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Poison Lips by DontBeSilly
Chapter 1 : Being Called a Chicken
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The dungeon corridors; the air incredibly damp with the smell of mildew, the stone walls and flooring covered in a thin layer of green moss and no windows to be seen. The occasional candlelight flickering was the only light, there was no way for the rising sun to get inside. It was five in the morning, but you would never know it from down here. It was the weekend, and no Hogsmeade trips were scheduled so all the students would be ignoring the anxious orange light trying to peek through thick dormitory curtains.

Severus Snape watched as his closest friend slumped to the ground and began to pick at her fingernails. Misericordia's pale skin glowed, even in the absence of light. Her choppy black hair fell past her shoulders infront of her eyes. She batted it away absentmindedly, it was getting in the way of her nail biting.

"Light me up one will 'ya?" she asked him, her eyes not leaving her cuticles. Severus chuckled softly, something he only did around her. He reached into his robe pockets and pulled out a cigarette and his wand. He set the tip a light with his wand and inhaled.

"Missy?" he said quietly, using her nickname. He held out the cigarette to her. She looked up after spitting out a hangnail and put the fag to her lips.

"We might want to keep walking," Severus said, "Otherwise the smoke'll collect in one area." He was always so paranoid to be caught, even when he was with Missy. He was a terrific student, never sent to the headmaster, never a failing O.W.L grade. He didn't want to ruin any of that, but he had picked up quite a few of her bad habits, like snorting pixie dust. She had promised though, that he would never get into trouble with her around. She had kept her word of course, no one had ever suspected him of anything they did together. He was the teacher's pet, Misericordia wasn't. She never minded taking the fall for the both of them, it was the kind of person she was.

Missy stood up rolling her eyes at Severus, "Okay." The two walked farther down the dingy hallway, passing the cigarette back and forth. "Thanks for coming Sev," Missy said exhaling, "I hate being alone." She laughed, her melodic voice echoing off the walls.

"You're not welcome," he said, trying to hide a smile, "I cannot believe you woke me up this early." Missy pushed him lightly; a smirk appearing on her soft, pale pink lips and a twinkle in her green eyes that reminded him of blades of freshly rained upon grass. He shoved her back and kept walking. "Come on Missy. The smoke remember?"

"Sev, I can't move," she said quietly.

"You what?" he asked stepping backwards.

"I can't move. you pushed me into a trap set by Filch or something."

Severus was silent, Missy's body below her neck was paralyzed, "Hold still. Let me think of the countercurse for this spell."

"I am holding still!" She said laughing, "Even you aren't smart enough to remember the spell and the counter curse, my little genius." She was always calling him that, 'her little genius'. Each time it slipped past her lips it tugged at his heart. He supposed he had developed a crush on her at some point. He ran his hand through his unwashed black hair.

"Don't doubt me!" But his ears perked as he heard footsteps echoing down the hall. His eyes snapped to Missy's.

"Just go Severus," she said, the cigarette still burning in between her immobile fingers. He sighed, he hated being such a chicken shit. He dashed back quickly to the Slytherin Common Room, hoping his friend wouldn't be in too much trouble.

Only seconds after Severus had fled, a group of four boys walked upon Misericordia.

"It worked!" An extremely excited chubby boy squeaked.

"Of course it did," a boy with messy, dark brown hair and thick eyelashed stated, polishing his glasses on his shirt. "I am the Great James Potter after all."

"You weren't even the one who set the trap, Moony did," a disgruntled lookin boy barked, crossing his arms over his chest. His smooth, brown hair covered a pair of tired eyes.

"So wait," Missy had broken into a grin, "Filch isn't gonna come punish me or nothin'?"

James frowned at her, "No." He whispered into the fourth boy's ear, "I hate it when they talk."

"James!" the boy snapped, his calm face now annoyed. "She's right there. She can hear you."

"Remus, I'm not here to praise her, I'm here to test a theory."
It was Missy's turn to frown this time, "You're doing an expirement on me then?"

"Wow! Slytherin's aren't as stupid as I thought," James said sarcastically. He turned to the brown-haired boy who was counting the number of stones on the floor. "Sirius, do it."

"Nope," Sirius said, "15, 16, 17..."

"I dare you," James said grinning.

"This is so stupid," Remus grumbled, "Kissing her won't kill him."

"That Gryffindor is going to do what?" Missy asked cocking an eyebrow, her eyes wide.

"Moony, shut her up," James said rubbing his temples as if he had a headache. Remus moved next to the paralyzed girl.

"I'm sorry about this," he whispered and with a flick of his wand Missy could not move her mouth.

"You heard Moony, Padfoot. Kissing her won't kill, so what are you afraid of?" James teased his friend.

Sirius looked at the girl, she looked like 'death' as Wormtail had put it. Sirius himself couldn't help but disagree in the back of his mind. She was atrractive in an odd way, but certainly not his type.

"I don't want a disease," Sirius scoffed.

"You're just a chicken shit," Peter squealed, jumping beside James.

"Oh yeah?" This was the one thing that drove any boy crazy, being called a chicken. Sirius strode over to Missy who was sitting in a corner, her eyes turned to slits as he kneeled. With one forward motion their lips met, but it lasted less than a second. "Who's the chicken shit now?"

"Not you," Remus said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"That took guts man," James said smiling and patting his buddy on the back. "Was it gross?"

Her lips had been soft, but to make himself sound braver Sirius said, "Yes. Very."

"Wow," Peter breathed, "You are so cool."

"And he's not dead," James added. He flicked his wand and released Missy's binds.

"Of course he's not dead," she hissed. "I'm not poison."

"Ah, but you're a Slytherin," Sirius pointed out.

"And kissing you would be the closest thing to it," James said grinning.

"You completed your dare," she said to Sirius, "But your still full of chicken shit." She walked away, finally being able to chuck the burned cigarette away. When she turned the corner she stopped and peeked her head to watch the Marauders.

Sirius high-fived his three companions.

"I dub thee Poison Lips," James called after her. "Come on guys, lets go to Hogsmeade to celebrate the success of this mission with a little butterbeer." He pulled out a piece of parchment suggestively. "The tab is on Remus!"

Remus laughed, feeling better now that they weren't terrorizing a random Slytherin student, "Fine."

"Make mine a fire whiskey. I don't care how you get it, but you owe me one."

As the four left the dungeon Sirius looked over his shoulder and spotted Misericordia watching. He winked slyly and she rolled her eyes. Now she knew why she never spoke to anyone outside Slytherin. She ducked out of sight again and whipped her mouth off incase she still had any Sirius germs on her.

"Ugh," she spat on the grimy flooring. Where was Severus when you needed a cigarette anyways?

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Poison Lips: Being Called a Chicken


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