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'Toujours' Means Always by firebreathingradishes
Chapter 1 : An Introduction
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Disclaimer: I am no where near as brilliant as JK Rowling is. Therefore, I do not own any of these characters or the lovely world she created.
AN: I know it's still rather short. It's just an introduction. There will be three more chapters after this, one for each sister taken from different parts of their lives. Thanks to hauntedfairytale for beta-ing. Response to hermionegirl's "Black Sisters: Toujours pur" challenge.


There were once three sisters: Bellatrix Black, born in 1951, Andromeda Black, born in 1953, and Narcissa Black, born in 1955.

The Black sisters were closer than any sisters could be. As very young children, they spent hours playing together in the Black mansion. A four-year-old Andromeda would chase the older Bellatrix while Narcissa, merely a two-year-old toddler, would try to keep up on her chubby legs. Or they would play house; Bellatrix, while pretending to be the mother, would order Andromeda and Narcissa to eat their peas ("I don't wanna!" pouted Narcissa when she saw the squished peas from the kitchen).

Their friendship grew deeper as they grew up. They flew around the mansion on toy broomsticks and tricked the family house elf into a locked cabinet. During their parents' dinner parties, they would dress up like their mother and pretend to drink cocktails and have fancy conversations. The two younger girls were devastated when Bellatrix started Hogwarts. Ten months without their beloved "Trixy," as Narcissa called her. But soon, the sisters all ended up at Hogwarts. All in the same house together, they remained closest friends.

Even though they were close sisters, they were as different as night and day. Bellatrix and her proud arrogant demeanor had been blessed with the traditional Black beauty. Long dark hair and slightly hooded eyes, she was the leader of her sisters and led them on their cruel escapades. Andromeda, on the other hand, had dark brown hair and a pale face with a smatter full of freckles. Brilliant in all her classes, Andromeda was the clever one and also had the kindest heart. Narcissa, though lanky and gawky as a child, had blossomed into a beautiful swan with icy blue eyes that could run a chill down anyone's spine. Her elegant blonde hair and her perfectly shaped face made her the beauty of the three.

They respected each other and together, they were the pride of the Black family and the Slytherin House. They ruled the school, terrorizing first-years (Andromeda never cared for it) and toyed with boys' hearts. If a boy dared to break one of their hearts, the other two would teach the boy a lesson he would never forget. No one messed with the Black sisters. Their school records were spotless. Each one of them was a professor's favorite student.

The Black sisters were always together, walking between classes, eating during lunch, and talking in the common room. The Black sisters were together forever bonded by love and blood.

Or so everyone thought.

During her final year at Hogwarts, Andromeda fell in love with a Muggle-born Ravenclaw, named Ted Tonks. Ted had crushed on and wooed Andromeda throughout their years at Hogwarts, but Andromeda ignored him, remaining loyal to her sisters who scorned his Muggle blood. But one day, she gave in to his wooing and agreed to go on one date with him, secretly, lest her sisters found out. She snuck out of the castle and went to Hogsmede with him. Something happened that fateful trip to the village, and with a quiet conversation over two butterbeers, she knew she had found love.

But falling in love with a Muggle was unheard of in the Black family. "Toujours pur" or "Always pure" was the family motto. No one married a Muggle. Period. Desperately in love, Andromeda eloped with her love, running away from the family forever. The other two sisters were devastated. They had lost their sister.

Narcissa, heartbroken, had turned to her fiancé, Lucius Malfoy, for solace. She was whisked away to a married life right after graduating from Hogwarts with her new husband.

Instead of letting her heart break, Bellatrix's heart hardened. Never again would she allow herself to be hurt. She married a fellow Slytherin, Roldophus Lestrange, out of spite, and then pledged herself, body and soul, to Lord Voldemort whom she had met in her early in her life. She became one of his most loyal supporters, killing and torturing his victims at whim.

And just like that, the Black sisters were torn apart.

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