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The pheonix prince by sectumsempra14
Chapter 3 : ch. 3 starting over
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writer note: ok i know the last chapter may of explained alot more than you are interesting in reading but sorry i am just starting out. ok i have to admit but there is gonna be alot of the same stuff in this story as there is in three or four other stories. i will kinda mix a few stories together along with a bunch of my own stuff. i hope you like it and please leave a review.

ch. 3 starting over

He landed on the hard ground. He groaned and sat up. he emediatly felt the difference in his body. he looked down to find he was alot shorder and not even close as stronge. he looked around. He was in a forest but he could see the edge of it to his right. He groaned again as hestood up. He wobbled a bit and straightened up. he walked out of the forest and came to a large quidditch pitch. He couldn't believe there is a quidditch pitch in front of him. then on the other side of the pitch was the back of a huge house which had a beautiful harden in the back. Then he remembered he was suppose to land next to godric's hollow So this must be my home.

He popped his back trying to get the knots out of it and started walking across the pitch and through the garden of the back of the house. he was fifteen yards from the back door when the door was through open.

"Harry, where have you been. You havent been seen since breakfast" yelled a women. He didn't even get to see her face before he was engulfed in a huge hug. All he saw was red harry till the women pulled back. He was frozen still when he saw his mother.

"Honey are you ok" she asked. She was prettier than he would emagine. She looked like she was twenty two but harry knew she had to be in her early thirties. She had a figure that you could not tell she has had five kids.

"Mum" he croaked before hugging her again. She was confused because harry was not really the one for affection very much.

"Babe lets go in, the family has been worried were you have been. It's almost supper time and the last time we saw you, you were eating breakfast.

"Sorry...mum... i went to go explore the forest" said harry following his mother into the house. His head was spinning with so many thoughts and emotions and out of no where he was slammed into a huge huge from two more girls that were younger than him. He looked down to see a girl a little younger than him with long silky black hair and bright green eyes similiar to his. Then another girl with bright beautiful red hair with the same green eyes.

"Um harry... what are you starring at" asked the older girl who he thinks is rose.

"N-nothing" he stuttered a little choked up. He looked over and saw a large dinner table with food being put on and a boy a couple of years younger than his setting the silverware in place. The boy who must be brian looked remarkably like him. He had the same messy black hair and green eyes but if harry and brian were the same age you could still tell the difference. Then a man with massy black hair who was wearing glasses and a muscular build can wlking into the dining room carring a four year old girl who has red hair and the same green eyes as all the other kids. 'Five kids with the same green eyes' harry mused to him self.

"Come on everyone dinner is ready" said his mother setting a large meatloaf in the middle of the table surrounded by other food. Everyone walked over to the large table and found a seat.. Harry nervously found a seat beside lily the youngest sister and daisy the second youngest girl. Lily was on her knees so she could eat above the table.

Five minutes into the meal his dad looked up and noticed harry wasn't wearing his glasses. "Harry, where is your glasses" he asked confused. He was starring at harry with a weird look.

"Um uh we-well i w-woke up and i c-ould see fine" he stuttered. He noticed his whole family was giving him curious looks except little lilly who droped a bite of meatloaf in her lap and giggled.

"Well... i wish i didn't have to wear these ruddy old things" said his dad after a minute to be followed up by getting a slap on his head from lily for his language.

They finished up dinner with desert and then they spent family time watching the telly. Harry walked behing his family down a into a large living room with several large couches with a roaring fire and a large telly running on magic. Harry plopped down on the couch. He had so many thoughts running threw his head he didn't even notice little lily lay down in his lap and the movie was almost over. Every know and then Harry noticed that his dad would give him little side glances.

"Alright kids, everyone get to bed. Padfoot and Moony are coming over with the kids so we could have a fun day in diagon alley" said Harry's father. Harry picked up little lily who was asleep on him and carried her up stairs. He wouldn't of figured out which room hers was unless the door didn't have her name ingraved in. He set her in her bed and pulled the covers up to her neck and kissed her on the forhead.

He swept out of the room and down the hall the a door with his name ingraved in it. He opened the door and walked in. In the room he had a large bed with a closet, dresser and tons of quidditch posters. There was of course a telly with video games and vcr. When he was removing his clothes to change he noticed something in his pocket. He pulled out a little sack that was bottomless that carried all of his gold from his dimension. There was probably ten million galleons in the sack. He put the sack in his top drawler. He pulled on some night clothes and went to sleep peacfully.

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