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What is Right and What is Easy by Junerian
Chapter 1 : Prolouge: The parting of the ways
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A/N: My 2nd story hope every one likes it! Please R/R. Also all time is recorded in days/years/months/weeks after Dumbledore's death so you can keep up with the time line.

Prolouge: The parting of the ways -7 years after Dumbledore's death

Harry stared at the sky. He hadn't seen it so clear in months, but it felt like years. Voldemort's rein was putting stress on everyone. He and the others were in hiding, trying their best to take down Voldemort from behind the scenes. The were legally called Outcasts as designated by Voldemort; anyone who didn't call him by the Dark Lord was considered an Outcast.

Voldemort's army was out night and day , trying their best to find and kill any remaining Outcasts, although most had been killed within the first year of his command. During a period called the Extermination, nearly all of all Outcasts were killed. The remaning few lived in colonies around Transylvania, constanly wondering when the Death Eaters would show up to kill them all.

But, for now, they still lived. All their free time was spent trying to figure out how to take down Voldemort, but so far all attempts had been fruitless. Harry still spent a lot of time pondering the prophecy . He never once even got an opportunity to face Voldemort, much less kill him. In the aftermath of Dumbledore's death, the wizarding world went into fright and wizards went into hiding as far away as Australia. Voldemort took the opportunity and atacked the ministry. It was a massacre. The Aurors never stood a chance as Voldemort's Inferi and the Death Eaters tore apart the Ministry. The Minister of Magic was nowhere to be found, but that didn't stop Voldemort. If anything, it encouraged him.

Voldemort immediatly declared himself not Minister, but Dark Lord of Magic, and offered amnesty to anyone who came out and declared loyalty to him and his rule. Almost all did. Even the minister sent a messenger saying the old Ministry acknowldged his takeover and gave all power to him. Most of the Outcasts considered him a coward to the highest degree. Harry and the rest fled, constanly running to find safe haven. The first year was the worst, but after that, things slowly started to settle down. It had been seven years since then and he hadn't had a night of good sleep since.

The prophecy made less and less since it seemed his chance would never arise to see Voldemort, much less try to kill him. He knew what he had to do: He had to break apart from his group and go into training. There was rumors Dumbledore's brother Aberforth was to the south. He planned to find him and see if he could teach him anything. He then planned to return, get Hermione becuase he was sure her knowledge would be needed, and set out to learn as much as he could. He needed to gain power. He then intended to travel to London where Voldemort had erected his Dark Fortress and face him to end it all.

"Harry is that you?" said a soft voice, pulling Harry out of his reverie.

"Yes, Hermione don't worry."

Hermione walked out smiling and gave him a hug. "Why'd you ask me here?" she asked with a shakiness in her voice.

"It's time for me to leave here. I must start to prepare for my final duel with Voldemort."

"But Harry! You can't, we need you here...I need you here."

Harry sighed. "Don't make this harder on me than it already is, Hermione. I must do what I must do. Don't forget the prophecy."

She started to cry. "I've lost Ron and Ginny, I can't lose you!"

"Hermione don't worry, I'll return for you and we'll face Voldemort together. But this part I need to do on my own. I need to become independent to gain true power."

"But Dumbledore told you time and time again, love was what you need, not power!"

"Tell me how love will defeat Voldemort." Hermione said nothing as the tears dripped silently down her cheeks."It won't. I need power."

"Well, if there's no stopping you....but will you at least stay one more night?"

Harry stepped forward and kissed her.

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What is Right and What is Easy: Prolouge: The parting of the ways


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