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A Thin Line Between Love and Quidditch by Ryann
Chapter 3 : Weasley Quidditch
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“This is how it works.” Bill explained. “There’s only ten of us here, so we have to play with five players per team: one keeper, two beaters, one chaser and of coarse, one seeker.” As he was explaining things, Charlie and Mrs. Weasley levitated two battered looking chests onto the field. One of them clearly held the Quidditch supplies, but Harry wasn’t sure what the other one held.

“Now,” continued Bill. “We always pick professional teams to model ourselves after. Think of it as…a confidence booster…” he added, with a wink. “But mainly so we can tell who's on whose team.

“Now, the teams chosen are the Chudley Cannons and the Montrose Magpies. I have a list of whose going to play what on which team. Team one, the Magpies: dad as the keeper, Fred and myself as the beaters, Hermione as the chaser and Harry as seeker. That leaves mum and George as beaters, Charlie as chaser Ron as keeper and Ginny as the seeker for the Cannons.

“In this chest are jersey tops so as to clearly tell who belongs to whom.” Bill waved his wand and the trunks opened, jerseys handing themselves to each player. Orange with black collars marked the colors of the Cannons and black with white collars marked the colors of the Magpies.

When they were dressed, they grabbed their brooms and headed to opposite sides of the yard.

Mrs. Weasley bewitched the chest to open on queue and as soon as the balls were released, all ten players kicked from the ground and into the air.

Almost immediately, Charlie had the quaffle in his hands. Hermione was determined to make sure she had it, so she quickly sped after him with George and Mrs. Weasley close on her tail.

Charlie aimed and threw the quaffle, hoping it would get passed Ron, but he blocked.

Smiling, he threw it back into play. Bill and Fred had already saved Harry’s life from bludgers twice, by this time.

So much was going on around him, but he wasn’t paying much attention. Ginny learned a lot while she was on the Gryffindor team, so he was amazed at how alert she was as they played. She was smaller than he was, and quicker. If she saw the snitch before he did, it was all over.

Hermione had scored twice and Charlie five times by the time Harry saw the gold ball fluttering in the distance. Ginny saw it, too. It was hovering right above Hermione’s head.

Now, Harry’s played a couple of rough Quidditch matches, especially with the Slytherins. It’s his job to catch that snitch, even if it means harming the opponent. But right now, Ginny was his opponent, and as far as he was concerned, she was nothing like Draco Malfoy and he didn’t want to hurt her. Then again, he was having withdrawals and wanted to show everyone he could still play despite the fact he had most of last season off. Involuntary, of course.

He and Ginny both locked eyes on first each other, then the snitch. After a moments’ hesitation, they sped after it, causing Hermione to scream, wondering why she was being chased after. They took a dive, glancing at each other as they did. Hermione threw her hands above her head; Bill purposely hit a bludger at her broom to get her to move as Harry and Ginny gained speed towards the snitch. Reaching out with one hand, and firmly gripping their brooms with the other hand, they crashed into each other and fell off their brooms, rolling a couple of times on the ground. Harry was certain he had the snitch, and so did Ginny.

After shaking off a bit of the disorient ness, he took a moment to figure out where he was. When his eyes cleared, he was surprised to see Ginny straddled on top of him. Their hands were linked together, and you could see the silvery-white wings of the snitch poking out the sides of their hands. Grinning at each other, they realized what happened. They both caught the snitch.

Ron screamed. “Get off my sister!”

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A Thin Line Between Love and Quidditch: Weasley Quidditch


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