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Dive by PreTeenWriter
Chapter 1 : Dive
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Narcissa Black dangled her feet over the pool edge. The water rippled beneath the slightest touch, damaging her reflection, sending a chain reaction to the shadowy side. She stood up, her long blonde hair brushing the middle of her white bathing suit. She walked across the sun-dried concrete to the diving board. Narcissa carefully stepped on. She stared out across from her. It was just her and the dive. Stretching her arms up as far as they could go, she arched her back. Taking a deep breath, she sprung off.


Ever since she had remembered, Narcissa had been the beauty of the family. She was the youngest of the three of them – Andromeda, Bellatrix and her. Andromeda was six years older then her, but ever since she had run away, there was almost no evidence that she had existed. Bellatrix was four years older then she was. They loved and hated each other, though Bellatrix was not so secretly jealous of Narcissa. Bella had been the most beautiful in the family, with thick, luscious and shiny black hair, tanned skin, thin lips and the most mysterious, cold and deep eyes that stared penetratingly at anything and anyone, in that harsh and brutal way of hers.

Then Narcissa had been born with her pale white skin, a billowing cloud of silvery blonde hair and ice blue eyes, that were, unlike her sister’s, light and understanding, but with shadows of something harder. Narcissa was beautiful and it was why she had to put up with the never ending attention of the opposite sex, and the never ending jealous of the other girls. Narcissa was also very smart, like Bellatrix, but unlike Bellatrix, she had it – and she flaunted it.

Everyone thought the Black sisters had it made for them. Rich, with an old money family, status, access to rich and handsome/beautiful people, and house elves to do all the dirty work for them. But no one really knew how hard it was; what a battle Narcissa raged inside with herself. There was so much pressure to be absolutely flawless all the time. Perfection was a requirement, and Narcissa sometimes just wanted to scream, let loose, tell someone about this struggle.

So instead of doing that, she took up diving.

It was no surprise that the Blacks had a pool, perfectly heated, concealed inside a walled in, nature ridden, sunny little place, complete with pool, diving board and everything else. Narcissa was the only one who used it, down to her secret little place, the fiery sun heating her wet body and exonerating the fear and the pent up emotions from her body. When she was eleven and went to Hogwarts, she would come home in the summer and spend it all in the pool.

Oh, how she loved it. It was partly because in some ways, in reflected the risk taking part of her. Take a deep breath, walk forward, arch you back in preparation, then get on your toes and spring into the unknown. You had to form perfectly or you’d hit the water hard. You had to be perfect all the time, like in her life. It was her savior, the only thing that kept her from killing herself.


“What do you mean?” She said, taking deep breaths to calm her already shaking body.

The unbearable and demanding eyes of her mother glared down at her as Bellatrix smirked from a corner.

“I said it twice Narcissa. Perhaps you would like me to spell it out for you? Now be respectful and listen to what I say!”

“You have nothing to say that I want to hear!” Narcissa snapped, feeling the anger rushing through her veins.

A resounding slap echoed throughout the room, and a red mark appeared on Narcissa’s pale face, the pain enunciated be Bellatrix’s growing sneer.

“It’s gone. Bellatrix needed the space for something else, Narcissa, and you will live. I do not want you mentioning this to anyone.”

It was too much. Narcissa could feel every bit of resolve in her body crushing under an overwhelming sadness. It was too late to stop the tears that were already staining her face.

“No.” Narcissa sobbed, slowly backing up. “No! You can’t take it away! It’s my only refuge, mother! You said everyone needed a place in life! You said that! You can’t just throw away mine for some mindless affair! I am human! I can’t live my life like this! I – hate – you!”

Bella watched Narcissa throw herself from the room, a golden haired bullet of tears and angst, a mixture of disgust, satisfaction and another emotion (pity, maybe) mingled on her haughty features.

Narcissa slammed the door to her palatial room, flinging herself onto her enormous four poster bed, sobbing into the soft covers. When she finally lifted her head up, she looked into the mirror at an almost unrecognizable person.

Mascara tears ran down her face, the pale smudged with black makeup. The skin around her eyes was puffy and red, her hair messy and strewn around her face… her face was a mess, her hair was a mess… and somehow she felt that in reality it reflected her own soul.


A smooth hand caressed Narcissa’s slim waist and another one gently covered her eyes. Narcissa felt a thrill run through her heart and felt it flutter. She let him guide her around each bend, feeling his lean body bumping against hers slightly.

“Where are you taking me?” Narcissa whispered.

“You’ll see,” He responded smoothly.

His smooth and sleek voice sent another shiver down her body as she let the thrills take over her heart, which in turn took over her mind. Narcissa never wanted to escape his protective hold, keep him there forever.

She felt his hand leave her waist, with a pang of regret, but his hand brushed against hers as he pulled out his wand. She heard a whisper escape him. Hinges creaked slightly and he softly removed his hand from her eyes. Narcissa opened them slowly, taking in the sight that lay before her.

“Oh!” She gasped in surprise.

In front of her was a walled in area, sheltered by trees, flowers, vines, and ultimately, nature. A cast iron gate with elegant carvings, revealing no peek of the inside, had swung open in front of her. But most of all there was a rippling patch of perfectly clear water encased in concrete, and at one end, a sturdy, slim and beautiful diving board – just like she used to have.

Narcissa slipped out of his reach and ran over to the edge, still resplendent in her black, pouffy and glamorous evening gown and skimmed one bare foot over the clear blue water. It caused a ripple, and distorted the reflection of her and the man behind her. The perfection was ruined and Narcissa knew that he knew how much it meant to her, to show her that she wasn’t perfect – she was beautiful.

She spun around, catching him in mid thought. Her finely shaped lips pressed against his in a passionate and tender kiss, brimming to the top with thanks, lust and love. After they broke apart she buried her face in his neck, her throat tight with a deep emotion, breathing in the scent of him and his cologne. Narcissa entangled her hands in his shoulder length locks of silver blond hair – just like hers – while he gently stroked hers, cuddling her towards his lean body.

“Oh, Lucius,” She whispered, bringing her tear filled blue eyes up to meet his grey ones.

A single tear slid down her face, carving and elegant line. Lucius brushed it away with a tender and compassionate hand, their heads inches from each others.

“Narcissa,” Lucius whispered huskily. “You will always be perfect to me.”

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