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Flower of the Sunset by angelinhogwarts
Chapter 3 : Detention with a Marauder
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Flower of the Sunset
Chapter 3- Detention with a Marauder

~Angelinhogwarts~ known as Eliana Riddle proudly presents:
Detention with a Marauder

As Lily woke up the next morning, Jane was already waiting for her. “Hurry up Lily, you’re late for Breakfast!”
Lily looked confused and asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up like always??” “I didn’t feel like it, is that a suitable answer for you?” asked Jane angrily. “Yes, sure...” Lily was starting to get a really bad feeling about today.
The two of them walked down the spiral staircase, not being conversational as usual. Even if Lily would ask questions why Jane was angry, Jane would just answer, “You just can’t mind your own business can you?”.

Wendy and Rachel were already waiting outside of the Fat Lady. As always, they were wearing smiles ‘til the world would end. “Hi Lily”, they chorused. Lily managed to grimace. “What’s the matter?”, asked Wendy, being always the caring one. “Nothing...nothing...”

Lily and Wendy were already on their way to their usual spot when Jane yelled. “LILY AND WENDY COME HERE THIS VERY SECOND OR ELSE I WILL LITERALLY HEX YOU!”
“Oh, damn. I forgot: assigned seats!!” moaned Lily. She looked troubled. ‘I can seriously not take any more of this bad luck’ she thought.
As she walked down the path to her seat, Potter chose that moment to throw a curse at Snape, but Lily was hit. She examined the damage furiously, a huge pink pimple on her hand.


“What is that on your hand, Lily!?” asked Jane, suddenly acting a lot nicer.

Lily stomped down to Potter, all the Professors and Students forgotten, she started yelling in his face.



Lily turned around.

Dumbledore was sweeping down the Hall, his wand raised and said sternly, but quietly:
“Miss Evans, I placed you here on this seat because I hoped that Mr. Potter and you would get more along. Seeing that this is not working, it gives me more of a reason to keep you here.

Although Mr. Potter will have to have more detention for that spell, it is illegal”, Dumbledore turned to James, “That is a rather unusual spell, I personally have never tried it, but it makes a nice outcome to your enemies.”

Smiling faintly, Dumbledore returned to the Staff Table.

“Ahh, of course, I forgot.” Dumbledore pointed his wand at Lily. The Langlock Spell was raised.

An hour later, Lily and her friends went silently to Herbology. Jane although, was red in the face from resisting the temptation to laugh. She kept making snorting noises between the laughs.

In Herbology, Professor Weeds was showing them how to cut the weeds around the Quwalldans,
amazing plants that could tell the future, but only if you massage the right place on their heads.

The horrible thing was, Lily was slightly allergic to lavender smells, and all the Quwalldans and Professor Weeds smelled like lavender. To make it worse, at the end of Herbology, her eyes were like miniature pink cotton balls, and her hands puffy and red.

They had Transfiguration next, and being Professor McGonagall’s favourite, McGonagall cast a spell on Lily to make the swelling go away. Relieved, she sat back down in her seat.

“And for Homework, you all must complete page 568, the questions in the corner of the page, and use this parchment”, she held up a golden parachment,”because I have placed a curse on it- If anyone decides to cheat, they will feel a very painful pain… to find out more, ask me after class.”

With that, she dismissed the 5th Years, and Lily saw Professor McGonagall motion to her. Reluctantly, Lily trotted to her.

“Your detention will be held at 9:00 PM.”
Lily didn’t know what to say. Saying “yes ma’am” would sound stupid. So Lily just nodded her head…

At Dinner Lily kept her mouth shut. It was rather hard because James was grinning of his food at Lily, without saying anything. This was even worse than Potter hitting on her. Her eyes grew larger every minute from the torture of sitting across from James, and when she stood up, she stomped on Potter’s foot as hard as she could. Rachel was telling a joke to Jane, and Wendy was poking at her food, apparently not noticing anything.

A moment later she realized she was still standing there, apparently waiting for a retort. But it didn’t come. Instead, Potter still smiled at her, probably not even noticing that his foot was swelling.

With an angry noise, Lily walked to the Great Hall’s doors.

Jane and Wendy threw looks at each other. With one sudden movement, the pair of them stood up and followed her.

Rachel looked up from her spaghetti, still telling a joke and stopped. No one was there.

Meanwhile, up in the Common Room, Lily was sitting alone. She found a shortcut to the Gryffindor Tower the day before and so she could get faster to the Common Room.

Jane came in the Common Room first. “Lily, we need to talk to you.”

“Later”, mumbled Lily from the couch.

Jane sat down. “Lily…”, she said in a warning tone.

“I’m going to bed”, decided Lily. “Hey um, Lily! Guess what happened to that one Hufflepuff? She, the gi-…Lily??”, Jane yelled after her.

Lily threw herself on a bed. She didn’t want to think anymore. She had detention in forty-five minutes.

All she wanted at that moment was to go bury her head in a pillow and cry because of that awful day. But she couldn’t of course, since she had detention.

30 minutes later to be on time, Lily left the Dormitory and headed toward the North Tower. The time she got there, including running, she was almost late. Potter wasn’t there, probably showing off the fact that he was “too cool” for being early, or on time.

Casually he appeared 10 minutes after the time they were supposed to be cleaning. Lily was almost finished with the whole Tower in 20 minutes, because she despised cleaning so much, that she had learned how to it quickly.

Potter took out his wand, conjured a mop, and made the mop clean with using a spell that Lily had never seen or heard before.

“How did you do that??” she asked frustrated.

“Just a lil’ bit of magic!” he grinned.

It seemed almost a whole day, just cleaning there at night. Not to mention that Potter kept cracking up at his own jokes which made Lily look at her watch even more.

That night, it was actually just like Professor McGonagall said: she was too tired to do anything else. She just drifted off in uneasy sleep…

~Well, did you like it? Hate it? Don’t kill me for it!!~
*~Angelina Eliana~*

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Flower of the Sunset: Detention with a Marauder


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