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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14: Erin Weasley/Malfoy
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A/N: Wow, its been almost two months. I am SOOO sorry. You guys have been so good about reviewing and it took me two months to update! I can't express how sorry i am! Well, you've waited two months now go on and read THE 14th CHAPTER!!!!

Chapter 14: Erin Weasley/Malfoy

“You promised that she wouldn’t figure it out, Draco!” hissed Draco Malfoy’s second wife, Reilly Malfoy whispered, “I knew it was a stupid idea. But did you listen, no.”

“She’s a damn stupid four year old! How was I supposed to know she’d get my brains and be smart?” Draco whispered back, pulling irritably on his locks of white-blonde hair. He was unusually pale.

Reilly let out a shrill laugh, “You’re brains?” she yelled, then blushed when she realized that the whole room was staring at her, she brought her voice down from hysteria.

“Keep it down, do you want everyone to know?” Draco whispered harshly through his gritted teeth.

“They will soon enough if we don’t figure out how to get rid of her! Besides, it doesn’t matter how she found out, Draco. She found out,” Reilly pointed out harshly.

Draco sighed, “Your right. Now, the little bitch will get better soon, so, here’s what we need to do…”


Hermione sat in the hard chair in the cold room of the smelly hospital and was thinking about how she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But she did wish that Ron would hurry up and get back from the cafeteria with her lunch, being pregnant sure made you hungry. Hermione’s stomach growled loudly between the beeps of all the machines in the room.

Harry and Ginny had very reluctantly gone home to relieve the babysitter and get some sleep. Healer Thomas hadn’t been back yet but a nurse with a big nose and long greasy orange hair had been in a few times to check the results. She hadn’t been back in a while, Hermione had a feeling that it had something to do with all the questions she asked.

Just then the door to the room swung open and Hermione saw Ron juggling about ten boxes in his arms. Hermione stood up and helped him to set them down in a chair next to hers.

“I got a bit of everything cause I wasn’t sure what your cravings would do to –"

“Thank you so much, I don’t think I’ve ever been this hungry!” Hermione interrupted and opened the nearest box. The smell of French Fries filled the room. Taking about three at a time, Hermione took a bite.

“You’re welcome,” Ron answered watching his usually nice and neat wife shove food into her mouth. Shrugging and thinking that pregnancy sure did do weird things to you, he opened another box and dug into some macaroni. He tried to ask about Erin, but the amount of food in his wife’s mouth prevented her from answering.

“Er... am I interrupting something?” Hermione turned and saw a skinny medi-witch with blue eyes and a medi-witch hat on that prevented her hair from showing.

Hermione swallowed her mouthful, “No, sorry we were just eating lunch.”

“I noticed as much,” the newcomer said curtly, “I’m Medi-witch Mylee. I was sent to check up on Erin Malfoy.”

Hermione stared at this new medi-witch. Something about her was so familiar but she couldn’t place what it was.

“Have I seen you here before?” Hermione asked her, eyes glancing over at her fries.

“I wouldn’t think so, I just started working here.” The Medi-witch answered as she walked over to the other side of the bed where all the machines and charts were kept and picked up one that had ‘Meds’ written in bold letter of the back of it.

She examined it; turned her back to them and did something, probably check a machine Hermione thought; put the chart back down and looked at Hermione, who was nibbling on a potato chip and said, “Erin needs a refill on her Glyphomansedimean Potion, I’ll be right back.”

After the medi-witch had left, Ron looked up from his food and asked, “Did you put that her name was ‘Erin Malfoy’ or ‘Erin Weasley’ on the those forms that you had to fill out this morning?”

Hermione thought for a minute then answered, “I’m almost positive I put Weasley, why?”

“Well I thought I saw Weasley when you were filling it out, too, but then how did that Medi-witch say Malfoy?”

Hermione realized Ron’s point and couldn’t believe she hadn’t caught the mistake, “I don’t know,” she said uncertainly. She was sure that the only person at the hospital that knew was Parvati and that she probably wouldn’t tell anyone. Especially not someone new.

“Did she look familiar to you, Ron?” Hermione asked her husband.

“Yeah, I was just about to ask you that. But she said she was new and I don’t think its one of Fred or George’s old girlfriends…” Ron answered.

“That’s odd,” Hermione said aloud and stood up. She walked over and picked up the chart that the medi-witch had just set down.


6:00A.M. Patient was placed on an IV of Gyfomeenseedim Potion* to be remfilvled at 12:30P.M.

**not to be confused with the Glyphomansedimean Potion which is the opposite of the Gyfomeenseedim Potion and will cause heart failure in patient in approximately one minute.

Hermione looked at one word she couldn’t quite make out… it looked as though someone had changed it maybe… refiltered, no… remembered, no… reflimed, no… removed, maybe… refilled, that was it, she thought. Just as she thought she figured it out and was rereading the rest, she heard a noise outside the door. Hermione quickly put the chart back down and was speed-walking back to her seat when the medi-witch entered the room with a clear bag of a blue liquid.

“What were you doing over there?” she snapped.

“Oh,” Hermione jumped, “Nothing, I… er… just dropped my… hair pin, but I couldn’t find it.” Hermione invented not wanting to get caught.

“Right, your hair pin,” the medi-witch Mylee sneered but nevertheless continued with her work.

As Hermione passed the medi-witch, she read the side of the bag just before Mylee moved her hand to cover the writing: Glyphomansedimean Potion.

Hermione tried to remember which the chart had said Erin needed and she thought that was the right one. Telling herself to stop worrying over petty things, Hermione sat back down in her chair.

She watched Mylee take off the bag out medicine that Erin was currently hooked into and attach the new bag. Then she turned to the machine and set it to start pumping fifteen seconds.

“Well, I’m all done,” Mylee announced and looked down to Erin. Hermione followed her gaze and she thought she saw Erin blink.

Gasping, she ran over to Erin’s side and took her hand, “Erin?” she said softy, “Can you hear me?”

By this time Ron was over at Erin’s side too and the medi-witch was slowly taking small steps towards the door.

“Mummy?” Erin whispered hoarsely, “Daddy?” Her face twitched rapidly and she was ghostly pale.

“Erin!” Hermione practically yelled and hugged Erin.

In the silence that followed, the door clicked and Hermione, Ron, and Erin looked over to see the medi-witch with her hand on the door.

“I was er.. just going to er…” she stammered in a different voice as she scratched her face in a way that made it look as if she were trying to hide it, “going to get – "

The stammering witch was interrupted by a soft scream from Erin, “Get away from me, Reilly!”

Everyone in the room froze for a split second… then the medi-witch imposter swung open the door and sprinted down the hallway.

“Reilly!” Ron roared and was after the run-away in a second, pushing the emergency Healer call button on his way out the door.

“Reilly! I knew she looked familiar!” Hermione gasped and then her eyes grew wide and landed on the IV pump. Erin's heart monitor leaped more and more quickly before easing back considerably.

“Is she gone, Mummy?” Erin asked as Hermione jumped onto and then off of the bed Erin was on and was over to the machine trying to turn it off. She finally found the switch but someone had pulled it off.

Oh Merlin, one minute! Hermione thought.

“Mummy, what are you-- OW!!” Erin yelled grabbing her chest, her little fingers prodded at her breast, and she gasped for a much-needed breath. Her heart monitor leaped again and showed no sign of evening out.

Hermione desperately hammered her fist on the machine, not really achieving anything but a hurt hand. Then, trying to ignore the tiny girls screams of pain, Hermione ran back over to the bed and the only thing that was left to do came to her. Hermione grabbed Erin’s left hand and pried it off of the Erin’s little chest and, taking hold of the IV’s cord as close to the needle as she could, Hermione yanked the cord out of Erin’s arm.

Immediately Erin was silent and still. Hermione put her head down to Erin’s chest and listened for a heart beat. After a few seconds, she heard one. She felt tears of relief flowing down her cheeks.

She lifted her head and heard a distant crash followed by a faint, ‘Now who’s got who, you little bitch!’ And Hermione knew that Ron had caught Reilly. She looked back down at Erin, who opened her eyes and whispered softly, “Reilly… is… a meanie.” And then closed her eyes. Her breath still coming in slight feeble gasps and sweat running down her brow.

“What happened?” Healer Thomas gasped as she ran into the room.

“Erin just fainted again because her birth mother was posing as a medi-witch and gave her the opposite medicine. She almost died from heart failure but I pulled the IV out and she said something then fainted.” Hermione explained.

“Whoa. Where is Reilly now?” Healer Thomas asked going over to Erin’s bed and fiddling with the IVs, her fingers worked quickly and she changed the IVs, correcting the on-purpose accident.

“Right here.” Ron growled and basically threw the woman into a chair. Ron mumbled a binding spell and Reilly was strapped to the chair with invisible restraints.

“I thought you said she was pregnant?” Healer Thomas pointed out.

“How dare you!” Hermione yelled, ignoring the healer. She slapped Reilly so hard on the cheek that her hat fell off and her long blonde hair fell down, “Attempted murder! That’s what you’ll be in for! Your own daughter! You make me sick!” Hermione spat. Another medi-witch came in and calmed Hermione down to the point that she wasn’t yelling and coaxed her into sitting down.

Ron walked over to where Hermione was sitting and watched the Healer inspect Erin.

“Don’t worry,” the Healer finally said, “Even though the IV was supposed to be removed and Erin got a dose of the wrong medicine –"

“Wrong! It almost killed her!” Ron pointed out harshly.

“She’ll be ok. Her heart will be fine, Mrs. Weasley got the medicine out of Erin in time.. It looks like this girl has some extreme magical strength.” Parvati finished.

“You don’t know what you are talking about! This thing has no magical ability at all! She’s a squib!” Reilly snarled.

“The only reason she didn’t show any magical strength when she was with you is because she had no will to live!” Hermione shot back, “I know what you did to her.”

“So she slept outside and got hit, she never died.”

“She probably wanted to!” Ron threw in.

“Draco never wanted to kill her until she ran away to you.” Reilly said.

“He just didn’t want us to find out that he was using her to store his Horcrux. Where is he anyways?” Hermione pointed out.

“Why would I tell you, so you can go arrest him? I don’t think so! You can’t prove that I said any of this,” Reilly snapped.

“Actually, there is one thing you need to know, Mrs. Malfoy.” Healer Thomas said.

“Oh? And what’s that?” asked Reilly.

“That this place has security everywhere and everything you just said and did is on tape.”

A/N: I know i probably don't deserve it for taking sooooo long to update, but could you please leave a review??

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Erin: Chapter 14: Erin Weasley/Malfoy


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