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Trilogy of Errors Part 2: Lies, Fabrication, and Defenistration by CrabPerson
Chapter 8 : Meet Edmund Stroud
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Chapter 8
Meet Edmund Stroud

"It was you stupid coffee that did it!" Ron yelled at Potzer.

"Even if it was, and it wasn't, I'm the one who had the idea to bring her here."

"Bring a sick person to a hospital. Fucking genius!!" Ron yelled back.

Harry had been in a St.Mungo's waiting room, only a couple of times. It looked like a regular muggle waiting room... With spice. That's the only way I can describe it. Instead of off-white wallpaper... They had bright white wallpaper.... I know, it's crazy. Hermione was currently in her own, equally daringly designed, room where people were already helping her out.

A tall man in green robes came out. Potzer immediately jumped to his side.

"Everyone, this is HEALER Edmund Stroud." Potzer said proudly.

"How are you all doing?" He asked coldly. Harry had that special feeling of being around someone who was calm, but would twist your nipples of if you used the wrong phrasing in your statement.

"What are you doing for Hermione?!" Ron yelled, getting up.

"Easy, Jimmyboy..... I want you to know that we're doing everything we can. Hell, probably just a normal sickness." He said.

"...Fine then... Make it quick..." Ron said.

"Medicine isn't quick, junior." Stroud said as he left to Hermione's room. Ron sighed and sat down next to Harry.

"What about that Stroud guy?" Ron asked.

"I don't know... I'll ask Potzer." Harry said shifting his gaze to the opposite side where Potzer was sitting.

"The Bermuda Triangle?"


"What was it like? I mean how did you meet Stroud?" Harry asked.

"I don't feel like explaining it...." Potzer sighed. Harry sighed back. The three guys waited..... And waited...... Hospitals were always so dreary.

"You know Hermione was going to start her internship here as a healer.." Ron said.

"Funny... Never really saw Hermione as a healer." Potzer said to himself.

"There are so many things she could do..." Ron said.

"Damn.. You really love her.." Harry asked.

"I would do anything for her... So smart.... And what an ass.. Firm.. Like mutton." Harry and Potzer tried their hardest not to laugh.

The three waited much longer... And longer.... The three got very bored...

"... Now that you are stuck with me, you better be my friend....." Potzer sang quietly.

"What?" Harry asked shocked.

"Nothiiiing...." Potzer said immediately taking a magazine and covering his face.....

Maybe four hours from their arrival, Stroud emerged from Hermione's room.

"Well... It was real punch and go there...."He said.

"She was just sick.." Ron told everyone.

"Ok, I admit... A little too dramatic. But.. She doesn't have the 'common cold' " Stroud said.

"Wait.. What?" Ron asked, getting up.

"Well..... Umm.... She's kind of..."

"Spit it out!!" Ron yelled.

"She's pregnant....." Time stood still in St.Mungo's. The first to say anything was Potzer.

"WOOPEE!!! BREAK OUT THE FORMULA AND REALLY TINY SANDALS!!!" Potzer exclaimed, jumping up from his chair..

"Why are you so happy, I know you aren't the father." Stroud laughed. Potzer jumped up.

"Aww, I just love babies... I think..... Ah how far along is she?" Everyone in the room was certain the father was Ron.

"About a month....." Stroud said.

"Oh that's great... It makes sense! She was with Ron a month ago for about 7 hours!" Potzer said something that sparked a little something in everyone.

"Remember! A month ago!! After the whole mall thing with...................... OH MY GOOOOODDDD......" Everyone's eye's and mouths widened. And all the people in St.Mungo's say: that the possibility of Ron being the father shrank three sizes that day.

"Oh...... My..... Gawd...." Potzer said again.

"What?" Stroud asked. Potzer then whispered something in his ears.

"........... In the name of 'Are you there, god? It's me Margaret' you have to be kidding...." he said. Potzer nodded no.

"........... Fuck...." Harry sighed.

"........... Fuck..... Is right...." Ron said turning completely red. Now I don't feel like divulging, since I will in the third act, but I will say this: The human volcano erupted at the news of this buzz kill of a baby.

Who is the father? Did Hermione understand Ron's proposal? And, just exactly what will happen now? Those questions will be answered.... Right now: There's no Baby, she's just sick from that coffee. No. And you'll find out in Going Upside the Head.

((The line about Ron being father shrinking is not mine. Nor is it yours.... I'll give credit where's it due, to Dr.Seuss. Be on the lookout for the third Installment, and FEEL THE PAIN....))

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