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The Best Birthday Ever, No, The Worst, Or... The Best? by HermioneG
Chapter 1 : A Secret Admirer?
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”Lily! Wake up!”

Lily moved a little, but made no attempt to get out of the bed.

“Come on, Lily! It’s your birthday!”

Lily’s mind registered the word ‘birthday’, but she still lay there, groaning.

Birthday! You know, the birthday you told us would finally be successful…”

Lily’s green eyes opened to see her best friend, Amanda, who preferred to be called Mandy, staring back at her. Lily yawned and stretched. “Please, Mandy. It’s Saturday, and it’s my birthday, as you’ve already told me. Could I please get to sleep as long as I want to?”

“No, you can’t! All the other have gone for breakfast and – and - oh, you have to see this!”

This caught Lily’s attention. “What? What do I have to see?” she asked as she sat up.

Mandy pointed at something at the end of Lily’s bed. Lily threw her duvet away to reveal a little pile of presents. She laughed. “Is this what I’m supposed to see? I love gifts, but it could’ve waited till I wo-”

“No, it couldn’t!” Mandy said excitedly. “Have a look at this!” She shoved a big, red present into her friend’s hands.

Lily looked puzzled. “What?” There wasn’t anything special about the present she held. The only thing that was unusual was that the name of the sender was missing.

“You don’t realise what this means?” Mandy said in a whisper, smiling from ear to ear.

“Of course I do. It’s my birthday. I get a gift. And, oh, I know! I get more gifts!”

Mandy muttered something about “supposed to be smart”, before she spoke directly to Lily again. “This is a present,” she said, taking up the red parcel and pointing at it. “Get it?”


“It’s red, right?”


“You’ve no idea who sent it?”

“No idea.”

“And it’s got little hearts on it?”

“Yes - what?”

“It has. So obviously, you have a secret admirer.”

Lily stared at the other girl in disbelief, before shaking her head, laughing. “Honestly, you conclude that before even opening it?”


“I think you’re wrong.”

“I think I’m right, actually.”

“I doubt that I have a secret admirer. The person who sent it probably just forgot to sign. And if they did it on purpose… well, then I suppose there’s something absolutely horrid in there.”

“You’re definitely wrong. I’m definitely right.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “We’ll see afterwards,” she said, standing up, grabbing the clothes she had hung over the chair beside her bed the night before.

“What do you mean? Afterwards?” Mandy looked shocked.

“You didn’t honestly think I’d dare open them before I got dressed after what happened last year?” Lily said, as images of her previous birthday and Sirius Black’s present popped up in her head.

Realisation seemed to hit Mandy. “Oh. Well. You have to admit it was quite amusing.”

“Amusing? Amusing? I believe you weren’t the one who found pictures of yourself in your underwear everywhere. I believe you weren’t the one who looked terrible and had messy hair on all of them. I believe you weren’t the one who opened a present, half-sleeping at the time, only to get a camera in your face, taking picture after picture after picture! It was not amusing! Why do you laugh?”

Mandy giggled. “Sorry, but it sounds even funnier now when you’re re-telling it!”

Lily mumbled something, before she went inside of the bathroom.

“Hurry, okay?” she heard Mandy yell after her. “I’m not going to wait here forever, you know!”

“I know you won’t!” Lily shouted back. “I know you; if I don’t get out in fifteen minutes, you’ll hex the door open, then put the Imperius curse on me, forcing me to open that gift. Am I right?”

All she heard was, “Damn know-it-all.”

Lily grinned. This birthday would get good. It would. It should. Better than the previous ones, anyway.

In first year, she had accidentally swallowed something that she believed to be sweets, but turned out to be the biggest fly she had ever seen (at least the biggest fly she had ever swallowed). In second year, she nearly drowned in Polyjuice Potion. She had swallowed loads, but there were no parts of persons there, so she was Lily Evans all the time. But it was the worst she had ever tasted (counting the big fly, as well). In third year, nothing happened until the night. When she lay down in her bed, she jumped out of it again. Someone had been kind enough to pour a load of maggots under the duvet. In fourth year, James Potter had made some Love Potion. It was supposed to make Lily worship him, but something had gone wrong, so she ended up stalking Peter Pettigrew like a lovesick puppy. No wonder, actually; it was a very complicated potion. In fifth year, Remus Lupin had given her a book. A book from Remus would of course be safe. If it really had been from Remus, that is. It wasn’t. It was from some first years who believed they could become the new Marauders. The book almost ate Lily and it threw her out in the lake. She would have drowned if the giant squid hadn’t saved her and tossed her out of the water. The first years had not become the new Marauders - not a single person laughed of the ‘prank’ but themselves. Instead they got detentions after detentions. Sixth year… only six words were needed: Early, gift, underwear, camera, Black, laughs.

This birthday would be successful. It had to be. This was the final year at Hogwarts, and all her birthdays here couldn’t be disasters, could they? No. Lily smiled. They could not. This was going to be the best birthday ever. At least it couldn’t get any worse than her previous birthdays.

How wrong she was.

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The Best Birthday Ever, No, The Worst, Or... The Best?: A Secret Admirer?


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