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Swimming by Anm3388
Chapter 1 : A Race, A Revelation, and A Rendevous
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A/N...Hi guys thanks for reading...this was my first fan fic so I would appreciate reviews. I do not own anything except the plot...the characters and places are owned by J.K. Rowling and I technically don't own Brittany either because she's my friend and this story is for her, but anyway thanks for reading and review!!

It was a chilly October morning as Brittany made her way to the pool across campus. She felt out of place because she was an American attending college for a semester in London.

I have to promise myself that I am not going to focus all of my attention on my studies, I need to have fun too or else I will never survive. she told herself as she was walking.

She was fidgeting with her Ipod mini trying to get it to play her favorite song. When she finally found it she smiled and walked on, quietly singing to herself,

Smile for me daddy, let me see your grill.

By the time she made it to the pool she had already gone through three different songs and was getting sick of singing to herself.
Ok, she thought time for me to get my exercise.

Brittany had been swimming for as long as she could remember. She always felt at home in the water and felt free as long as she was in a pool. She went into the locker room, changed and made her way to the pool. When she got there she was surprised to see that she wasn't the only one there.

"Oh hello, I didn't realize there was anyone else here, I'm Brittany." she said to the young man sitting on the pool's edge.
"Hi Brittany, I'm Draco."

"So are you a swimmer too?" she asked him, wondering what kind of name was Draco.

"Yea," he replied "I've been swimming since I was little, my mother used to bring me."

"That's cool, what's your main stroke? I swim breast stroke mainly." she asked.

"I swim backstroke, I like being able to look up and see the ceiling when I swim." he said as he jumped into the water and began to show off his backstroke.

Wow, he's actually pretty good, and he doesn't look bad either.

She jumped in the water herself and started swimming around to get warmed up.

I wonder if his hair is naturally that color or if he dyes it she thought with a giggle.

"What's so funny over there?" he asked from the other side of the pool. "Get over here so we can race."

Brittany swam over slowly so she wouldn't tire herself out.

"What are we swimming?" she asked.

"Um, let's do freestyle so that we both have a fair shot."

With that they took their marks and Draco counted to three and they were off.

Wow he is actually pretty good. Too bad for him I'm not even warmed up yet.

With that thought Brittany shot forward and beat Draco by a good 2 seconds.

"Wow," he said when he reached the end panting, "you are good."

"Why thank you," she said taking a few bows in the water.

They swam around a little bit longer until they were both tired and decided to sit out for a while and talk.

"So where are you from?" he asked, "Because that is definately not an English accent."

"I'm from America" she said "Connecticut to be exact."

"Oh, and what brings you here?" "

Actually, I'm here studying a semester abroad. I did a project in high school about England and ever since I've wanted to visit."

They continued talking for what seemed like hours. Brittany had never met someone as interesting as Draco. She was able to talk to him with no problem and wasn't hesitant to tell him things about herself, even though she could sometimes be shy around new people. When the subject of their conversation reached school things got a bit odd however.

"So Draco, what school do you go to? What are you studying to be?" Brittany asked.

"I'm actually all through with school" he responded, "I went to a special seven-year school that trained you for your career."

"Wow, that sounds interesting, what kind of things did you learn about?"

"Oh, normal stuff, but hey what are you studying to be?" he asked, quickly changing the subject.

"I'm going to school to become a counselor. I want to help kids in school. I want to be the person they can come too if they need help."

"That's a good ambition. What do your parents think of this?"

"My dad is 100% behind me in whatever I want to do. I remember when I first left for college he said that he was gonna love having the house to himself but when I left for London I could tell that he was sad. I mean I'm his little girl and instead of being in a different state only a couple of hours away, I'm across the Atlantic." she said her eyes tearing a little.

Draco leaned over and wiped the tears from her eyes. He had never felt that kind of bond with his father and he was a little jealous but for some strange reason he didn't want to show it to her. He wanted her to see him as sweet, not as a known death-eater's son.

"Thanks" she said wiping away the remaining tears, "I've never been this far away from my dad for such a long amount of time. I talk to him every night but its not the same."

"Oh, yea it must be hard for you, but how much longer are you going to be in London for?"

"I am here for about another month, then its back to America for me."

"Has anyone taken you for a tour of London yet?" he asked.

"Yes, but it was kinda on the boring side. All they did was show me the famous landmarks. I wanna see the other side of London, the fun side. Can you show me?"

"Of course I can. I need to go shower and get ready though so I'll meet you back here in about an hour, ok?"

"Sounds good to me" she said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, "See ya soon."


An hour later Draco was sitting on a pool chair waiting for Brittany to show up.

I hope she hasn't changed her mind. he thought worriedly.

Just then the door to the pool opened and in walked Brittany. She was wearing her favorite khaki skirt and a purple polo.

"Wow, you look stunning." he said not taking his eyes off of her.

"Why thank you." she said, blushing slightly, "Where is our first stop going to be?"

"Now that you mention it our first stop will be a nice little place I know in a part of the city that isn't very well known."

"Oh, sounds intriguing, let's go."

With that they were off. They made some idle chat along the way but when they came to a stop Brittany looked up disappointedly.

"Um, are you sure this is the place Draco? It looks really run-down and old."

"Oh this is just a facade to keep people out. Its actually quite nice inside, but there is something I need to tell you about it first and I need you to let me say it without any interruptions ok?"

"Ok." she said, not looking completely positive.

"The first thing that I need to tell you is that I am a wizard. Not like one of those weird muggle magicians but an actual wizard. I have a wand and I can do magic. There are good wizards and bad wizards. Some people I know think that I'm a bad wizard but I'm not I swear. I made a few mistakes when I was younger but I've realized that now and don't use my magic to harm others..."

"You've got to be kidding me." yelled Brittany.

"I thought you weren't going to interrut. Ok, so the place I'm taking you is a wizard's place. It's going to be full of wizards and witches and stuff but don't worry."

"No no no! You obviously heard me wrong. I wasn't saying that because I didn't believe you. I was saying that because it made sense."

"Made sense? What do you mean it made sense? You're not a witch are you?" he asked.

"No but my cousin is. She's 13 and we're very close. When she got her letter we were all thrilled. Of course we weren't allowed to tell anyone but we were very excited for her." Brittany said ignoring the shocked look on Draco's face. "But she's the only witch I've ever met and I've always wanted to meet others. How ironic is it that I got to meet you?"

"Wow. Ok then looks like I don't need to explain myself then. So let's just go get something to drink and then I can show you the magic part of London."

Draco opened the door and held it open for Brittany. They found a table and sat down. Then Draco went up and got them their drinks. When he sat back d.own he was looking at Brittany questioningly.

"What is it Draco? What do you want to know?" she asked keying in on his facial expression.

"Its just that growing up I was always taught that muggles were the enemy and that being a pure-blooded wizard was the best thing that you could be. But now meeting you I can truly see that everything I was taught was wrong."

"Thanks Draco. That is really sweet. I'm glad that I have changed your perception on muggles."

As they sat there drinking they both asked eachother questions about their childhood. Brittany wanted to know what it was like growing up with magic and Draco wanted to know about growing up without it. By the time their discussion was over they had already had 3 mugs of butterbeer and 45 minutes had passed.

"Wow, we've been sitting here a while. I guess we should get going if I'm going to show you Diagon Alley."

They walked hand in hand through the pub until they exited out the back into an alleyway.

“Draco are you sure this is the right way?” she asked looking around nervously.

“After all I’ve told you” he said amused “you still don’t trust me to get you to our destination safely?”

“Ok” she said, slightly embarrassed and stood back waiting to see what he would do next. Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand. He then hit a series of bricks on the alley wall and the wall slowly moved showing a bustling street on the other side.

“My goodness” said Brittany shocked, “this is unbelievable.”

“I thought you would like it” Draco said, holding his arm out for Brittany to grab, “Shall we?”

“We shall” she responded giggling.

Arm in arm they walked down the busy street, stopping along the way so that Brittany could stare, in awe, of the magical items on display in the various shop windows. When they reached Eellop’s Owl Emporium they stopped to peak inside. Brittany was amazed at the number of owls in the one store.

“Wow” she said, amazed, “they’re so beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you are” Draco said.

“Stop it, you’re making be blush,” she answered, embarrassed.

Walking out of the store they proceeded down the street. Stopping every once in a while to look into a store window. When they reached a darkened window they stopped.

“This place doesn’t look open Draco, maybe we should keep going.”

“Nonsense, I know what I’m doing, come on.”

Draco grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the darkened building. They walked through the front door and strained their eyes to try and see in the dark.

“Hold on, I can fix this” said Draco pulling out his wand, “Lumos!”

The end of Draco’s wand began to glow and they were finally able to see what was lurking in the dark room. What they saw amazed Brittany.

“What?! What is this Draco?” she asked him anxiously.
“This is my special surprise just for you.”

When the room was lit up it was easy to see a single table set up in the middle of the room with a candle in the middle of it. Also there was music playing softly.

“Did you really do this just for me?”

“Yes I did. Since you won’t be here for too much longer so I decided that I needed to show you a good time while in London.”

“Thank you so much Draco. This means more to me than you could ever know.”

With that she walked up to him and gave him a hug. When she pulled away he looked her right in the eye and asked her “Would you care for a dance?”

She nodded her head and he reached for her hand to lead her over to the dance floor. She slid her arms around his neck and he held her around her waist and they swayed along to the music. She rested her head on his chest while he rested his head on hers. The song ended but neither of them realized it. They were so lost in the moment that they swayed along to silence. They continued on like this for a few minutes. Then Brittany looked up at Draco and leaned in slowly and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

“I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful night,” she said looking up at him adoringly.

“It was my pleasure. I just wanted you to have a night you can always remember.”

Then he leaned down and gently placed his lips on hers. And when she went back home she told all of her friends about her magical night in London.

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