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Bring Me To Life by ginny
Chapter 1 : Lost Without You
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Hermione was sitting alone in the common room.Three days ago,Ron had said he didn't love her.She was lost.She loved Ron more than she could say.There was nothing left for her now.

Harry and Ginny were together.Victor Krum was handsome,but she would always love Ron.She couldn't live knowing that he didn't love her.Live.Why should she live? She was miserable.She wasn't very pretty,Ron didn't love her and she would never love anyone else.

She got up.She was going to end her miseray.


Harry and Ron were sitting at the table in the great hall,enjoying dinner.

"Ron,wheres Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Dunno,shes been pretty upset lately,ever since I said I didn't love her"

"But you do Ron"

"I know I do.I didn't know what to do or say"

"Go find her Ron,tell her what you just told me.She loves you"

"Thanks mate,I'll talk to you later"

"Good luck!"

Ron ran out of the great hall.He went from floor to floor trying to find her.Finally,he was at a staircase he had never seen before,and Hermione was climbing up the stairs.

He followed her.


Hermione was sure this was the right thing to do.She was going to the highest tower in Hogwarts.She was going to jump.It would be quike and simple.No-one would find her body until the next day.

How can you see into my eyes like open doors
Leading you down into my core
Where I've become so numb

Where was Hermione going? What was she doing?


No-one would care about her death.They would all be busy with thier love lifes.Love.What kind of life would she be living if there was no love in it? Thats why she was doing this.

Without a soul my spirits sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home

I'll keep adding if you keep reviewing!

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Bring Me To Life: Lost Without You


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