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The Night the Potters Fell by mrsseverussnape
Chapter 1 : The Night the Potters Fell
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Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of these Characters, however wonderful they may be. They belong to JK Rowling. I also have lines from the 3rd Harry Potter book that are surrounded with *. The evidence I have is at the end.

'You must send someone to warn them!' Severus Snape demanded of Professor Dumbledore. 'They have no idea!' Snape was sweating with anxiety and fear.

Dumbledore finally responded, 'Fine, if you're sure about this, you go, but be careful and don't let yourself get caught, you're my best spy and I can't afford to lose you.' Dumbledore said compassionately, hoping that Snape was doing the right thing.

Snape turned and flowed out of the office in a mad panic, hoping that by the time he got there it wouldn't be too late.

Snape ran up to the Potter's household in Godric's Hollow, dreading the veiw of the dark mark floating above the chimney. Thankfully, it was just a normal house at the time. As he ran up to the entrance, with his wand out, he saw a body lying in the garden. He scurried over to it and knelt down, trying to identify it. He rolled the body over and looked into the dead, terrified eyes of James Potter.

He knew that Voldemort hadn't killed him, it had to have been a Death Eater. Snape had been at this long enough to see the difference.

In an adrenaline rush he stood up and banged the door open with his foot and ran upstairs to the bedroom shouting, 'LILY, LILY! WHERE ARE YOU?!'

He saw her standing at the top of the stairs in the doorway to Harry's room, their one-year-old child. He stood there in a panic telling her what had happened.

'Someone's coming, right now,' Lily cried, 'I know, I can feel them.'

*'Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off-'*

Lily cried, 'SNAPE!' in warning as she looked past him down the stairs and saw the eyes of the Dark Lord Voldemort approaching. She slammed the door shut to Harry's room as Snape turned around to face the Dark Lord.

'Master' Snape cried, kneeling down. 'I was just about to finish the job.' Voldemort said not a word as he slid past Snape into Harry's room.

*'Not Harry! Not Harry! Please, not Harry!--I'll do anything--'*

'*Stand aside. Stand aside, silly girl!*

'*Not Harry! Please...have mercy...have mercy...*'

'Avada Kedavra!' Hissed the dark words. Snape knew those were the last words Lily would ever hear again.

Snape cringed when he heard her body hit the floor. He started to run out the door when he heard the horrible curse again, 'Avada Kedavra!'

But instead of the cold laugh the Dark Lord gives when he kills, he heard a scream of pain. He ran up to the room and saw Voldemort's frail body lying there. All of a sudden he saw it turn into a sort of liquid and slide out of the open window, not to be seen again for 10 more years.

So...that's basically how i picture it in my head. These are the specific parts to back it up.

1. One of the biggest ones is in the first movie. When Hagrid is explaining to Harry how his parents died and it is a flashback. You see Voldemort open the door then go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is Lily holding Harry, she screams something then slams the door. OK. on the left of the screen during the duration of this scene there is a person in black facing Lily, She looks PAST this person then screams. This person then turns around. They are dressed all in black and you just see the hand as they turn. the hand is pale and is held exactly in the same quirky way that SNAPE holds HIS hand at their first potion's lesson. Don't believe me? Watch it again. it is a shock!

2. This one's obvious: PoA page 204 US edition, Fudge is explaining the night the potters died: "Dumbledore,..., had a number of useful spies. One of them tipped him off, and he [Either Dumbledore or the spy] alerted James and Lily at once." This isn't that night but it shows how Snape could've been the one spy working to protect the Potters and that was his job.

3. This is the quote I used in the story, with snape telling lily to take harry and go...but it never says that his dad said it, just "a man's voice" page 240 PoA US. Harry just ASSUMES that it was his dad and Ms. Rowling has taught us that if a character assumes something they're usually wrong, take the "Philosopher's Stone" for example.

4. Right after this and Harry is brought back from his thoughts he tells Lupin that he heard his father and Lupin says, "'You heard James?' asked Lupin in A STRANGE VOICE" (capitalised for effect) Lupin must have known that James wasn't there that night. I just figure he was killed previously and added that into the story.

5. Also as Darkwriter helped me point out, JKR helped write this scene of the first movie personally, think about that!

So there you have it...PLEASE let me know what you think!
P.S. There are really subtle clues that I don't have memorised that also support this theory.

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