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Burn by mori_mac
Chapter 1 : Diagon Alley
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The summer wore on forever. It was hot, sticky and dry outside everyday. Even inside it was bad. Jessica was nervous for the school year though, she didn’t care how bad the summer was. The only part she enjoyed of the summer was the night, when the sky was always clear, there were millions and millions of stars to look at, and it cooled off. It was always nice to cool off for a while. Jessica was a witch, so she should have been going to a magical school. However, she did not.

Her mother was a witch and her father was a Muggle. Her father had accepted his wife for what she was and his daughter for what she was destined to be under one condition: the child try to be as much a non magic person as a witch. Thus Jessica was home-schooled in witchcraft partly through the regular school year and during the summer, but also went to a Muggle school. She was 5’7”, had brown hair and gray eyes, and was an unnaturally beautiful 16 year old. She was the envy of many, but also had many friends and was admired by all. There was no denying it, she was perfect. picture perfect.

The attractiveness and the athleticism and the brains could cover anything; make anyone believe she was just your average suburban teen. But she had to be extremely careful to conceal what she really was, the unusual talent she possessed and, of course, her emotions, which had a way of running rampant.

There was an empty feeling, almost a longing inside her. She needed friends like her, other young witches and wizards to fraternize with. And this is pretty much where the story begins.

Chapter One

Jessica jerked awake at the sound of her mother rapping on her bedroom door. She looked at her clock: 9:45.

“Come on honey, get up fast, we have to get going!” her mother's voice came through the door.

“Yeah… I’m up…” Jessica said groggily. She pulled on the outfit she had laid out the night before, went to her bathroom and washed up. She put on her makeup and magically straightened her hair. Then she looked at herself in the mirror and smoothed out her clothes. She wore a dark blue pair of jeans and a nice fitting black blouse.

I hope today is not as hot as yesterday, she said to herself, taking a mental note to bring a pair of shorts to change into in case she was not so lucky. Then again, she was used to being in hot temperatures. It was part of who she was. She went downstairs to the smell of cooking bacon and eggs.

“Wow, that was fast,” her mom, Linda, commented over her cooking. “I thought you’d be up there forever! That’s why I woke you so early.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without magic!” Jessica said. “Speaking of such, you could speed it up, as I’m starving,” she said jokingly.

“Ah yes, how silly of me.” Linda pulled her wand out if her apron and tapped the pan and breakfast was done. With another wave of her wand the table was set to eat. She gave a furtive glance around the kitchen. “Don’t tell your father.” She winked. At that moment, Jessica’s father walked in the kitchen.

“Mmmm, smells good in here Linda,” he said cheerfully, kissing his wife good morning. He went out to the porch and they heard the door open and close, then he came back with the newspaper. He sat down and disappeared behind it, only reappearing to take a bite of breakfast here and there.

“So,” Linda said. “Big day tomorrow, huh?”

“Yep.” Jessica said between bites.


“Yep.” Jessica avoided her mother eye. Linda could tell she was bothered by something.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. Her father looked at them from behind his newspaper.

“It’s just…I dunno. I guess this change is going to be tough, that’s all.” Jessica thought back earlier in the summer when her parents first told her she would be going to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the next two years. She had been extremely excited and happy at the time, but didn’t know how to break the news to her friends, and that made her sad.

Her parents had noticed something missing in her and agreed that she go to a magic school with kids like herself.

“Like…with all these new emotions, how will I control…you know…my…thing? I’d rather not let anyone know I’m my own personal arsonist just yet.”

“Listen.” George, Jessica’s father put his paper down and took his glasses off. “I realize that you have this probl…ahem, gift, but you know how to deal with it, alright? Don’t worry about it. Just keep on with those concentration exercises that man gave you, that Doleder guy.”

“Dumbledore,” Jessica corrected him, annoyed. Her father didn’t understand the magnitude of her gift and just how dangerous it could be. It had been explained to him before, but being non-magical, still did not completely clue in. Magical fire was much more lethal than a regular old fire, and he refused to see the difference.

“Yes that one. Didn’t those exercises he gave you help?”

“Yes. A bit.”

“Well, keep on with them.” With an air of finality, he put his glasses back on and continued to read the paper. “By the way Linda, these eggs are fabulous!”

Linda gave Jessica a look that stated clearly, ‘he’ll never understand.’

“But hey!” Linda said suddenly. “Look on the bright side – you get to go to Diagon Alley again!”

“That’s true,” said Jessica, lightening up a little. She had gone to Diagon Alley once when she was seven and once when she was eleven. Today was August the 31st, and she was going to stay at the Leaky Cauldron with her mother (her father had to work) and going to Hogwarts the next day. Her mother had of course also gone to Hogwarts and was in Ravenclaw house. She hoped Jessica would be too.

Before her father left for work at eleven o’clock, he gave his daughter a big hug and a kiss, as he wouldn’t be seeing her until Christmas.

“Well, I guess I won't be seeing you until Christmas!” he said sadly. “You have fun. And don’t light too many things on fire,” he said laughing, punching her lightly on the arm. Jessica gave him a sarcastically confused look. “Thanks, Dad. I love you too.”

“I love you.” She gave him one last hug before he walked out the door. She sighed and went upstairs to do some last minute packing. She was leaving her electronics since she knew they wouldn’t work at Hogwarts. She double checked to make sure she had Chooey, her teddy bear.

They left around eleven thirty and by Floo powder they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron at around eleven thirty. They put their luggage in their room then headed out into sunny Diagon Alley. It had turned out to be a nice day, warm with a slight breeze. It was perfect weather, thought Jessica, as she and Linda went into the first shop to buy quills and parchment. Next they consulted a list of books sent to them by hog warts for what she’d need for the sixth year. In Flourish & Blotts, they got what was on the list plus Jessica bought Hogwarts : A History for background reading to catch her up on what the school was like. After this, they stopped at a small café and ate lunch.

Jessica looked around Diagon Alley as she ate her sandwich. She noticed there were still a few kids her age doing some last minute school shopping as well. She also noticed she received a lot of looks and smiles from the boys her age and older. This made her smile inwardly. Maybe it won’t be so hard for me to make friends after all, she thought. They finished off their school shopping with picking up a new cauldron and potions ingredients. Then, Linda surprised her by taking her to the pet store, to buy an owl.

“It’s a going-away-present for you,” she explained as Jessica found the owl she wanted, a beautiful black and gray eagle owl with brilliant silver eyes unlike any she’d ever seen. She seemed drawn to it; the owl was staring intensly at her, as if beckoning her over. “Now you can send me updates every so often!” Linda had never been away from her daughter for so long before.

“Thanks mom!” Jessica walked up to the counter with the owl, and the clerks eyes went wide.

“You actually buyin’ Shade, miss? He’s a tough owl, you know, you might not be able to handle him.”

“Oh don’t worry.” For some reason she knew it was ok. Jessica opened the cage and stroked his breast feathers. He did nothing but hoot softly. The clerk’s eyes went if possible even wider and gave Linda the change. They went back to the Leaky Cauldron and deposited their stuff in the room, taking a break and resting their feet.


A/N: ok folks, welcom to my fanfiction, I'm very excited to be putting this up. This story was originally posted over at MuggleNet under the title 'Change is Good': that story is gone. however, this story here is the same one - same characters, same old ideas and scenarios, but PLUS kind of a different story line: i added a bunch of different ideas and this way there will be more substance and conflict to work with. it was a little hard to classify this story; it is a romance, but its also has substance abuse and a bit of angst, but hey i figured romance fit best because im a total sucker for it! And, i mean, i cant write a fic without some romance. its impossible. (for me.) lol ok anyways, PLEASE review if you get the chance, thanks a bunch!!

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