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The Birth Of A Hero by TyrannicFeenix
Chapter 3 : Birth
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Chapter 3 – Birth.

As Max climbed back up the stairs he tried to figure out how he was going to tell his good friend what he had just witnessed. He had walked into the storeroom just in time to see Belladonna attacking poor Nicole and had used the distraction to his advantage, subduing Belladonna with a quick stunner before tying her up in the corner. Unfortunately he was already too late to help Nicole, the gashes in her skin oozing her life’s-blood right out of her.

But as he walked back into the room and took in what was happening he forced the thought aside and ran to the bedside.

“What’s happening?” he asked looking at James.

He sat there holding Jennifer’s hand as James explained what had happened in his absence.

“A few minutes after you left she started having very bad contractions, however she managed to have the baby without further problem but because we did not get her the right potion before Jennifer is dying. It appears that Thomas has infected her with a strange poison. I believe it to be a form of diluted Basilisk venom.”

“Dying? No she can’t die now she must raise her new child.” He said fumbling for another reason that she must fight.

“Please Max,” she whispered as she pulled him closer so that he could hear her, “promise that you will raise Godric for me. Promise that you will keep him hidden from his uncle or he will try to kill him as-well. Any threat to his new power will be removed.”

“I will protect him with all my power. I promise you that.” He said and watched in silence as she lay back and the light left her eyes. He looked over towards the driver who now held in his arms a small baby boy that was looking at him with strange green eyes which graduated to blue at the middle.

He walked over to the driver and took Godric into his arms. As he did so he noticed that the boy had a small marking on his hands. When he looked closer he saw that it was a small scar which, when both hands were placed together side to side, made an image of a griffin.

“How unusual. Well Godric, it looks like you will be staying with me for awhile.” The baby simply looked at him and giggled slightly.

Brave little fellow, he thought.

“James can you find Marcus and tell him to prepare a room for this little fellow to rest in.”

James nodded and left the room. Max sat back down next to Jennifer so that her son could see her one last time before he was placed into hiding. ‘But where can we hide him? With his parents dead there are no more wizarding families in this area capable of protecting him.’

At this point James returned.

“Marcus has already taken the liberty of preparing a room for the child to sleep in. He has used the room four doors down from your own my Lord. And he has informed Louise that the child shall be her charge to care for.”

“Thank you James.” He stated gently rocking young Godric in his arms. As James started towards the door Max called to him. “Wait a moment James. I have some bad news for you.”

“Yes my Lord?” inquired James turning to face his master, with an uncertain look on his face.

“The reason that Nicole never returned is that she had a run-in with the other assassin.” He paused here trying to figure out how best to break this dreadful news to the man standing before him, “I am afraid that she is dead my friend.”

James merely stood there, his gaze transfixed upon Max as the news sunk in.

“You’re sure my Lord?” he said quietly, unable to comprehend that his only child lay dead downstairs.

“Yes James I’m afraid she is. I saw her body with my own eyes.” He tried to console his friend in his time of need but Godric was becoming restless in his arms. He then continued. “Go to your room for the night and I will see to it that her body is cleaned up and placed in her room. Only then will I allow you

to see her. But for now I must put this young one to bed. And so should you my friend.”

They both stood in silence for a moment before James obliged walking from the room and retiring to his room. Max watched his friends retreating back before heading the other direction down the corridor towards Godric’s new bedroom, which was directly opposite his own unborn child’s room.

He gently laid Godric into the crib, which had been prepared for him.

“Well Godric, I hope that you will grow up to become a very powerful wizard and can enact revenge on your uncle for your parents.”

With that he departed to his office where he summoned several servants to him.

After several minutes there was a knock at the door and five servants entered to stand before his desk.

“Ah, very good,” said Max as he looked up to see them all enter and continued.

“I have some very important jobs that you must complete for me tonight. Firstly I want two of you to go down to the basement storeroom and retrieve the body of Nicole. You are to take her to the hospital wing and clean her up as best you can. Then return her to her room, dress her in some neat clothing and place her on her bed.”

Two of the servants bowed before leaving for the basement.

“I need the two of you to go out into the grounds and collect the body of Lord Gryffindor. Ask Arthur, their driver to show you where he is. He should be in the servant’s washroom. You are to bring Lord Gryffindor’s body into the castle and place him in the spare bedroom on the second floor with his wife. Understood?”

Two more of the servants nodded then departed the room.

Max then turned to the last servant.

“I want you to go that bedroom on the second floor and clean up both Lord and Lady Gryffindor. They must be made ready for burial immediately. Now go.”

Only once the servant had gone did Lord Hufflepuff allow himself to consider the events of the night and to finally grieve for the passing of many whom he considered friends.

After about half an hour he became very drowsy and hauled himself out of the office and to his bedroom. Lying on the bed sound asleep was his pregnant wife, Alexandria. He gently climbed into bed next to her and ran his hands over her stomach feeling his child lightly kicking in its sleep. He soon fell asleep in this position thinking of the horrible fate of the great Gryffindors and what would happen to their now orphaned child.

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