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Harry Potter and the Power of Darkness by fanficfan
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Power of Darkness
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Ch.1 Birthday Boy

Disclaimer: I only own my characters and places! I owe the rest to JK!

Tap, Tap, Tap! Harry Potter woke suddenly only to hear this noise. He reached toward the ground and picked up his wand. His hand slid across his covers until he felt his glasses. Harry slid them onto his nose and slowly looked around his room taking in everything. Hedwig’s cage sat there empty she was still on her trip to the United States. His desk was covered in an array of parchment, as was his bed.

Harry realized he had fallen asleep while writing Sirius. He rubbed his eyes wearily as he heard another, tap, tap, tap. Harry jumped and held his wand high as he walked toward the window.

Outside were several owls. Harry opened the window and they flew in. All except for one landed on different bars, shelves, poles, and corners. Harry watched the feisty one zoom around the room hooting with delight. He immediately recognized Pidgewigon, Ron’s obnoxious owl whom Sirius had given him at the end of his third year.

“Shut up Pig! Get down here!” Harry hissed as he grabbed for Pidgewigeon. He felt the small ball of feathers relax in his hands as he rid it of its package. Harry immediately knew it was from Ron.

Dear Harry,

How are you? Have you heard from Michael, Matt, Clare, or Lisa? I sent them a letter about two weeks ago and haven’t gotten a reply but Pig came home empty legged. Do you know how long it takes to send a reply? I need to know Michael and I are in an argument as to who’s better, The Chudley Cannons or The Carolina Chiefs? Who do you like better? Happy Birthday Harry! We are going to Diagon Ally august 30. Please try to come. Are you the one Ginny has been writing all summer? You better be mister! Percy and Penelope are getting married in two weeks. Surprised the idiot could take off work. Everything is fine here!


Harry set the letter down smiling and thinking, “Ron who else would she be writing. He grabbed the package that accompanied the letter. The package was wrapped in scarlet paper. Harry tore open the paper to revile a small book covered in orange stripes. Written neatly on the front was the title, “Choosing of Cannons”. Harry flipped a few pages all were covered in articles written about each player and each player’s autobiography. The pictures showed men and women in there twenties flashing broad smiles and pearly white teeth.

Harry set the book down and grabbed the next package. It was from Ginny. He looked in aw at the beautifully wrapped package, scarlet with little roaring gold lions on it. He carefully unwrapped the silky soft paper.

Inside was a letter and a small midnight blue box. Harry picked up the letter and read it.

Dear Harry,
How are you? Are the Dursleys treating you ok? Guess what Percy and Penelope get married in two weeks! Maybe that will be you and I soon. I love you Harry potter and I always will. Happy Birthday!


He set the letter down and picked up the velvet box. He cautiously opened it. Inside was a small gold-chained necklace. On it was a small but exquisite pearl. Written into the stone was the word, Luna. He twirled it in his fingers as it glowed lightly.

Harry walked toward the window for a minute and as he held the stone to the light a rainbow of colors danced on the floor and he knew his love, his life, his heart was safe. “Ginny,” he mumbled as he stared at the full moon. Its light burned in his emerald green eyes. His scar sucked in the beauty of the light as he sat there. His hair seemed to glow with unknown life until he turned to the rest of his presents.

Harry placed the chain around his neck and tucked it safely under his collar. He picked up a blue package from Hermione and immediately knew it was a book.

Dear Harry,
How are you? Have you done your homework? Has your scar been hurting? Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great summer and that you can make it to Diagon Ally! See you Soon!

PS… have you heard from Clare or Lisa or the twins? I wrote them two weeks ago. Maybe they can’t send because school starts two weeks earlier there. Reply ASAP!!!

Harry read the letter curiously and grabbed his Hogwarts letter from a large Eagle Owl. He looked at it curiously and noted the supply list.

Sixth-Year Students Will Require:

The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 6
By Miranda Goshawk
Advanced Potions, Friend or Foe
By Hillary Hudson
Transfiguration to Know
By Melissa Mcleod
Defense die or Detect
By Kayla Barber
Hogwarts a History #3
By Bethany Potter
Forging into the Future
By Elizabeth Tallon

Students will also need:
Standard Potions ingredients
Harry set the list down and looked at the clock, which read, 1:35 am. He sat on the edge of the bed and reached for Hedwig who was carrying a small package.

Dear Harry,
I can’t write much. I thought you might want this though. Good luck and be careful this year.


Harry set the letter down and began to unwrap the present. He finally pulled out a very shiny looking ring. Harry held it tightly and read the names on it, Potter, Black, Lupin, Petigrew. He rotated the ring in his hand and after three turns a picture projected from one end. It was James Potter, his father. He realized that it had been a friendship ring that belonged to his dad.

Harry stared with watery eyes at the floating picture of his dad, who was smiling broadly. Harry let a silent tear fall as he slid the ring onto his finger and fell into a restless sleep.

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