harry Potter. I don’t know what happens to the crew after the Goblet of Fire, I thought up events that would make a couple characters fit in the Breakfast Club profile a little more. Sorry if it’s not believable, but then again, we are discussing children that do magic.
Disclaimer: It’s mine!!! All of it!!! Insert maniacal laughter. Just kidding. I don’t own the characters or anything like that. Blah blah blah.

Hermione strode down the corridor carrying several books. Her robes billowed behind her as her feet quickly carried her to the detention hall. If she didn’t get there soon, she would get into even more trouble and she really didn’t need that. This was the first detention she had received this year, and the year was barely half over, but this detention was bad. It was Saturday. And she had to serve a nine hour detention while everyone else got to go to Hogsmead. She passed some windows and slowed to a halt. Outside, everyone was getting ready to leave. She searched the crowd and quickly spotted a head of fire red hair.

“Lucky bugger,” she thought to herself as Ron kidded around with a few other students. Strange, she didn’t see Harry at his side. Hermione reached the detention hall and opened the heavy double doors. The room was mostly empty, except for several round tables with chairs. A quick scan of the room told her where Harry was. As well as Draco Malfoy. Their eyes met and they both shot each other a look of disgust. They both knew why the other was there. Harry looked over at her and nodded with his head to the spot beside him. Hermione took the seat as the doors opened again. In walked Neville Longbottom. Hermione hadn’t really talked to Neville this whole year. He had changed over the summer. He was quieter than he usually was, but edgier and darker at the same time. Kind of Slytherin, if one could use that as a verb. If she had just met him she would assume he was part of Slytherin house. He casually strolled over to a table next to her and sat down. Soon after him, Ginny Weasley quickly and quietly walked in and sat at a table, putting some distance between her and the rest of the group. The five of them sat there, not saying anything.

“I can not believe my father couldn’t get me out of this. Or Snape for that matter, this is his detention anyways. And to top it all off, it’s a Saturday, I have to be here for nine hours with a mudblood, a scarhead, a son of a basket case, and . . . who is that again? Oh, Weasley’s little sister, whatever her name is,” Draco thought to himself bitterly. He looked around at the others in the room. He made eye contact with Neville, but he quickly lowered his eyes when Neville looked back at him. The double doors opened once again. In strode Professor Snape. He crossed the room looking down on the students as if they were rodents.

“So, you are all aware you will be here for the next nine hours, correct?” he sneered.

“Yes sir,” the five of them said drearily.

“There will be no talking. Granger, Potter, you two must move farther away. I can’t have you two plotting a way to escape.” Harry and Hermione looked at each other and sighed. Harry picked up his books and moved to the other side of the table. “And on that note, I must ask you all to hand me your wands now. There will be no magic, and you may not sleep, is that clear Mr. Longbottom?”

“As a summer’s day Professor,” Neville leaned back in his chair. Snape went around to each of the students, relieving them of their instruments. As he took Ginny’s, he frowned slightly.

“Now, I am going to be in the office down the hall. Do not attempt any funny business, I will hear you,” he gave each of them one last look before turning on his heel and gliding out of the room, closing the doors behind him.

“Now why would he give us all those ridiculous rules and then shut the doors?” Neville shook his head. He looked around at the others in the room, his eyes stopping on Ginny. He remembered the Yule Ball last year and the fun they had. Then this summer happened and he stopped writing her. He felt bad for that, but that was about all he felt. “So what are we supposed to do if we need to use the bathroom or something?” he asked the others in the room.

“I don’t know, but I know we should keep it down. I have a Quidditch game next weekend and I can’t miss it,” Harry opened his DADA book.

“He shut the doors, how is he supposed to know what we are doing?”

“He could have cast a spell on the room so he can hear what is going on from the other room,” Hermione spoke up matter of factly. Nobody had much to say to that, out loud at least. The five of them sat quietly for the next thirty minutes. Only the occasional cough or fidget broke the silence. Hermione’s eyes strayed from her book up to Draco, who was sitting in front of her, to her left. His eyes met hers and she quickly brought them back down to her book. Harry sighed and stretched as well as he could in his chair. Hermione glanced up at Harry and the two of them smirked silently to each other. Then Harry rolled his eyes as if to say he was very bored. Hermione smirked again and nodded. Draco was watching this exchange with interest.

“Hey Mudblood,” he spoke up. Hermione frowned and turned her head in his direction. “Are you and Scarboy dating? I thought you were shagging Weasel. I meant your brother there, Weaselette,” he directed the last statement at the red haired girl sitting with her back to the others.

“Sod off, Malfoy,” Harry spat out,”Nobody here cares to listen to what you have to say.”

“Excuse me but my inquiry was directed to the mudblood,” Draco turned his attention back to Hermione. Expecting an answer, he raised his eyebrows.

“No, we’re not dating,” she answered his question, annoyance laced in her voice. She tried to focus her attention once more onto the book in her hands.


“Who what?”

“Who aren’t you dating?”

“Neither of them!” Hermione raised her voice in frustration. Why did Malfoy have to be such an insufferable nuisance?

“Hey!” Harry stopped them,”We should really keep it down.”

“I agree,” Hermione turned back to her book. She didn’t want to get another one of these detentions. They had only been there for about forty minutes and she was going stir crazy. The doors to the room opened and Snape stood at the entrance. He slowly walked past the tables, his steely grey eyes shifting from student to student. As he passed Neville, he grabbed the chair Neville was resting his feet on and yanked it out from under them. Replacing the chair farther away, he continued his rounds. He glanced once more at Ginny. She was chewing on her fingernails and did not seem to notice Snape. Snape cleared his throat and glared down at her. Ginny raised her eyes and lowered her hand to her lap. The professor sniffed and surveyed the room once more. He turned on his heel and briskly exited the room, his black robes rustling. The doors slammed shut and everyone looked at each other. Neville snickered at the door.

“I don’t think he’s got the room monitored,” Neville said.

“What makes you think that?” Ginny asked from her corner. The others turned to look at her, surprised by the end of her silence. Neville looked into her eyes for a second.

“He would have said something about us talking if he did,” Neville got up and moved his footrest back to where it was before.

“So, Weaselette, what happened with you and Longbottom here? I heard you two were out real late after the Yule Ball last year. What’s the deal?” Draco spoke up after a few minutes of silence. Neville and Ginny glanced at each other and looked away quickly. Ginny didn’t know what had happened to make Neville stop writing her over the summer, but Neville did. He had visited his parents a lot over the summer, hoping their condition had improved. But it hadn’t. In fact, they were worse than ever. Simple confusion had turned to sheer paranoia. They wondered why this strange boy was always visiting them. Did he work for Voldemort? They were certain he was going to finish what Bellatrix couldn’t.

Hermione felt she could see the discomfort in the room as if it were a dense fog. She had wondered why Ginny had become so reclusive this year. She knew it had to be about Neville somehow, but she couldn’t get a word about it from Ginny. After a while she gave up out of frustration, but she still worried for her friend.

“Why do you have to meddle into other people’s business Malfoy?” She glared into his eyes. Malfoy thought he could feel a hole burning through the back of his skull from her gaze.

“What’s it to you Mudblood?” Draco sneered at her. Apparently the broken nose she had given him in their third year wasn’t enough.

“I just don’t see the reason for you to be asking everyone all these questions. Why do you need to know about our dating situations anyways?”

“Probably verifying his options,” Harry muttered. Hermione didn’t give Draco a chance to respond to Harry’s crack.

“Why can’t you just stop bothering us? You always have to insult everyone around you or control everything they do,” Draco’s eyes flashed as he opened his mouth to defend himself. Hermione would not allow that though.

“I’ve seen how you treat all your so-called friends! You don’t let them sneeze without your permission!” Draco inhaled deeply through his nose and stood up.

“What about you? You think you’re so much better than me? You say you’ve seen how I treat my friends, well I’ve seen you too! I’ve seen you boss Potty and Weasel around! Always telling Ron to slow down when he eats, reminding Harry about all the tests he has to study for,” Draco counted off the times Hermione had controlled Harry and Ron on his fingers. Harry did remember the many times Hermione had acted like a mother hen to him and Ron, but it surprised him that Draco had noticed those things too. Hermione’s faced reddened as the words passed Draco’s lips. Draco could have stopped there, in fact, he knew in his mind he should have stopped there. Not because the words he was saying were hurtful, but he didn’t want anyone in the room to know just how much he knew of Hermione Granger. How much he had been watching her, especially since that night at the Yule Ball. Yes, Draco could have stopped, but he didn’t. He walked over to the now silent bushy haired girl and put his hands on the chair next to her, leaning into her face.

“Why do you have to control your friends? Do you want to know why I do what I do? It’s because I feel better being in control. I feel better knowing that others are frightened of me. At least I don’t hide it. And in response to your comment Potter,” Draco spat out his name as he turned to Harry, pointing his finger at him, “I would rather serve one of these detentions every Saturday rather than be seen with any of these two.”

“Yeah, speaking of detention, why are you here? Daddy couldn’t get you out of it? I thought you were Snape’s pet,” Harry sat back and looked Draco in the eye.

“I’m here for the same reason she’s here,” he gestured to Hermione. “Why are you here Potter? Why is the Triwizard Champion spending a Saturday in detention?” The room fell silent at Draco’s question. Harry’s eyes darkened as he looked down again.

“You bloody prat,” Neville wished he had his wand. Draco shot him the same sentiment.

“How dare you bring that up,” Hermione’s voice was dangerously low. The room fell silent once more.

“Let’s just drop it, alright,” Harry said quietly as he focused on his book. The uneasy silence returned to the room once more as Draco returned to his chair.

Author's Note: I don't know why i haven't mentioned this before, but don't be confused by the completed message at the summary. There are many more chapters to be posted I just have to wait for them to be validated, and i can only submit one unvalidated chapter at a time. I wasn't aware of that policy when i submitted the story . The story is finished, about five chapters or so. So please be patient, I'll post the rest of the chapters as soon as I an able to, I check this website almost daily. Thanks for all the great reviews! Don't stop! You guys are great!

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