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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 15 : The Telepathic Potion
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A/N: Hello to all! You've made it to chapter 15! Yay! We just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you who reviewed!!! We got an alarming amount last chapter and we were sooooo pleased! You guys are just awesome! We feel so loved! Anyways, this chapter is a bit transitional, but it's totally necessary and hilarious to say the least. And a bit long, but we like it! Well, hope you like it!!! Heehee.

Chapter 15: The Telepathy Potion

James Potter flew above the Quidditch Pitch during Gryffindor’s practice that Wednesday, watching his team play. After going through some drills, he’d had the team get together for a mock game. The team was split into two groups, with a Beater and a Chaser on each mini team. Both teams were aiming for the same set of goals, leaving Gideon Prewett as the sole Keeper. This ideally gave him twice as much practice blocking goals. Lily, Gryffindor’s new Seeker, was also not on either of the two mock teams. Lily’s job in the mock game was to just find the Snitch, and end the game, the winner of the mock game was whoever scored the most against Gideon before Lily caught the Snitch.

Glancing around, James noticed Katherine, a beater, grasp her bat in both of her hands and shriek as she whacked a Bludger away from her. Shaking his head, James couldn’t help but chuckle at Katherine’s “techniques”. While Beaters were normally at least a little buff and usually not the least bit girly, Katherine, at her tryouts, had proven the Gryffindor team wrong. Katherine was rarely seen hitting a Bludger without using both hands on her bat. James actually suspected that Katherine was scared to death of being hit by the Bludgers, which fueled her to lash out as hard as she could. Plus, her aim was impeccable.

James was brought out of his musings by his other Beater who zoomed by him, pursuing one of the menacing Bludgers. James sighed as he watched at Rebecca. He still hadn’t been able to give her the proper lecture that he felt she deserved about her tattoo. Every time he tried, she somehow quickly found a way to worm away from his grasp – giving him lame excuses about homework, or worse: getting Marissa to ward him off by threatening to use her brilliant but potentially dangerous Bat-Bogey Hex on him if he didn’t stop popping out from behind statues to try to talk to Rebecca. James just didn’t understand why she would do something like tattoo her perfectly lovely face. Why was she so destructive all the time? How did Rebecca become this reckless person – so different, yet so similar to James himself? For the first time in his life James was confused by his twin’s actions. He had never really cared about her first tattoos and piercings, but this one, well…this one took the cake. But she would always be his sister no matter what, so he vowed then and there that he would always love and support her – even if she wanted to be so different from him that she would go to such extremes as to tattoo her face.

Jerking back to reality, James noticed the Bludger aim towards Rebecca’s back while she was distracted hitting the second Bludger away from her team partner, Weston Eliott. Without a second thought, James pushed his thoughts towards his sister frantically.


Immediately, despite the fact Rebecca was halfway across the pitch and James hadn’t spoken anything out loud, Rebecca ducked and dove out of the way of the Bludger. A second later, the Bludger passed directly where she had been flying. James grinned at Rebecca as she turned to look at her twin, giving him a smirk in return.

Thanks, brother.’ Grinning still, James nodded to show Rebecca he’d caught the message as she flew of to help her teammate score against Gideon.

James and Rebecca had always had the unique ability to occasionally hear each other's thoughts. However, they had no control when they wanted the other twin to know what the other was thinking. Their slight telepathic abilities seemed to work best when one or both of the twins were highly emotional or passionate in their feelings. Both Potter twins had also found themselves also being able to tell when something was wrong with the other twin, even if they weren’t even remotely near each other.

James and Rebecca had actually tried finding a way for them to control their telepathic connection in fourth year, but were only able to find a telepathic potion that was listed in a book James had nicked from the Restricted Section.


“James, do I even want to know how on earth you snuck this out of the Restricted Section?” James grinned sheepishly at his twin as they both bent huddled in the corner of the library over a tattered book.

“Who says I got this from the Restricted Section? I could have very well gotten this from the Potions Section of the library. Perfectly rule-abiding and innocent.”

Rebecca gave James a bland look and folded her arms. “First of all, rule-abiding and innocent are nowhere near synonyms with James Potter. Secondly, you’re acting way too guilty and sneaky for this book to have been taken off the Potions Section shelves. And thirdly, that looks like a blood stain.” Rebecca listed, pointing to a dark stain on the front of the leather bound book.

James jumped and held the book in his fingertips at arms length, trying to have as little contact with the book as possible. “Oh, bloody hell!” He frantically gestured for Rebecca to take the book. “Here you take it!! Find out if the book is cursed or something.”

His twin sister merely gave him a glare and stepped farther away from the book. “James, you’re just as good in Defense Against the Dark Arts as I am; you can figure out if it’s cursed or not.”

“But I don’t know how to check to see if a book has been cursed or not!!” James whined, still trying to dump the book onto Rebecca. Rebecca continued to glare and step away from the book.

“Did you open it already?”

Meekly James nodded. Rebecca shrugged and started walking towards the main section of the library. “Well, considering most curses on books are activated when the book is opened, we’ll just have to see if you contact any deadly hex or keel over dead in a couple of days.”

James paled and stared at his twin’s retreating back in horror, until he noticed Rebecca turning and giving him an impish grin. Realizing he’d had the wool pulled over his eyes, James growled and stuffed the book in his school bag, following his sister out of the library.

Curfew found the two twins sitting in an old Charms classroom on the fourth floor with the book opened beside them on the teacher’s desk at the front of the room. Crumpled notes and quills surrounded the two twins who were sprawled on top of the mess curled up against each other. The two had been lying in the room for two hours, and had been unsuccessful in figuring out how they would make the potion themselves. They had finally decided on asking one of their classmates to brew the potion for them, though they couldn’t agree on who they would ask.

“Well,” Rebecca murmured sleepily, “who’s the best in our year at potions?”

Shifting and removing a quill that had been stabbing him in the hip, James thought about his classmates. “Severus Snape, the greasy git”

“Well, we could ask him.”

“NO! NOT A CHANCE! He’s a Slytherin! He’d rat on us in a second! I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him!”

Rebecca rolled her eyes at her twin antics. “You’re just worried he’d blotch the potion on purpose to get back at you for all the pranks you’ve done to him.”

“Precisely! He hates me just as much as I hate him!”

Rolling over, Rebecca snuggled up to James, who wrapped his arms around his sister. He was used to Rebecca’s need for physical comfort, he’d spent the first half of first year having Rebecca sneaking into the boy’s dormitory so she could sleep in James’ bed. She’d had a hard time getting used to being away from her family and not being able to be with James as much as she was used to.

Luckily, Lily and Marissa had finally made Rebecca feel comfortable enough to spend her nights in her own bed, though when the twins were alone or Rebecca was stressed she tended to fall back on her old habits, often curling up with James until she fell asleep.

“Hmmhmmm… isn’t Lily the next best in our class? Slughorn’s always going on and on about both Severus and Lily.”

James snorted in reply. “You know just as well as I do that Lily wouldn’t risk brewing an illegal potion, especially if there was a chance in hell that McGonagall or Dumbledore would find out.”

Rebecca burrowed her face into James chest and shrugged slightly. “Well, who else is good at potions?” James furrowed his eyebrows in thought and racked his brain.

“Oh, isn’t your friend, Marissa, good at potions? She’s always bragging about her ‘skills’ after we’ve handed in a Potion’s assignment. Yeah, doesn’t she also go on and on about how well she brews Love Potions?” The only reply James got was a quiet murmur of agreement and Rebecca snuggling closer into James warmth. Sighing, James nudged Rebecca far enough away from him so he could gather up their notes and quills, shoving them and the book into his schoolbag.

Shouldering his schoolbag, James gently guided Rebecca into sitting up and crawling onto his back. Making sure she was secure, James headed off towards the Gryffindor Tower with Rebecca slumbering on his back the entire way.

*End Flashback*

James shook his head to clear his thoughts, and noticed Lily haphazardly dodging a Bludger as she searched for the Snitch. “Oi, Lily, keep your eyes peeled for the Snitch, but don’t be so caught up in looking for it that you don’t realize what’s going on around you!!”

Despite his distance from the Head Girl, James noticed her bright red face. Puzzled, James shrugged and glanced towards Sirius, who was apparently doing a victory lap around the goal posts from scoring against Gideon.


The next day after sneaking the book from the library, Rebecca and James cornered Marissa and asked her to make the potion for them.

After reading through the potion, Marissa tapped her finger against her chin, debating whether or not to help the Potter twins.

“Okay, so if I decide to brew this potion for you, how are you going to get the materials? I’m not putting my social life on the line just to steal a bunch of potions ingredients from Slughorn.”

Rebecca and James glanced at each other before Rebecca answered for both of them. “We’ll worry about getting the ingredients; the only thing we want you worrying about is brewing the stupid thing.”

Nodding, Marissa agreed. “Okay, I’ll brew it for you. But what do I get out of this?”

James grinned and stuffed his hands in his pockets. “I’ll set you up on a date with Sirius.” Marissa gave James a searching look.

“Okay, how the heck did you know I wanted a chance with Sirius?” Rebecca and James both gave Marissa identical bland looks and shook their raven-haired heads.

“Marissa,” Rebecca sighed, “who doesn’t know you want to hook up with Sirius? It’s as noticeable as a 1st year Hufflepuff in a group of 7th year Slytherins - blatantly obvious!”

The next couple of days Rebecca and James scurried around trying to collect all the ingredients needed for the potion. By the end of the week, they had collected everything and had set up a cauldron in the old Charms classroom they had found earlier in the week.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Marissa glared at the two sitting on the teacher’s desk and turned back to stirring the potion. “If you keep asking me that every two minutes, I just might be tempted to throw this stupid stirring rod at you both to shut you up!”

Grabbing the last ingredient, Marissa read the instructions one last time to make sure the color of the potion was correct. Grinning at how well she as doing with such a difficult potion, Marissa couldn’t resist not calling the twins attention to the final step.

“Watch carefully you two, your about to witness the completion of a perfect Telepathic Potion!”

Marissa bit her bottom lip in concentration as she held a vile over the potion, only wanting to get a tiny drop into the concoction. Finally a tiny drop fell and a gigantic blast ensued from the potion.

At the loud explosion, James and Rebecca both rolled off the back edge of the teacher’s thick desk and crouched behind it, trying not to choke on the unpleasant smoke.

“Oi, Marissa! You alright?” James and Rebecca both peeked around the edge of the desk and couldn’t help but start laughing at the sight that met their eyes. Marissa was still frozen with her hand in midair over the cauldron with the vile in her hand. Her mid-back length curly hair now resembled a muggle wire hair brush, sticking up in every direction and smoking on the ends.

Hearing their laughter, Marissa shook herself from her daze, and automatically reached for her hair when she noticed where the two giggling Potters were staring at.

“Oh, my god! My hair!!!” Marissa whimpered, trying to flatten the mass back down to its original size. James and Rebecca continued to chuckle as they made their way around the desk and towards their distraught classmate.

Rebecca wrinkled her nose at the cauldron and gave Marissa a doubtful look. “Are you sure that explosion was supposed to happen, or did you mess up the potion?” Marissa bristled at the sound of doubt coming from her friend, and, tapping her wand at her hair, returned it to its previous state before the explosion.

“Of course that was supposed to happen… I think. Anyways, I didn’t mess it up, so go ahead and drink the stupid thing before I decide you guys would look better wearing it!” Marissa ignored the murmured remark of “that time of the month again”, and handed each of them beakers. Filling them, the two twins clicked glasses in a salute before downing the potion.

*End Flashback*

James grinned at the memory of the potion explosion. ‘Dang, I wish Rebecca or I had had a camera with us! That was bloody amusing!’

James’s attention was brought back to the mock game when he heard a resounding crack, and Sirius swearing heavily. The Head Boy couldn’t hold back a groan as he reviewed the scene playing out in front of him.

Apparently, Rebecca had hit a Bludger hard enough towards Sirius for the Bludger to crack the goal post where it hit after Sirius ducked far enough for it to miss his head. Sirius, who had already been in a bad mood for the past week or so, was swearing, cursing everything from the Bludgers to the Snitch, to that “Blasted freak of a girl that obviously wanted to kill him”. James had a feeling that Rebecca had maybe hit the Bludger that hard at Sirius on purpose. Rebecca was very angry at Sirius, for he had been making Marissa more depressed by the second, owing to the fact that he had a new girl on his arm every two days or so – obviously trying to make Marissa a green-eyed monster.

Flying over, James called a halt to the game, and gestured for the team to gather around him. “Okay guys, we’re gonna switch the teams up a bit. Sirius, you and Rebecca are now on a team, and Katherine, you and Weston are now together.”

“WHAT THE BLOODY-” James held up his hand to stop Sirius’ tirade, and gave the entire team a stern look.

“We need to learn how to work seamlessly with ALL the members of our team. Bickering between the players won’t help us when we go to play against any of the other House teams.” Glancing at his twin James continued.

“Rebecca, I like the force you’re using, but just be careful and don’t kill any of us! Gideon, be sure to keep an eye on all the players, not just the opposing team.” Seeing the two player nod in agreement, James dismissed them to finish the game, though he held Lily back for a minute.

“Hey Lily, how’re doing on spotting the Snitch?” Lily flushed heavily and bowed her head to hide her face.

“Fine. I just need a bit more time.”

“Okay, keep a sharp eye out. Just remember in a real game, there’s another Seeker, so it’ll be twice as hard to catch the Snitch.” Seeing Lily’s nod in understanding, James flew over to inspect the crack on the right goal post.

“Jeez, what was Rebecca thinking, hitting the Bludger hard enough to do this?” Shaking his head from the thought of having to tell the Flying instructor about the damage done to the goal post, James flew to his spot above the mock game to observe his team.

‘Though, after taking that “Telepathic Potion” in fourth year’, James thought with a grin, ‘I couldn’t help but hear every little thing Rebecca was thinking.’


The Potter twins were both sitting in the Great Hall for dinner a week later after the potion incident, exhausted. While the potion did indeed let each other know each others thoughts, instead of letting them control their power, the potion enabled them to be privy to every single passing thought and feeling that their brain processed. This included seeing what the other twin was seeing. So, not only were both twins conscious of everything the other twin was thinking and feeling, they both had a bit of double vision. This caused both James and Rebecca to have massive headaches all week, and they were both too wary to use any Headaches-Be-Gone! Potions in fear of it reacting badly with the telepathic potion in their systems.

Rebecca rested her head in her palm and picked at her food, not really feeling up to eating because of her massive headache and trying to ignore the double vision of how James was talking quietly with Peter.

“Good evening, Rebecca, ready for our Charms test on Monday?” Rebecca looked to her left and saw Remus placing his schoolbag on the floor next to him as he sat next the gothic girl. Nodding, Rebecca tried not to wince as her double vision showed James looking towards Remus and giving a weak grin in greeting.

Remus frowned in concern and glanced between the twins, noticing their similar downcast dispositions.

“Are you two okay? You both look like you just found out that Quidditch has been canceled or something!”

Sirius, sitting across from James and Peter, jerked his head in Remus direction and stared at him in horror. “What?!?! Quidditch has been canceled?” Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius and turned his attention back to Rebecca.

“Anything wrong Rebecca? You do look a bit peakish.”

Rebecca waved her free hand not holding her head up and shrugged her shoulders. “I’m just not feeling very well, but it’s nothing big.”

Like hell, this isn’t big!’ said James’ voice inside Rebecca’s head.

Shut up, James!’ Rebecca angrily thought back.

Remus leaned forward and, moving Rebecca’s hair out of the way, placed his hand against her forehead. Trying not to blush, but failing to stop her cheeks from turning a light shade of pink, Rebecca almost missed what Remus said to her.

“Well, you don’t have a fever, but you are a bit flushed.” Pulling his hand away, Remus rummaged around in his bag quickly and handed Rebecca a small bar of chocolate.

“Here, this’ll make you feel better, though, you should go and see Madam Pomfrey, just in case.”

James suddenly turned and gaped at his twin in shock. “WHAT?!?!? YOU BLOODY LI-” Rebecca quickly jumped up off the bench, pulling a shell-shocked James with her.

“Wow, Remus, I think you right! I’m going to see Madam Pomfrey right now!!” Rebecca practically ran out of the great hall dragging James, leaving poor Remus to stare at her retreating back with a puzzled expression.

Out in the corridor, James was able to get over his shock enough to pull his arm out of his twin’s grasp, causing them both to come to a halt in the middle of the hallway.

“You like Remus!!!”

“Shut up, James, that’s none of your business!” Rebecca growled at her brother, trying to ignore her double vision of herself from James’ point of view.

“My twin sister is in love with one of my best friends! I think this is every bit my business!!!”

Rebecca, glancing over James shoulder, slapped her hand over his mouth, ignoring his irate glare. “Hello Lily; good to see you, Marissa. James and I are a bit busy talking at the moment, so you guys can go on ahead to the Great Hall. I'll catch up with you later.”

Marissa and Lily gave the twins odd looks. “Okay, Rebecca, though, I don’t see how much talking you’ll get done with your hand over James’ mouth.”

Marissa chuckled at Lily’s confused observation before pushing Lily a bit ahead of her towards the Great Hall. “Okay, we’ll leave you two to your, er… talk.” Giving them a quick grin she lowered her voice a bit. “How’s the potion working?”

At the Potter twin’s intense glares, Marissa gulped in fear and hurried after Lily.

“Potion, what potion?” Marissa tried to hide her guilty face, and pushed a confused Lily a bit faster towards the Great Hall’s doors.

“I know nothing!!”

As soon as the doors closed after her two friends, Rebecca pulled her hand off James’ mouth and promptly hit him in arm. “Ow!! What was that for?!?”

“You wanker!! You were staring at her breasts!!!”

“I don’t see Marissa like that!!!” Growling, Rebecca glared at her twin, realizing from her double vision how scary she looked at the moment.

“Not Marissa, you idiot!! Lily! As in Lily Evans?!”

James flushed and tried to look nonchalant, but Rebecca wasn’t fooled for a minute. “Oh, gosh! I can’t believe your lusting after one of my best friends!!”

“Well, you’re lusting after one of mine!!”

“That’s different!!” Rebecca gave James a mischievous smirk and folded her arms, looking like a cat that had just eaten a canary. “Wait till I tell Lily!”

James glowered at his twin. “You wouldn’t dare! If you mention anything to Lily, I’ll tell Remus you’re trying to get in his pants!”

“James, it’s not like that! I just fancy him!”

“Yeah, fancy him in bed!” James mumbled.

The twins stood in the corridor glaring at each other for a bit, no longer shouting at each other, but now resorting to childish insults mentally.

'Pin head!’ Rebecca thought angrily.

Dust brain!’ James shot back.

Puke pot!’

‘Slug slime!’

‘Fart factory!!’

‘Oh, go suck on a dead dog’s nose!!!’

‘Why you-
’ Rebecca practically snarled at her brother. ‘You slime-coated, pimple-farming, paramecium brain munching on your own mucus!!!!!

James pouted and gave his sister a questioning look. “What’s a paramecium brain?”

“I’ll tell you what a paramecium brain is!” Rebecca thrust her finger toward James. “You’re a paramecium brain!!!!!”

“You shouldn’t use words I can’t understand. It's not fair.”

James pulled his bottom lip out farther and Rebecca was suddenly struck on how he resembled a sullen two-year-old.

“I am not a sullen two-year-old!!”

Rebecca threw up her hands in defeat. “Okay, fine! I’m sick of this potion! Let’s grab the book from your trunk and get Lily to brew us the counter potion!”

James gaped at his twin sister in horror. “I’m not going to Lily!! She won’t make an illegal potion!!” The gothic girl rolled her eyes at her sibling’s whining.

“You block-head, we’ll copy the potion down and just not tell her exactly what it’s for!” Finally coming to an agreement, James and Rebecca headed down the corridor towards the Gryffindor common room.

“We should have just gone to Snape anyways… even a sabotaged potion from him would be better than Marissa’s blotched attempt!” Rebecca muttered.

Glowering in agreement, James stuffed his hands in his robe pockets.

“Yeah, ‘good at Potions’ my arse!”

*End of Flashback*

A/N: Like it? Hate it? Let us know! Let's try to get even more reviews than last time! Personally we love it! We get to see more of James' sweet side - a side that Missus Padfoot particularily adores. *Missus Moony pretends to vomit* Yay for characterization! Well, we love any and all reviews so please, spread the love and make us feel more loved! Yay love fests! This is just a yay day.

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